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Mr Scott Carrick

Hi, Can you explain how websites like yourself and Outpost Gallifrey have the names of at least 2 of next year's DVD releases days if not weeks before The Official BBC Website and The Restoration Team Website? Frankly the BBC Secrecy surrounding these releases baffles and frustrates me - I'd rather they gave us the full year's release schedule the year before once its been determined! Galaxy 4 replies: You have answered your own question here. Because of their 'official' status The BBC and Restoration Team can't confirm the releases until all clearances have been met and approved through a wide range of channels. We only decided to list these titles ourselves after BBC Australia and BBC America revealed them in their own schedules for 2005, suggesting their release in UK would pre-date their release overseas. Also we never betray the confidence of producers' by giving away compromising information about any products before reliable information is revealed 'officially' elsewhere (in this case BBC America and BBC Australia).

nick rich

i'm glad the daleks will be in the new Doctor Who. I'd hoped the cybermen would return as well. I'm enjoying the Dr who magazine comic strip, 'The Flood' with the Cybermen too! I'd love to see a new Ice Warriors or Yeti story next. The 2005 Doctor Who/ Dalekmania calendar is the best yet!

Dave Johnson

I'd just like to say thank you to Galaxy 4 for the recent opportunity to meet Daphne Ashbrook. She was really nice! Thanks also to the Hyde Fundraisers for attending the event, I hope they raised lots of money!

Kevin Taylor

Just wanted to say Hyde Fundraisers are delighted to be working with Galaxy 4 for the Daphne Ashbrook signing and other forthcoming events. We hope fans give their wholehearted support to our fundraising . Cheers

Ben Keywood

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Paul Gibbons.

A first class online Doctor Who Shop top quality items sold and always excellent service. A very quick delivery time.

Nidge Solly

As a massive fan of Dr Who, I got to meet, work and booze with Chris Eccleston at the West Yorkshire Playhouse recently. He is a really nice chap and is chuffed to bits to be the new Doc. I visited the shop recently. Its cool!

Martin Asquith

The news about the new series is fantastic. I think we are in for a treat with Russell T Davies and Christopher Eccleston at the helm. I only wish I could avoid seeing any news spoilers until the day and see it as I did when I was a kid. In those days I had no idea what might appear on the screen and it made it all the more exciting. Thanks Galaxy 4 for some great signings. The opportunity to meet Katy Manning, Richard Franklin, Nicholas Courtney and John Levene was much appreciated. Who's next? Galaxy 4 replies: Daphne Ashbrook visits us on 28th August

Joseph Pasternack

I would think that Christopher Eccleston would be an excellent Ninth Doctor. I can hardly wait for the new show to come out! Lets all let Russell T and crew get on with making the show and hope that over-proprietorial fans don't pester them with their opinions on what it should be like. The best eras of Dr Who were when it was made for the general public and not the fans.(1960's and 1970's) Okay. Lets have a jelly baby.

Michael Howard

I believe that R.T.D can give Doctor Who that "every pound on the screen" approach not seen since the days of Philip Hinchcliffe - and Christopher Ecceleston as the Ninth Doctor was a truely inspired choice - if this is how things continue - Who knows? (pardon the pun)

Garry Jones

Well, i am very happy with the news that christopher eccleston is to be the new doctor. I have quite a few of his performances on DVD/Video,shallow grave,the others,elizabeth,28 days later,second coming, in all of which he gives a superb commanding performance. Roll on 2005,and well done to the casting department!

Andrew Bailey

Just read your reply regarding Product Enterprise, and was wondering if you know what will be different about the remote controlled Dalek? Also any idea as to why they've cancelled the Talking Davros? Galaxy 4 Replies: The new Radio Control Dalek has a more refined control box and consequently improved movement and voice commands. The packaging is totally redesigned as well and it will come fitted with batteries. What's more we are offering it at £10 less than the previous design! The Talking Davros has been cancelled for several reasons but mainly because it became too expensive to make for the price they wanted to charge.

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