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Doctor Who: Lost in Time and Space

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Doctor Who is a fascinating programme. Over the years it has presented many adventures through time and space, all seeing the Doctor and his companions face a multitude of alien friends and menaces. But what of all the adventures we never saw? The Doctor is fond of name-dropping, and has alluded many times to meetings with historical figures, visits to alien planets, as well as knowledge and awareness of everything from sea lions to the Batmobile!


In this book, Matthew J Elliott takes us on a journey through these unseen and uncharted journeys of the Doctor. Taking the television series as the main inspiration, he chronicles every time the Doctor seems to have knowledge gained off-screen, and tries to place just where and when that information might have been gained.


It’s an incredible trip through the years, proving that the Doctor is arguably the most travelled and knowledgeable being in the known universe …