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The Women Who Lived: Amazing Tales for Future Time Lords (Hardcover)

the_women_who_lived.jpg ? On Order £16.99

Release Date 27 September 2018

Category: Original Doctor Who Novels

From Sarah Jane Smith to Bill Potts, from Susan Foreman to the Thirteenth Doctor, women are the beating heart of Doctor Who. Whether they’re facing down Daleks or thwarting a Nestene invasion, these women don’t hang around waiting to be rescued – they roll their sleeves up and get stuck in. Scientists and soldiers, queens and canteen workers, they don’t let anything hold them back.


Featuring historical women such as Agatha Christie and Queen Victoria alongside fan favourites like Rose Tyler and Missy, The Women Who Lived tells the stories of women throughout space and time. Beautifully illustrated by a team of all-female artists, this collection of inspirational tales celebrates the power of women to change the universe.


Bernice Summerfield: Treasury

bernice_summerfield_treasury.jpg ? On Order £25.00

Release Date 28 September 2018

Category: Bernice Summerfield Audio and Books

The Evacuation of Bernice Summerfield

 Considered as a Short Film by Terry Gilliam by Ben Aaronovitch

A lonely orphan on a vast transport ship meets some peculiar fellow travellers.


And Then Again

 by Robert Shearman

Who is Bernard Summerfield? What’s happened to his life? And why has he lost his spot in the company car park?


Misplaced Spring

 by Paul Cornell

The Braxiatel Collection is recovering from an invasion in a variety of surprising ways.


Solar Max and the Seven-Handed Snake-Mother

 by Kate Orman

Bernice is on an expedition to a remote site. She’s about to discover something unpleasant about her fellow explorers.


Walking Backwards for Christmas

 by Ben Aaronovitch

How did we get here? Bernice looks back at her life using a history machine.


The Least Important Man

 by Steven Moffat 

Gavin’s had a fairly miserable life, all of it watched over by the ghostly figure of a woman silently commenting.


Bernice Summerfield and the Library of Books

 by Andrew Cartmel

Inside an ancient library is an ancient secret. The secret is, of course, deadly, but it’s deadly in an entirely unique way.


A Mutual Friend

 by Terrance Dicks

Bernice Summerfield learns why you should always talk to the person you’re sharing a table with at a cafe.


Please note: Bernice Summerfield: Treasury contains adult themes and may not be suitable for younger listeners.

Cast: Lisa Bowerman (Narrator), Andrew Cartmel (Narrator)


Doctor Who:The Five Doctors OST (Vinyl)

five doctors vinyl.jpg ? On Order £24.99

Release Date 28 September 2018

Category: Vinyl Soundtracks

The Five Doctors, made and transmitted as a 90-minute special in 1983, was the 20th anniversary outing for the Doctor, seeing the incumbent Peter Davison joined by previous incarnations Richard Hurndall (standing in for the deceased William Hartnell), Patrick Troughton, Jon Pertwee and Tom Baker. The latter declined to return in person so soon after he had left, so was represented by some footage from “lost” story ‘Shada’.

The spine-chilling and atmospheric music was composed by Peter Howell at the BBC Radiophonic Workshop. It was, in accordance with normal practice at the time, mixed in mono, so is presented here within a subtle mono-compatible stereo image.

In 1995, producer Paul Vanezis was contracted by BBC Video to produce a “Special Edition” of the story, extended beyond the original length (as determined by the transmission slot) and featuring updated visual effects. It was also decided to mix it in Dolby Surround (later updated to full 5.1 surround for DVD) so Peter Howell was called in to rework the music. Both versions of the score are presented on this release.


Track listing


Side A

1 Doctor Who - Opening Theme (The Five Doctors) / New Console

2 The Eye of Orion

3 Cosmic Angst

4 Melting Icebergs

5 Great Balls of Fire

6 My Other Selves

7 No Coordinates

8 Bus Stop

9 No Where, No Time

10 Dalek Alley and The Death Zone

11 Hand in the Wall

12 Who Are You?

13 The Dark Tower/My Best Enemy

14 The Game of Rassilon

15 Cybermen I

16 Below

17 Cybermen II

18 The Castellan Accused/Cybermen III

19 Raston Robot


Side B

1 Not the Mind Probe

2 Where There's a Wind, There's a Way

3 Cybermen vs Raston Robot

4 Above and Between

5 As Easy as Pi

6 Phantoms

7 The Tomb of Rassilon

8 Killing You Once Was Never Enough

9 Oh, Borusa

10 Mindlock

11 Immortality

12 Doctor Who Closing Theme - The Five Doctors Edit

13 Death Zone Atmosphere


Side C

1 The Five Doctors Special Edition: Prologue (Premix)

2 Doctor Who - Opening Theme (The Five Doctors Special Edition)/The Five Doctors Special Edition: Prologue

3 The Eye of Orion/Cosmic Angst (Special Edition)

4 Melting Icebergs (Special Edition)

5 Great Balls of Fire (Special Edition)

6 My Other Selves (Special Edition)

7 Nothing Can Go Wrong (Special Edition)

8 Bus Stop (Special Edition)

9 No Where, No Time (Special Edition)

10 Enter Borusa (Special Edition)

11 Enter The Master (Special Edition)

12 Dalek Alley and The Death Zone (Special Edition)

13 Hand in the Wall (Special Edition)

14 Recall Signal (Special Edition)

15 Who Are You? / Tell Me All About It (Special Edition)

16 Thunderbolts (Special Edition)

17 The Dark Tower (Special Edition)

18 My Best Enemy (Special Edition)

19 The Game of Rassilon (Special Edition)

20 Cybermen I (Special Edition)


Side D

1 Below (Special Edition)

2 Cybermen II (Special Edition)

3 The Castellan Accused/Cybermen III (Special Edition)

4 Raston Robot (Special Edition)

5 Not the Mind Probe (Special Edition)

6 Where There's a Wind, There's a Way (Special Edition)

7 Cybermen vs Raston Robot (Special Edition)

8 Above and Between (Special Edition)

9 The Fortress of the Time Lords (Special Edition)

10 As Easy as Pi (Special Edition)

11 I Hope You've Got Your Sums Right/ Phantoms (Special Edition)

12 The Tomb of Rassilon (Special Edition)

13 Killing You Once Was Never Enough (Special Edition)

14 Oh, Borusa (Special Edition)

15 Mindlock (Special Edition)

16 Immortality (Special Edition)

17 Doctor Who Closing Theme - The Five Doctors Edit (Special Edition)




Doctor Who: The Invasion OST (Vinyl)

invasion vinyl.jpg ? On Order £19.99

Release Date 28 September 2018

Category: Vinyl Soundtracks

The Invasion was an eight-part Doctor Who story made and transmitted in 1968. Written by Derrick Sherwin (from a story by Kit Pedler), it starred Patrick Troughton as the second Doctor and featured the Brigadier, UNIT, and the Cybermen in a “modern Earth invasion” Doctor Who story that became a hugely influential series at the time. At the helm was Douglas Camfield, one of popular television’s most maverick and talented directors of the 1960s and 1970s.

The music was composed by Don Harper, the third Australian émigré composer (after Ron Grainer and Dudley Simpson) to work on the programme. Harper’s soundtrack may have been influenced by John Barry’s score for The Ipcress File (1965). He uses the cimbalom in the score, and the artist was most likely John Leach (a.k.a. Janos Lehar), who played on The Ipcress File, King Rat and The Persuaders.

The release also features “Muzak” by John Baker (referred to as such in the cue sheets for episodes 1 and 2), which had its first outing in an Out of the Unknown episode.

The master tape of the music for ‘The Invasion’ was lost soon after transmission, but Harper retained a 7½ ips ‘composer’s copy’ that forms the basis of this release. Additionally, the score was augmented by extensive use of electronic sounds by Brian Hodgson of the BBC Radiophonic Workshop


Side A

1. Doctor Who (new opening theme, 1967)


2. The Dark Side of the Moon (Music 2 Variation)


3. The Company (Music 7)


4. Hiding (Music 8)


5. International Electromatics Headquarters (Music 3)


6. Muzak


7. The Cyber Director (Music 5)


8. The Cybermen, My Allies (Music 7)


9. Brigadier Lethbridge-Stewart (Music 12a)


10. Plans for Invasion (Music 8)


11. Mysteries (Music 12)


12. Fire Escape (Music 11)


13. The Dark Side of the Moon (Reprise) (Music 2)


14. The Cybermen, My Allies (Reprise) (Music 7, looped)




Side B


1. Music 4 (Trapped in Gas Chamber - v. 1 & 2)


2. Music 9


3. Music 10


4. Music 13


5. Music 14


6. Music 15a


7. Music 15b


8. Music 15c


9. Music 15d


10. Music 15e


11. Music 15f


12. Music 15g


13. Music 15h


14. Music 16a


15. Music 16b


16. Music 16c


17. Music 16d


18. Music 16e


19. Music 16f


20. Music 16g


Electronic Score and Sounds


21. Part of TARDIS disappears


22. All of TARDIS disappears


23. TARDIS take off slow and painful


24. International Electromatics Headquarters Exterior


25. International Electromatics Headquarters Interior




Thirteenth Doctor 10 inch Articulated Figure

thirteenth_doctor_figure.jpg ? On Order £19.99

Release Date 30 September 2018

Category: Doctor Who Action Figures and Sets

· 10”/26cm in height


· Highly detailed and fully articulated


· Real fabric high-waisted culottes, rainbow striped black shirt and lilac coat.


· Includes Sonic Screwdriver accessory


241: Red Planets

red_planets.jpg ? On Order £14.99

Release Date 30 September 2018

Category: Doctor Who Main Range 201 onwards

London, 2017. Except... it isn't. Berlin, 1961. But it isn't that either. Not really. Not in the timeline the Doctor knows. Something is very wrong.


While Ace tries to save the life of a wounded British spy, Mel and the Doctor must get to grips with the modern day socialist Republic of Mokoshia. For Mel it feels strangely familiar and 'right', which makes the Doctor feel even more uneasy.


Soon, a message from a dark and blood-soaked distant future is on its way... But the Doctor will have to act fast to stop this timeline becoming reality.


And with Ace stranded in an alternate 1961, will saving the Earth end her existence?




Sylvester McCoy (The Doctor), Sophie Aldred (Ace), Bonnie Langford (Mel), Matt Barber (Tom Elliot), Elliot Levey (Colonel Marsden), Genevieve Gaunt (Anna / Commander of Phobos Mission), Max Bollinger (Sokolov), Chris Dale (Mission Control / Voice of Map / George / Television Announcer). Other parts played by members of the cast.


The First Doctor Adventures Volume 2

first_doctor_adventures_volume_2.jpg ? On Order £35.00

Release Date 30 September 2018

Category: Big Finish Mini-Series and Specials

2.1 The Invention of Death by John Dorney

After an experimental flight, the TARDIS crew find themselves on one of the strangest worlds they have ever encountered.


Alien life takes many forms, and on Ashtallah the travellers find all their preconceptions tested.


But this world is about to make a discovery – and it could mean the end of everything.


2.2 The Barbarians and the Samurai by Andrew Smith

In 19th Century Japan, Westerners are forbidden. So when the TARDIS arrives near Lord Mamoru’s castle, the daimyo’s Samurai are soon on their trail.


Uncovering secrets at court and treachery in the ranks, the Doctor and his friends are drawn into intrigue.And, as a battle begins, they are caught in the middle.


Cast: David Bradley (The Doctor), Claudia Grant (Susan), Jemma Powell (Barbara Wright), Jamie Glover (Ian Chesterton), Tracy Wiles (Sharlan), Michelle Morris (Brenna), Dan Li (Okada Shumei), Andrew Wincott (Casper Knox), Sadao Ueda (Takagi Mamoru), Susan Hingley (Keiko), Jozef Aoki (Toda Eiji / Yoshita Hiroshi), Christopher Naylor (Captain Hamilton). Other parts played by members of the cast.


Eighth Doctor: Time War Series 2

time_war_2.jpg ? On Order £40.00

Release Date 30 September 2018

Category: Eighth Doctor Audio

The Eighth Doctor battles for survival in the Time War.


2.1 The Lords of Terror by Jonathan Morris

When the Doctor takes Bliss to her home colony, they discover that the Time War has got there first. Bliss finds her world altered beyond recognition, and the population working to serve new masters.


No dissent is allowed. The Daleks are coming. The planet must be ready to fight them.


2.2 Planet of the Ogrons by Guy Adams

Avoiding the Time War, the Doctor and Bliss are found by an old acquaintance: the latest incarnation of a criminal mastermind the Doctor knows of old. But unlike her predecessors, the Twelve has a handle on her previous selves’ unruly minds.


There is a mystery to solve involving the Doctor’s TARDIS and its unusual occupant – and answers will be found on the Planet of the Ogrons.


2.3 In the Garden of Death by Guy Adams

In a prison camp like no other, the Most Dangerous Man in the Universe is held in isolation. The rest of the inmates have no memory of who they were or what they might have done.


No memory even of their captors. Until the interrogations begin.


2.4 Jonah by Timothy X Atack

In the depths of an ocean world ravaged by the Time War, the weary survivors are pressed into service by Cardinal Ollistra.


Something is hidden beneath the sea: the Twelve knows the truth, if only she could drag it from her jumbled mind. And when the Doctor becomes the captain of a submarine boat, all omens spell disaster…


A special run of prequels to Doctor Who: The War Doctor.



Paul McGann (The Doctor), Rakhee Thakrar (Bliss), Nicholas Briggs (The Daleks), Jacqueline Pearce (Cardinal Ollistra), Julia McKenzie (The Twelve), Nikki Amuka-Bird (Tamasan), Amanda Root (Lendek), Rakie Ayola (Pollia / Lambda Epsilon), Guy Adams (Rendo), Simon Slater (Carvil / Shaler), Jon Culshaw (Doctor Ogron), Victor McGuire (Borton), Anya Chalotra (Ensign Murti), Tania Rodrigues (Chief Panath), Surinder Duhra (Executive Officer Omor), Other parts played by members of the cast.


Torchwood One: Machines

torchwood_one_machines.jpg ? On Order £25.00

Release Date 30 September 2018

Category: Torchwood

Torchwood One - we defend the British Empire. We keep everyone safe. For your own good.


Something's happened. Something's twisted its way into Torchwood One. Something old. Something which should have been forgotten, wiped, abandoned. Something which has been waiting. Something which knows how the world should be ruled, how people should be used.


When humanity's threatened, Yvonne Hartman is required.


The Law Machines by Matt Fitton

The Mayor of London is launching her bold new law and order initiative. The capital will be kept safe from crime, from fear, from terrorists. The Law Machines are launching. What could possibly go wrong?


Blind Summit by Gareth David-Lloyd

Ianto Jones has just moved to London. He's broke, has no friends, no future. One day he loses the one thing he's been holding on to, and suddenly people around him are dying. Could a mysterious woman really offer him salvation?


9 to 5 by Tim Foley

It's Monday morning. Stacey loves Mondays. Stacey loves every day. Stacey lives to work. She's a temp and she loves it. Only there's a man in the coffee queue who has a terrible warning for her. Stacey is going to die today.


Cast: Tracy-Ann Oberman (Yvonne Hartman), Gareth David-Lloyd (Ianto Jones), Jane Asher (Elaine), Paterson Joseph (Matthew), James Wilby (Pascal), Adjoa Andoh (Fiona), Niky Wardley (Stacey), Daniel Anthony (Julian), Tim Bentinck (Tommy), Trevor Neal (Jason), Claire Wyatt (Tanya), Helen Goldwyn (Receptionist), Nicholas Pegg (Law Machines) and WOTAN. Other parts played by members of the cast.


Torchwood contains adult material and may not be suitable for younger listeners




Torchwood 24: Instant Karma

torchwood_instant_karma.jpg ? On Order £9.99

Release Date 30 September 2018

Category: Torchwood

Imagine. All those people. The ones who make each day that little bit harder. That little bit more unbearable. Imagine if you could silence them. Just by looking at them. I mean, just imagine. If you could do that. To all the people who annoy you. Would you do it?


Torchwood contains adult material and may not be suitable for younger listeners



Naoko Mori (Toshiko Sato), Jonny Dixon (Simon), Sara McGaughey (Janet), Duncan Wisbey (Dog Owner), Liz Sutherland-Lim (Daphne), Ross Ford (Chav), Simon Ludders (Bloke), Other roles played by members of the cast


The Avengers: Too Many Targets

avengers_too_many_targets.jpg ? On Order £14.99

Release Date 30 September 2018

Category: Avengers, The

Two agents are dead, and their murderers sound worryingly familiar. A killer gorilla is on the loose, a deadly disease is ravaging a distant country and an eminent doctor has been kidnapped. It's all pretty much business as usual.


But when John Steed is called in by his old boss and given an appalling task to complete, at the same time as Tara is given one that's even worse, it becomes clear that the myriad threads of a terrifying scheme are drawing together. The fate of the world hangs in the balance.


Steed won't be able to handle this case alone.


The Avengers are needed. All of them.



Julian Wadham (John Steed), Olivia Poulet (Emma Peel), Anthony Howell (Dr David Keel), Lucy Briggs-Owen (Carol Wilson), Beth Chalmers (Cathy Gale), Emily Woodward (Tara King), Christopher Benjamin (Mother)


More cast details to follow


Myth Makers: Michael Jayston

default ? On Order £9.99

Release Date 1 October 2018

Category: Reeltime Myth Makers, Drama and Documentary DVDs

In 1986, Jayston played the role of the Valeyard in Doctor Who. In the serial The Ultimate Foe, the Valeyard is revealed to be a manifestation of the Doctor's dark side. He later reprised the part of the Valeyard in He Jests at Scars..., Trial of the Valeyard, and The Sixth Doctor: The Last Adventure, audio plays released by Big Finish Productions.

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