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Companion Chronicles 13: First Doctor Volume 3

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Four new stories from the First Doctor's era...


13.1 E is For... by Julian Richards

All is not right on the planet Malkus. Every day more and more monstrosities are born; people with powers and abilities far beyond those of normal men and women. They call these people "the Gifted." And Susan has become one of them. Separated from her friends in a Police State dedicated to hunting people like her, Susan finds herself in a prison which has destroyed countless lives. And at its centre, at its heart, waiting, is the most dangerous monster of all...


13.2 The Crumbling Magician by Guy Adams

The TARDIS has crashed, its passengers in a bad way. The Doctor — not in the best of health anyway, his old body wearing somewhat thin — is in a coma, Ben unconscious. As for Polly, she’s been affected worst of all. Time is running in the wrong order for her and she’s seen the future, a future in which she’s mortally wounded. But will Continuity allow her to die?


More story details to be confirmed


Carole Ann Ford (Susan)

Anneke Wills (Polly Wright)

Elliot Chapman (Ben Jackson)

Mark Edel-Hunt (Virgil)

David Warner (Allie)