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PanoptiCon: Genesis

Was released on 10 May 2017

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Reeltime Pictures return to Broomwood Road Church Hall in Battersea for a reunion with organisers, attendees and guests from the first ever Doctor Who convention in 1977


Organised by the Doctor Who Appreciation society, Convention '77 was ground breaking, featuring star appearances from the then current Doctor, TOM BAKER with his latest assistant LOUISE JAMESON and former Doctor JON PERTWEE. Together with autograph sessions, a display of props, a visual effects lecture by MAT IRVINE and talks by TERRANCE DICKS and producer GRAHAM WILLIAMS this convention set the tone for the future and led directly to the legendary DWAS PanoptiCons of the 1980s and 1990s.


40 years later, stars, guests, fans and organisers returned to the church hall to reminisce about that special day...what they expected and what they experienced. They evaluate its importance...what it started...and what it led to.


Film and video cameras were too expensive to record the event, so Reeltime Pictures have scoured fans' archives to uncover a treasure trove of material to illustrate this fascinating production about a unique event in Doctor Who history.