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David A.Welsh

Dear Galaxy 4, thankyou so much for making my Christmas perfect. The "Doctor Who-remote controlled Dalek battle pack" arrived in Greece safely today which was double quick for this time of year! What a wonderful, professional service you offer your customers, I cannot recommend it highly enough. Once again thankyou and have a Merry Christmas. Regards, David.

Sian O'Neale

I have been extremely impressed with the service from this store. Very fast delivery and prompt replies to questions. Full marks, Galaxy 4!

Mark Raymond Gordon- Tennant

I got my Remote Controlled Talking Davros today, everthing appears fine! I still love this site very much. It appears that THE DAVROS voice command button, only lets you press it 2 times for 2 voice command sentences...How come they never included more sentences? Why doesn't he say...Exterminate, exterminate? Galaxy 4 replies: Because Davros didn't really say those words- he left it to his Daleks to do the exterminating for him.

lee williams

fantastic shop fantastic service fantastic products and fantastic guys thanx for the extra long scarf guys!

Thomas Garrett

as a new dr who viewer I really wanted to watch the doctor who movie starring paul mcgann. the next day it arrived i was very impressed of how quickly it arrived

Mark Raymond Gordon-Tennant

As a Canadian, I truly want to say how I really love this site! Futhermore...This is the best Doctor Who site I've seen to date. I really think your site really rocks! I really love THE DALEKS, The new 2005 Remote controlled Dalek, & the new RADIO COMMAND ones to...Great service!


I think that the ninth Doctor was the best and I think that the tenth doctor has alot of compertion. I also think davros should come back with a fleet of surviving Daleks to try and finish what they started

Michael Pridham

Hi . I've had two orders so far with galaxy 4 for old Doctor Who magazines and I've been very impressed with the quick service. Well done. Look forward to buying from you again.

David Thorpe

Dear Sirs May I say how delighted I was this morning, when I received my order which consisted of the Cybermen Diorama and Cyberman Tin Set. I have found the ordering process, service and delivery to be absolutely superb, and I shall have no hesitation in ordering from you in the very near future. I'll be mentioning your name to some of my friends who are also Dr Who mad. Well done! Best regards

Charles McGlone

you are much better than bbc shop you have a great website. you are the best merchants i have bought things off.

Michael Krumstets

£70 for the series boxset ! wow ! I'd better start saving and only if they change the blurb ! This release is not the entire first series , it must be something like series 27 . Any fule know that . ( nice website by the way ) Galaxy 4 replies: Point taken. I think I'd have preferred it to be called the Complete 2005 series.

Mark Raymond Gordon- Tennant

I think the new 2005 series is pretty good. However, of all of the Doctor's companions, I really thought that Rose Tyler, kind of handled this alien new comer...@ least to her fairly quickly. She did have questions etc, but for the most part she handled her situation well! I didn't much like some of the monsters in the 2nd episode. The story-line was good thought...& the Earth's Death was cool! & the Spiders were too! & so far..I liked EPISODES: 1. 3. & 4..& the 6th..With THE DALEKS looks very exciting! I don't mind David Tennant regenerating into the 10th Doctor, but they should have shown the 8th Paul McGann, changing with the 9th! Also its just too soon 2 get rid of Mr. Eccleston's incarnation! I wonder if I'm related to this David Tennant. I too have a Scottish & Irish background...I think its great we have the same last name Mark Tennant...David Tennant..Cool!!!!!!!!!

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