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Torchwood: God Among Us 2

Was released on 24 April 2019

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6.5 Flight 405 by Lou Morgan

Flight 405 went missing over 60 years ago, but tonight the plane finally lands. Norton Folgate’s a Torchwood agent from the 1950 and he swears Flight 405 contains the secret to the end of the world, but can Torchwood trust him?


6.6 Hostile Environment by Ash Darby

An app's been launched that allows you to tag the homeless. People thinks they're doing a good thing and helping out. It does seem a remarkable success. After all, since it’s launched, there are a lot less homeless people on the streets – so it must be doing some good, mustn’t it?


6.7 Another Man's Shoes by Tim Foley

Yvonne wakes up in Andy's body - and both have difficult days ahead of them.

Meanwhile, Norton’s making himself very much at home in Tyler’s body, much to Tyler’s alarm, and Ng is worried she knows what’s going on.


Someone's playing a terrible trick on Torchwood. But who will win?


6.8 Eye of the Storm by David Llewellyn

An alien power station is sending out waves of lethal energy, people are turning to stone and the water levels are rising.


As Torchwood set out on a desperate mission, God takes tea with someone who has been playing a very long game.


Has the time come for Norton Folgate to save the world?


John Barrowman (Captain Jack Harkness)

Tracy-Ann Oberman (Yvonne Hartman)

Paul Clayton (Mr Colchester)

Alexandria Riley (Ng)

Jonny Green (Tyler Steele)

Tom Price (Sergeant Andy Davidson)

Samuel Barnett (Norton Folgate)

Rakie Ayola (Andrea Davenport)

Laura Dalgleish (Phone Shop Manager)

Ché Francis (Jay)

Jonny Glynn (man in the rain)

Jessica Hayles (Kirsty)

Richard Henderson (Waiter)

Rhys Issac Jones (Aaron)

Jacqueline King (God)

Kyle Lima (Ben)

Ramon Tikaram (Colin Colchester-Price)

David Warner (The Committee)