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259: Blood on Santa's Claw and other stories

blood-on-santas-claw.jpg ? On Order £14.99

Release Date 31 January 2020

Category: Doctor Who Main Range 201 onwards

Blood on Santa’s Claw by Alan Terigo

The Doctor and Peri land on the planet Naxios, where they discover the body of Father Christmas. Who killed him? The strange individuals dressed in Shakespearian costume or the talking animals wearing waistcoats digging in the tunnels?


The Baby Awakes by Susan Dennom


The Doctor and Peri visit the Ishtar institute, where the term 'designer babies' takes on a new and sinister meaning. Will our heroes survive Christmas day?


I Wish It Could Be Christmas Every Day by Andrew Lias

A Christmas party that's been going on for three years. Strange silver robots who guard the Christmas decorations with lethal force. What is the secret behind the festivities on Tate Galactic?


Brightly Shone The Moon That Night by Nev Fountain


The TARDIS crew encounters a shameful secret of the Time Lords. History has been rewritten, and this time it's all the Doctor's fault.


Torchwood 33: Dead Man's Switch

torchwood-33-dead-mans-switch.jpg ? On Order £9.99

Release Date 31 January 2020

Category: Torchwood

A devious antiques dealer, a property developer and a heartbroken hairdresser. Three strangers sit on a train that’s going nowhere.


They are joined by a mysterious figure.


Bilis Manger wants to tell them how they died.


The Robots 1

doctor-who-the-robots.jpg ? On Order £25.00

Release Date 31 January 2020

Category: Big Finish Mini-Series and Specials

During the events of Doctor Who - Ravenous 2, Liv Chenka left the Doctor and the TARDIS behind. Just for one year. A year during which she would live on Kaldor, and get to know her sister Tula all over again.


But Kaldor is going through a period of tumultuous change. Technology is changing at an advanced rate - the robots are evolving, artificial intelligence is adapting, and with these changes so politics is altering too. Dangerously.


Can Liv and Tula make a difference during the most turbulent time in the world’s history?


1.1 The Robots of Life by Roland Moore

Settling into life back on Kaldor, Liv investigates a medical centre where the patients are dying.


1.2 The Sentient by Robert Whitelock

Vissey is a young child - the sort of perfect young girl any parents would want to adopt. She is also artificial, and she sees the world in a very different way to humans.


1.3 Love Me Not by John Dorney

A widower goes to extreme lengths to keep the memories of his dead wife alive.


Torchwood 34: Expectant

torchwood-34-expectant.jpg ? On Order £9.99

Release Date 28 February 2020

Category: Torchwood

The Yalnix Empire is a fragile alliance of a dozen systems, under constant attack from their ancient enemy, the Vad. With the Empress unable to trust any of her court she gives the job of growing the next Ruler of the Yalnix to an old friend - Captain Jack Harkness.


With hunters on the loose and a battlefleet in orbit, Cardiff’s suddenly became a dangerous place for a man to be pregnant.


Adam Adamant Lives! 1: A Vintage Year for Scoundrels

adam-adamant-lives-holding.jpg ? On Order £25.00

Release Date 28 February 2020

Category: Cult Series Drama

1966. A tatty, broken man shuffling down the street…


Bizarre fantasies of another life as an Edwardian adventurer fill his head. A life as… Adam Adamant!


And to his rescue comes history enthusiast and would-be novelist Georgina Jones.


1.1 What is This Place?

As Adam recovers in hospital, sinister underworld forces are at work. Perhaps Georgina Jones and her friends could do with the unexpected help of an anachronistic hero.


1.2 Death Has a Thousand Faces

When a sugar-coated corpse is discovered, Adam Adamant can't resist looking into such a bizarre death. Journeying to Blackpool with Georgina Jones, he uncovers a suitably diabolical plot while discovering the hidden talents of Punch and Judy man William E Simms.


1.3 Georgina Jones Dies!

Adam Adamant, Georgina Jones and William E Simms make a fine, crime-fighting trio. It seems as though their adventures will never end. Until Inspector Clemens arrives on the scene with some truly devastating news.


Fourth Doctor Adventures 9.1

fourth-doctor-9-1.jpg ? On Order £30.00

Release Date 28 February 2020

Category: Fourth Doctor Audios

This set contains two four-part stories:


9.1 Purgatory 12 by Marc Platt

The TARDIS lands on a penal asteroid within E-Space...


9.2 Chase the Night by Jonathan Morris

On a planet where the daylight kills, the travellers are aboard a train that forever chases the night.


More story details to follow.


War Master 4: Anti-Genesis

war-master-anti-genesis.jpg ? On Order £35.00

Release Date 28 February 2020

Category: Big Finish Mini-Series and Specials

A brand-new four-part adventure featuring the Master’s exploits in the Time War.


In a Time War, there is a crime that not even the Daleks would dare consider. But the Master has more than considered – and he is ready to commit...


When his TARDIS returns to Gallifrey carrying his corpse, a chain of events ensues that will change established history. Old friendships will be destroyed and dark alliances formed, as the Master exploits a terrifying truth.


Even for the two most powerful races, time can be rewritten.


4.1 From the Flames by Nicholas Briggs

After the Master's TARDIS returns his remains to Gallifrey, in accordance with his final wishes, an intricate plot begins to change the nature of the universe forever. But even in death the Master threatens life. And only CIA Coordinator Narvin can hope to stop him.


4.2 The Master's Dalek Plan by Alan Barnes

As the Master inflitrates the Kaled scientific elite, the Time Lords seek to counter his interference. But while Narvin and President Livia try to stabilise the past, a new and horrifying future dawns in the wastelands of ancient Skaro.


4.3 Shockwave by Alan Barnes

With all known history threatened, the Daleks take desperate action to preserve their established legacy. When they cross dimensions to recruit an alternative incarnation of the Master, an uneasy alliance is formed... But can either side truly trust the other?


4.4 He Who Wins by Nicholas Briggs

The Master has achieved an ultimate victory. But at what cost?


260: Dark Universe

260-dark-universe.jpg ? On Order £14.99

Release Date 28 February 2020

Category: Doctor Who Main Range 201 onwards

The Eleven has a plan. A grand plan. An appalling plan. A plan that endangers all life in the cosmos.


With Ace working for the enemy, the Doctor must rely on scheming Time Lord Cardinal Ollistra for help. The stage is set for an epic confrontation.


Because the Doctor has a plan to stop the Eleven. A grand plan. An appalling plan. A plan that endangers all life in the cosmos.


Whichever one of them wins, the Dark Universe won’t want to lose...


White Witch of Devil's End Blu ray with signed insert

white_witch_purple.jpg ? On Order £16.99

Release Date 31 March 2020

Category: Reeltime Myth Makers, Drama and Documentary DVDs

FROM THE WORLD OF BBCtv s DOCTOR WHO THE ACCLAIMED SIX PART DRAMA SERIES, available for the First time on limited edition bluray


A sequel to the DOCTOR WHO story THE DAEMONS.


WHITE WITCH OF DEVIL S END stars DAMARIS HAYMAN, reprising her role as OLIVE HAWTHORNE from THE DAEMONS. Olive tells the story of her life from childhood to her final days as the magical guardian of Devil s End, fighting every face of evil imaginable. Olive must defend the village ... but what happens as she reaches the end of her life? Who will protect the townsfolk then?



COMMENTARY by Damaris Hayman, Director Keith Barnfather and writers David J Howe and Sam Stone.


WEAVING MAGIC Behind-the-scenes.


THE SCRIVENERS The writers tell their story.


LINZI S TUNE Theme song singer Linzi Gold plus music video!


THE WHOOVERS PRESENT ... Panel discussion with the creative team.



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