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Sean Gibbons

Great online shop and service folks! Have major gripe that R2 "Key to Time" Box Set has been SEVERELY limited and is in fact deleted already! There must be thousands of us who were budgeting to buy that - and many other Who dvds - and now it's gone already. Any chance at all that BBC will issue a second edition, for the many who have missed out completely, on this item? Keep up the good work, people! Galaxy 4 replies: The Key To Time DVD set was released and advertised as a limited edition of 15,000. Because of this it cannot be re-issued once all the 15,000 units have been sold. The six stories from the set may be released individually next year at the regular price of �19.99 each. The box set was at a special price. An American Region 1 version (without special features) is still available.


i LOVE galaxy 4. It is a great informant on new stuff and has great prices.

louise webb

G4 your excellent next day service made my sons 7th birthday perfect. Thankyou

Alex Pinfold

G4, your service has always first rate. Its not just that processing and delivery is always efficient, I am always made to feel welcome in the shop or when I speak to you on the phone. Whenever I am looking for advice on products - old or new - that advice is always both friendly and forthcoming. many thanks Alex

Josie Read

What a fantastic service!! Placed my order Wednesday night, received my goods Friday morning. My son will be over the moon when he receives his Ood. Merry Christmas

Kristy Read

I was over the moon when i discovered that the 12" Ood would be on sale on the 20th of December and promptly placed my pre-order.I was worried that my order would not arrive in time for Christmas but I received an e-mail at 3pm on 20th December to say that my order had been shipped and received my Ood at 2pm on 21st December!I am overjoyed!Your service is very fast and efficient and I will certainly be shopping with you again in the near future. Thank you so much Galaxy 4 for making this my 8 year old son's best Christmas ever!

Keith Litton

I am so pleased with the service and delivery of Doctor Who items from G4. Sometimes I received my G4 items long before some of the companies in the States delivers them. Fast and reliable. a company I trust for my Dr. Who products.

mrs v ewen

First time customer. Fantastic delivery service and excellent goods. Will be returning soon. Im getting in early for christmas and I know one little boy that will be very happy in my household. Thanks again.


Galaxy 4 delivered my Season 2 DVD box set to new york in the blink of an eye...i`ll never have to feel homesick for old blighty and the good Doctor again..


Wow!! Galaxy 4 are fantastic.. absolutly fantastic! Prompt, friendly replies to e-mails.. delivery so fast are they sure they don`t travel in time? Ordered items before of other sites and had problems. Never had one problem with Galaxy 4! Thank you xx

steve brown

Ordered over the phone on a tuesday at about 4pm. Got it in the post the following morning 9am in aberdeen. Brilliant service.

Mike Hickman

As is probably more than borne out by the number of orders I have placed over the last couple of years, Galaxy Four are, bar none, my absolute favourite online store. The quickest and most efficient service on the face of the planet. Very often next day delivery. Fantastic!

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