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Doctor Who Tour Bus Visits Manchester

Wednesday 31 March 2010

Wednesday 31st March 2010 and a fairly rainy, very cold day in Salford Quays, but this didn't stop the incredible cheer Matt and Karen received from lots of eager local schoolchildren when they stepped off the Doctor Who tour bus.

There was a photo-call with Matt, Karen and the TARDIS and then they were joined by lots of the children, a few of whom got to handle the new sonic screwdriver to gasps of delight and excitement.  Matt and Karen were then taken back into the warmth of the bus to be interviewed by various local reporters while the children were taken into the Lowry Theatre in order to watch episode 1 of the new series ('The Eleventh Hour') which was introduced by the stars.  A Q&A was held after the screening and apparently the children asked very 'inventive, interesting and fresh questions' - JUSTIN THOMAS

Inside the Space Shop

The Galaxy Four Store

These are photos of the Galaxy Four store in Sheffield. Open 10am to 5pm Monday to Friday (with earlier closing on Sat and excluding bank holidays) its well worth a visit. Our permanent Doctor Who exhibition of original and replica costumes is always on display as well as a vast array of Doctor Who and Cult TV bargains to be had! (as long as you pay for them)


Photo 3 shows G4 owners Andy Swinden (back) and Ben Keywood (front) In-store.