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Fourth Doctor 6:09 The Thief Who Stole Time

thief_who_stole_time.jpg ? On Order £10.99

Release Date 31 October 2017

Category: Fourth Doctor Audios

A god has died. A crime has been committed. And an even greater threat lies beneath the surface.


On the ocean world of Funderell, Romana has been reunited with her old friend from Gallifrey, Sartia, and the Doctor is investigating the history and religion of this strange world. But events have quickly spiralled out of control.


Why is this planet of such interest to the Time Lords? What lurks in the depths?


The life of more than one world is at stake. But time is running out.


Note: This adventure continues from Doctor Who - The Fourth Doctor Adventures: The Skin of the Sleek


Written By: Marc Platt


Cast: Tom Baker (The Doctor), Lalla Ward (Romana), Joannah Tincey (Sartia), Alan Cox (Eamonn Orensky), Kieran Hodgson (Klick Chervain)


Rhythm of Destruction (12th Doctor Audio)

rhythm_of_destruction.jpg ? On Order £10.99

Release Date 2 November 2017

Category: Twelfth Doctor Audio

An exclusive new audio adventure for the Twelfth Doctor, as played on TV by Peter Capaldi. The Doctor arrives on the uninhabited planetoid Quish, famous for having the biggest natural amphitheatre in the galaxy. The Blitzats Jazz Quartet are playing, but shortly afterwards the planetoid implodes. Everywhere they play they leave a trail of destruction in their wake – someone dies; a city is wiped out; an entire planet vanishes... But why - and how? The Doctor realises that the answer lies close to home. Duration: 1 hour 10 mins approx.


Classic Audio Book: Five Doctors, The

classic_audio_five_doctors.jpg ? On Order £20.00

Release Date 2 November 2017

Category: Classic Audio Books

An unabridged reading of this classic novelisation of Doctor Who's special 20th Anniversary TV adventure, featuring the Doctor in each of his first five incarnations.


Each one has been removed from his time-stream and - with one unfortunate exception - brought to the Death Zone on Gallifrey. There they, along with an array of their loyal former companions, encounter numerous deadly obstacles including Daleks, Cybermen, Yeti, the Master and a fiendish set of puzzles. Who is the ultimate enemy they must all unite to defeat? Based on Terrance Dicks's epic TV adventure, first broadcast in 1983, The Five Doctors offered readers a chance to turn the clock back and meet some old friends – and some old enemies.


Essential Doctor Who 12: Time Travel

default ? On Order £9.99

Release Date 2 November 2017

Category: Dr Who Magazine Specials

Panini’s lavish bookazines continue with a 116-page issue devoted to the Doctor’s journeys through time, and the greatest plots hatched by his time-travelling adversaries.


Doctor Who was conceived as a format that would go backwards, forwards and sideways in time. Ever since those early black-and-whites days, the series has stayed true to that concept with innovative stories exploring every aspect of the fourth dimension. The Essential Doctor Who: Time Travel talks to the actors, writers and directors who helped to create these memorable episodes.


Elsewhere in this issue there are guides to the greatest time-travel stories – including the classics Blink and City of Death – along with details of unmade scripts, previously unseen images and much more.


Doctor Who: 100 Illustrated Adventures

100_illustrated_adventures.jpg ? On Order £20.00

Release Date 2 November 2017

Category: Doctor Who Reference Books

A new illustrated episode guide, showcasing the best of the beloved British sci-fi classic, Doctor Who.


Profiling 100 of the most beloved episodes since the show first broadcast in 1963, this book is filled with original art from fan artists and professional artists alike, as well as in-depth episode information.


Spanning from the era of the First Doctor to the Twelfth, this stunning book is a must-have Doctor Who keepsake and guide.


7 - 12 years


The Black Archive 14: The Ultimate Foe

black_archive_ultimate_foe.jpg ? On Order £6.99

Release Date 6 November 2017

Category: Black Archive, The

After almost 18 months off-air Doctor Who returned to television in September 1986 with the 14-episode The Trial of a Time Lord, an epic serial intended by its production team as a grand statement about both the programme and its lead character.


Its final two episodes, ‘The Ultimate Foe’, would prove to be the climax, if not the resolution, to the longest ever Doctor Who serial and to behind-the-scenes issues, both inside and outside the programme’s own production office, that had dogged the series for over a year.


Suffering from unprecedented scripting issues, including the death of its original writer and the withdrawal of his successor’s replacement script for the final episode after it had been issued to the cast and crew, this serial, while not intended as such, also came to serve as the finale for Colin Baker’s interpretation of the Doctor on television.


This Black Archive examines multiple drafts of both episodes’ scripts to look at creative conflicts behind the conclusion to this epic adventure, and the clash of intentions and interpretations that resulted in what was seen in the final transmitted programmes.


Olive Hawthorne: The Daemons of Devil's End NOVEL (Signed)

devils_end_book.jpg ? On Order £12.99

Release Date 11 November 2017

Category: The Daemons of Devil's End: White Witch and Return to Devil's End



Olive Hawthorne is the sole guardian of the sleepy village of Devil’s End. She protects the world from the incursion of demons, vampires, aliens and all manner of otherworldly creatures. But she is getting old … and they keep coming …


This is the story of Olive’s life. From her earliest days, through teenage years, middle age, and now old age. Tales of her adventures with monsters and evil … forever battling against the forces of darkness … and forever seeking to keep the world safe.


Written by Suzanne Barbieri, Debbie Bennett, Raven Dane, Jan Edwards, David J Howe and Sam Stone, and edited by Sam Stone, The Dæmons of Devil’s End is the story of one woman’s exciting and emotional life.


With an introduction by actress Damaris Hayman and an afterword by director Keith Barnfather.


The Dæmons of Devil’s End is based on, and expands upon, the Reeltime Pictures drama production White Witch of Devil’s End released on DVD. It also spins off from the 1971 BBC Doctor Who adventure ‘The Dæmons’.



The Daemons of Devil's End: Devil's End DVD Set

daemons_of_devils_end.jpg ? On Order £19.99

Release Date 13 November 2017

Category: The Daemons of Devil's End: White Witch and Return to Devil's End

This limited edition will include a DVD insert art card signed by the White Witch, Damaris Hayman herself, exclusive to Galaxy 4.

Each sale will also be included in a prize draw to win one of FIVE A4 "THE DAEMONS" art prints by COLIN HOWARD. These are exclusive to GALAXY 4 and will be signed by COLIN HOWARD and DAMARIS HAYMAN


Damaris will be signing at the Galaxy 4 store on Saturday 11th November noon until 3pm to launch this title. There will also be a prize draw for "THE DAEMONS" prints for attendees of the in-store signing. Also in attendance will be writers DAVID J HOWE, SAM STONE, DEBBIE BENNETT and RAVEN DANE.


This special DVD release contains two unique productions.


The first is the brand-new drama production WHITE WITCH OF DEVIL S END starring DAMARIS HAYMAN, who reprises her role as Olive Hawthorne from the DOCTOR WHO story THE DAEMONS. With a blend of dramatic monologue enhanced with visualisations and sound design to develop and tell the stories, the drama is an anthology of tales following the magical life of Olive Hawthorne, from childhood to her final days as the protector of Devil s End. Drawing on a rich heritage and appreciation of witchcraft and fokelore, the stories bring Olive's history to life, pitting her against vampire, succubus, fae, daemonic influence and more - as Guardian of Devil's End, she must do what she must to protect the village ... but what happens when she reaches the end of her life? Who will protect the townsfolk then?


The second is the long-awaited DVD release of the classic documentary RETURN TO DEVIL S END . Filmed around the village of Aldbourne in 1992, this marvellous production stars JON PERTWEE (The Third Doctor), NICHOLAS COURTNEY (The Brigadier), RICHARD FRANKLIN (Capt. Yates), JOHN LEVENE (Sgt. Benton) and THE DAEMONS director, CHRISTOPHER BARRY. NICHOLAS BRIGGS (currently the voice of the Daleks in DOCTOR WHO), takes the cast and director on a trip around the locations, deftly gleaning stories and anecdotes about filming the classic DOCTOR WHO series in 1971. Including interviews with villagers and rare archive film and photos ... this documentary is rightly considered one of the best behind-the-scenes look at the making of DOCTOR WHO ever produced.


Both discs are packed with bonus features, making this a totally unique production!


PLUS! A third bonus disc containing video of conventions held in Aldbourne to celebrate one of DOCTOR WHO s most fondly remembered stories.


Disc 1: White Witch of Devil s End - Drama, Weaving Magic - The Making of ... ,The Scriveners - The writers tell their story, Linzi's Tune - Theme Music singer Linzi Gold Tells her story (inc. music video),


Disc 2: Return to Devil s End - Documentary, Recording the Return - Home video of the shoot, Reporting the White Witch - Damaris Hayman and David Simeon interview, Morris Men - A profile of the Headington Quarry Morris Dancers, who featured in The Daemons


Disc 3 The Daemons Revisited - Conventions at The Daemons location of Aldbourne village



Return to Devil's End (DVD)

devils end.jpg ? On Order £9.99

Release Date 13 November 2017

Category: The Daemons of Devil's End: White Witch and Return to Devil's End

First time ever on DVD


The cast and crew of 'Doctor Who: The Daemons' return to the site of the original story, twenty years after it was first broadcast. Director Christopher Barry and actors Jon Pertwee (the Doctor), Nicholas Courtney (the Brigadier), John Levene and Richard Franklin reminisce about the making of what some fans consider to be the best of the Pertwee stories (Pertwee nominated it as his personal favourite)


Remastered for DVD with extras.


Cover for illustration only



White Witch of Devil's End

white witch.jpg ? On Order £9.99

Release Date 13 November 2017

Category: The Daemons of Devil's End: White Witch and Return to Devil's End

Damaris Hayman reprises her role as Miss Hawthorne from "The Daemons".


With a blend of dramatic monologue enhanced by visualisations and sound design to develop and tell the stories, this drama is an anthology of tales following the magical life of Olive, from childhood to her final days as protector of Devil's End. Drawing on a rich heritage and appreciation of witchcraft and folklore, the stories bring her history to life, pitting her against vampire, succubus, fae, daemonic influence and more. As guardian of Devil's End, she must do whatever is necessary to protect the village...but what happens when she reaches the end of her life? Who will protect the villagers then?


The writers of this anthology are Sam Stone, Jan Edwards, David J Howe, Raven Dane, Debbie Bennett and Suzanne J Barbieri


1 x DVD with extras




I wanted to apologise to all customers of Galaxy Four for the delay in releasing “White Witch of Devils End.”

This has been caused by three conflicting reasons…

1. A massive television and business workload that has had to take priority for simple financial expediency.

2. The planned launch of our new website “Time Travel TV” which will radically change the way customers can access our products but is another massive undertaking.

3. The birth of our son!

Number 3 being the most time consuming … but the most rewarding!

All the primary filming of “White Witch…” has been undertaken and we now need to film the “dramatised” cutaway themed shots to illustrate Damaris’s marvellous storytelling.

We are committed to finishing it next year and releasing it in the summer or Autumn of 2015, together with the boxed set with “Return to Devils End.”

I’d like to apologise to all of you for the delay – probably the worst we’ve put you through! But we will bring it to you as soon as possible. I’d also like to apologise to Andy and Ben and everyone at Galaxy Four for messing them about. It was never our intent.

Please bear with us. There’s a lot happening next year which you’ll all hear about soon.

While I’m here … I’d like to wish everyone a very Merry Xmas and a decidedly prosperous New Year.


Keith Barnfather

Reeltime Pictures Ltd., December 2014   


Myth Makers: The Doctors: The William Hartnell Years

william_hartnell_years.jpg ? On Order £9.99

Release Date 13 November 2017

Category: Reeltime Myth Makers, Drama and Documentary DVDs

Features Myth Makers: William Hartnell Tribute, William Russell, Jacqueline Hill, Jackie Lane, Carole Ann Ford, Peter Purves

2 x DVD

Region free


Lethbridge-Stewart: The New Unusual

the_new_unusual.png ? On Order £8.99

Release Date 30 November 2017

Category: Lethbridge-Stewart Novels and Audios

The New Unusual sees our heroes being drawn to Australia after investigating strange goings-on at dream-ins, mysterious new age gatherings in which people explore their deepest desires through eggs of alien origin. This book features the return of Lethbridge-Stewart’s nephew, Owain

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