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Toby Morgan

Nice & handy to have basically just around the corner from where I live.

Chris Mackrill

I have been a customer of Galaxy 4 for many years and they are the best, they are always friendly and willing to help, I will always use Galaxy 4 for purchasing Doctor Who.

Peter Hastings

Friday 17 July 2009 - 11.15am Good morning. I confirm receipt of the "About Time 1963 - 1966". This book arrived safely this morning. I am delighted with this. The book is in prefect condition & was securely wrapped. I am also amazed at the swiftness of your despatching this to me. I ordered it on Tuesday, you processed & despatched my order Wednesday morning & I took delivery this morning. WOW! To say I am impressed it to understatement both my amazement & my delight. At a time when I have become slightly disillusioned in being able to buy my books directly from shops as they rarely have what I want in stock & if they do they are not in an acceptable condition for me to part with my money in exchange for inferior goods. I have also had a similar experience with on-line buying with Play.com being the biggest culprit with their books. Their DVD service is excellent. What I am trying to say in is I shall certainly being doing business with you again. And very sincerely Thank You. Peter Hastings.


Just wanted to say how great you are at Galaxy 4 .Ordered Monday and received on Wednesday!And So friendly too!many thanks Rich


Knowledgeable and helpful staff, excellent customer service and prompt delivery of goods. What more can you ask for?

Alex Marsden

the shop is great, Im the biggest DOCTOR WHO fan, the site is great, and we all THANK you for the Merchandise shop.

callam jones

i love galaxy 4 but it is my uncle bens shop . i love the scary monsters in the displays !!! i want to buy everything thanks ben and andy love callam age 6 Galaxy 4 says: I don't pay my relatives to say nice things about us- honestly! But thanks Callam

Henry Smith

Just to say, Galaxy4 are AMAZING at what they do. I never imagined that there would be such a dedicated online store for all things Who (outside of the BBC itself). Great stuff!


Wow! What a fantastic first class lot they are at Galaxy4. Brilliant people, brilliant service, brilliant stock and a truly brilliant shop. "Sometimes Rose, everyone wins and just for once everyone gets what they want. Fantastic". Okay so it's not an exact quote but I hope you get my drift.

Anthony Squires

Just a quick note to say how impressed I was with the despatch speed on my recent order - fast, good arrived in A1 condition. Look forward to using the shop again.

Samuel Evans

Hi ordered the five doctors yesterday and got it today great I am so pleased I off work today so I am off to watch it. You made one who fan very happy this week I am going to pre-order Black Orchid now.

Sean Stagg

Sean Stagg, of Melbourne, Australia, here, and a new customer with you. Just a quick one to thank you very much for the unbelievably fast service. Just brilliant. My figure collection arrived here safe and sound, and all the way down under in a matter of days! Astounding. Again, thank you so much, and I can assure you that you have won a lifetime customer and fan. Cheers once more.

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