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257: Interstitial/Feast of Fear

Was released on 28 November 2019

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Interstitial by Carl Rowens

When the TARDIS is drawn off-course by temporal disruption, the Doctor and his companions discover a research facility conducting dangerous experiments. But how do you fight the future when time itself is being used as a weapon?


Feast of Fear by Martyn Waites

At the height of the Irish famine, a carnival travels the country bringing cheer to all they encounter. But it also brings something else along with them… and it already has the Doctor.


Peter Davison (The Doctor)

Sarah Sutton (Nyssa)

Jeremy Ang Jones (Jennings)

Melissa Dean (Brianna)

Janet Fielding (Tegan Jovanka)

Peter Heenan (Armstrong)

Niamh McGrady (Shannon)

Deirdre Mullins (The Spae Wife)

Anna-Maria Nabirye (Kalu)

George Watkins (Marc)

Michael Yare (Lorcan)