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Vworp Vworp Volume 3


Was released on 25 March 2017

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We’ve got a whole host of articles and strips celebrating the legendary Dalek strip in TV Century 21 and its close cousins, the stories and strips in the various Dalek annuals; featured across a whopping volume of 208 pages.


Prolific science fiction author STEPHEN BAXTER (The Massacre of Mankind; Doctor Who: The Wheel of Ice), together with ALAN STEVENS and FIONA MOORE (authors of The Unofficial and Unauthorised Guides to Blake’s 7/The Prisoner/Battlestar Galactica), lead us through an in-depth analysis of these extraordinary Dalek adventures


We profile the artists, RICHARD JENNINGS, ERIC EDEN and RON TURNER; while Tat Wood puts the strips in context with a detailed examination of Dalekmania in general; horror author STEPHEN LAWS and Doctor Who historian JEREMY BENTHAM remember growing up during those exciting years; plus MATTHEW SWEET on TV Comic and DAVID QUANTICK reflecting on canon.


Our celebration is rounded off by a brand new comic strip providing a bittersweet coda to TV Century 21’s Robot Agent 2K from writer TIM QUINN and artist TIM KEABLE.


The magazine also features a brand new full-cast audio play written by Kaldor City’s Alan Stevens, with sound design by Alistair Lock. This one-off homage is available only with Vworp Vworp! and is inspired by The Mechanical Planet, a comic strip published in 1965. The play stars David Graham, beloved as Parker from Thunderbirds, and who, alongside Peter Hawkins, provided the original voice of the Daleks from their first appearance in 1963 through to the epic story The Daleks’ Master Plan. As the Golden Emperor of the Daleks, David voices a Dalek for the first time since 1966. The cast is completed by Sasha Mitchell, best remembered as Arlen, the Federation officer who brought down Blake’s 7 in the final shocking episode transmitted just over 25 years ago. The Mechanical Planet is only available with the magazine on CD.