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de niros barber shop

well cool the best shop in all the ???????????????????????????????

Peter Davis

I realy like your shop. I went to see John Levene with my friend, Mam and Dad. I got two photos signed, Three vhs signed and THE DALEKS' MASTER PLAN set. I have my own web site, here is the link. www.freewebs.com/doctorwhofans

Alan reilly

any chance of the probe series coming on to dvd anytime in the near future. I hope so. Galaxy 4 replies: BBV hope to release all their drama content on DVD eventually. Unfortunately at the rate their titles are being released we may be waiting a long time

A few of your opinions on Episode 1

Richard White: I really ejoyed the first episode and thought Christopher Eccleston made a good Doctor. I didn't like the Mark Benton character at all. I'm glad they killed him off although you didn't see him dead so I hope they don't use him again in future episodes. I was however very disappointed that there was no regeneration between paul mcgann & christopher eccleston do you know why they chose not to do one as this is the first time there has not been a regeneration Alex Storer: I think I found it a little hard to believe I was actually watching a new Doctor and a new beginning. I need to watch it again to digest it fully. Christopher Eccleston's Doctor is really good - I thought by the end of the episode he was showing a lot of potential, with slight similarities to McCoy, Tom Baker and Troughton's Doctors. The Doctor is really like an adventurous, hyperactive big kid - yet unbelievably intelligent. And that's how Eccleston portrayed him in my opinion. I'm really looking forward to seeing how he develops the character. Episode one had the difficult task of re-introducing, re-inventing the concept for a new generation, yet continuing the legacy to a degree - and I think it did it very well. All the essential elements to make it suitably Who-ish were present in some way. Galaxy 4: Doctor Who is back and we love it! A perfect continuation of the TV series we know and love. It couldn't be much better really. With a pilot episode of only 45 minutes a regeneration would have been impossible to fit into the story. However, with the news of a second series and a new Doctor in 2006 a regeneration is probably now on the cards.

Nigel G. Hallam

I Thank the internet for finding your site and I have plans to visit your store soon. I've always loved 'Who' and have gone potty for more since my Wife brought me a radio controlled Dalek for my 41st birthday. Just think, I could be wearing the fourth Doctors scarf soon. Wow! Really prompt service I shall be returning soon. thank you very much. Nige

Ian Stone

Brilliant shop,full of interesting items. Excellent service from everybody. Would definately recommend a visit if you're in the area.

oluf marshall

Thanks for my past 2 orders you are the best UK doctor who merchants. Look forward to earning £460 when I buy A half size dalek replica!!!!!! Galaxy 4 replies: I quite like being called a merchant. Thanks.

Nidge Solly

Coming up to christmas, I sent off for my scarf and I got it two days later! A prompt service. Cheers chaps and merry Xmas.

Marika Bigongiari

I'm thrilled to have found this great site. Package arrived safe and sound today and amazingly fast for an overseas order (4 days!) - especially given the busy Christmas season. My fears of item damage from overseas shipping were immediately allayed after opening the package and seeing how well everything was wrapped and secured firmly in place. I will definitely order through this site again. Top rate merchandise!

Keith Snowdon

It's great to see the BBC have finally got round to releasing some old stuff from the vault's. But what i'd like to know is when they are going to release all the remaining "Out of the unknown", "Doomwatch" episodes and who do you contact for the various ITV series like "The Adventures of Don Quick","UNDERMIND".etc. Well thanks (In advance. galaxy 4 replies: The BBC launch their new range of cult classics box sets this spring with Quatermass. If this is popular other series such as Doomwatch will be considered for release. ITV series are more uncertain, depending on who owns the rights.

David E.Thomas

I have just hit your site for the first time today, and I must say it seems to be very comprehensive. I look forward to visiting your shop in the not too distant future (another good use for a Tardis!).

Mark Raymond Gordon-Tennant

I can't wait to get my GOLD RADIO COMMAND DALEK. I've been a Dr.Who Fan for 25 yrs...& I'd love to know when the new 2005 tv series will be airing in Canada! I really enjoy this site...& I'm glad to be a member!...THANKS Galaxy 4!

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