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Myth Makers Timothy Combe

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"From my point of view, and not because I directed him, but I did always feel that JON PERTWEE was the best DOCTOR WHO." TIMOTHY COMBE joined the BBC in 1963 as an Assistant Floor Manager and steadily moved "up the ranks" to become the last BBC Staff Director in 1970. He went on to direct over 50 network productions, including Z CARS, THE DOCTORS, ANGELS, THE NEWCOMERS, THE BROTHERS, BALLET SHOES (which won a BAFTA and Emmy), GOLDEN SOAK and of course the DOCTOR WHO stories THE SILURIANS,THE MIND OF EVIL and a bit of EVIL OF THE DALEKS. IN this MYTH MAKERS, TIM talks about working as an AFM and PA on DOCTOR WHO, how he becames friends with WILLIAM HARTNELL, working with PATRICK TROUGHTON and JON PERTWEE, directing DOCTOR WHO and what he's been doing since leaving the BBC. As a bonus feature, this disc features a panel from PanoptiCon 9 featuring TIM, BARRY LETTS and TERRANCE DICKS!