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Angela Douglas: Swings and Roundabouts (Signed Paperback)

angela douglas.jpg ? In Stock £13.99

In his best-selling autobiography More or Less, published in 1978, Kenneth More, one of Britain’s best -loved actors, said, “When Angela and I met and fell in love, everyone and everything was against us. I felt about her as I had never felt about any other woman. I needed her not only physically, but mentally and morally. My only reason for living was to marry her.” he was forty seven, an internationally famous star, twice married with two daughters, who through his appearance in such films as Genevieve, Reach for the Sky and Doctor in the House had become something of a British national institution.


Angela was blonde, blue-eyed and twenty one. As this bubbly, naïve  and insecure young actress found herself increasingly in demand in a profession she adored, she met and fell in deeply in love with the man who was to remain for the next twenty years her  “one essential existence”.


In this moving, frank and deeply felt autobiography, embarked on with Kenneth’s encouragement, Angela tells of her life from her convent-based education, of the joy of finding her feet as an actress and of her helpless love for this “very married man”. She talks of their seven year wait for his divorce, of being shunned by his former friends, of their joyful companionship and, after sixteen years together, their painful trial separation: “a dismal failure, thank heavens”. And of their agonising love for each other as they struggled against his final crippling illness- a time when he went from strength to vulnerability and she went from vulnerability to strength.


A portrait emerges of a particularly passionate and eventful life which will in its humanity strike a sympathetic chord in all who read it.


In this revision of her best selling memoir, Angela brings her story up to date including the all consuming grief at the death of her husband and the adventure of her life and work ever since. It is an even more compelling read and will attract a new generation of readers for her unique and heartfelt story.


Anneke Wills In Focus (Signed Paperback)

in focus pb.jpg ? In Stock £14.99

In Focus is a sumptuously illustrated collection of rare and previously unseen photographs chronicling the life and career of one of Doctor Who's best-loved icons, Anneke Wills.


Originally released in May 2012 as a limited edition hardback, the original print run sold out within weeks and became an instant collector's item. Now, owing to overwhelming demand, we are proud to present an expanded, reimagined deluxe paperback version.


Presented over more than a hundred pages are a plethora of intimate family portraits, and images from classic series such as The Avengers, Strange Report, The Saint and, of course, Doctor Who, in which she played the trail-blazing first sexy assistant, Polly.


With contributions from a wide selection of colleagues and friends.


Back To The Vortex (Deluxe)

btvdeluxe ? In Stock £30.00

Christopher Eccleston Is... The Doctor!

The adventures in time and space continue, as the Doctor and his faithful companion Rose Tyler travel time and space fighting evil, righting wrongs and saving the course of history. This is the ultimate guide to the newest adventures of the Doctor: an archive of information, review and commentary, from the press to the production to the fans, as the venerable Time Lord returns to television in 2005 in a thirteen-part series set to stun viewers and critics alike.

Back to the Vortex unfolds as history happened, from the announcements to the press releases, casting calls, the highs and lows, and the start of production. Discover the background to the new series, through the eyes of the press, the commentators and fans; read about the casting of Christopher Eccleston as the Doctor and one-time pop princess Billie Piper as Rose; and be there during the lead-up to the return of the travelling Time Lord to regular prime time television after sixteen years away. And as the show débuts, investigate the stories themselves, through detailed analysis, facts and figures, as well as extensive reviews and commentary with a panel of fans and aficionados spread across the world.

This is the essential guide to the long awaited and anticipated return of the Doctor... and it's about time! Image shown is for illustration only and not actual cover


Signed by Phillip Segal & author J Shaun Lyon



Bernice Summerfield: A Life In Pieces - Signed

lifeinpiecesbig ? In Stock £14.99


A collection of three novellas, Zardox Break by Dave Stone, The Purpura Pawn by Paul Sutton and On Trial by Joseph Lidster.

hardcover only



Calling The Shots: Directing The New Series Of Doctor Who

calling the shots1 ? In Stock £14.99



Renowned classic series director, Graeme Harper takes us on a trip behind the scenes to find out what it's like directing Doctor Who in the 21st century




Derrick Sherwin - Who's Next? A Memoir (SIGNED)

derrick sherwin.jpg ? In Stock £24.99

Sherwin began his career in the theatre and worked as a junior set designer, scenic artist, scene shifter, stage manager and lighting designer. Sherwin established himself as an actor in theatre, films and television.


While still working as an actor, Sherwin also began work as a freelance writer, contributing scripts to series such as Crossroads and Z-Cars. In 1967, Sherwin was offered a story-editing role on Doctor Who by BBC Head of Serials Shaun Sutton. He was script editor on the stories from The Web of Fear to The Mind Robber, and on the latter tale he wrote the first episode. He also wrote the script for The Invasion, which introduced the United Nations Intelligence Taskforce, having adapted the original storyline supplied by Kit Pedler.


In 1968/1969 Sherwin began to take a greater role in the producing side of the series and was the unofficial Assistant Producer for the rest of the series' sixth season, with Terrance Dicks succeeding him as script-editor. On The Space Pirates Sherwin briefly resumed his old role as Dicks was busy writing The War Games. Dicks has credited Sherwin with the creation of the Time Lords, who were introduced in The War Games, scripted by Dicks and Malcolm Hulke. Sherwin succeeded Peter Bryant as producer of the programme in 1969, overseeing the production of The War Games and Spearhead from Space. Sherwin was also involved with Bryant in the casting of Jon Pertwee in the lead role on the programme.


After Doctor Who, Sherwin was the producer on Paul Temple, The Man Outside, Ski-Boy, and The Perils of Pendragon.




Faction Paradox: This Town Will Never Let Us Go (Limited Hardcover)

thistown ? In Stock £24.99

A stand-alone book featuring the 19-year-old Inangela, a city-dweller who's under observation by Faction Paradox's elders and archons. Before this story's done, Inangela's going to encounter the Great Urban Horror--an unidentified force seeking to tunnel its way out of the ground and feed on the surface world

Limited to only 300 signed and numbered copies



Frayed (Deluxe Novella)

frayedbig ? In Stock £25.00

I like to stare into the sun, eyes wide. It burns incredible colours into my head, great shifting continents of them that blot out all else. And I try to keep looking until I imagine all the pretty blue has boiled away from my eyes and they are left a bright, bloody red and quite sightless."

On a blasted world, the Doctor and Susan find themselves in the middle of a war they cannot understand. With Susan missing and the Doctor captured, who will save the people from the enemies from both outside and within.


A limited edition of 800 numbered copies signed by writer Tara Samms, foreword writer Stephen Laws and frontispiece artist Chris Moore


John Leeson Dog's Dinners - A Collection of Favourite Recipes (Signed)

dogs dinners.jpg ? In Stock £10.99

This book is a celebration of good food. It also reveals a love of cooking by an author who for many years has conducted a passionate affair with his household’s kitchen stove. No one has minded so far – not even his wife, who happily allows him to hold sway as the regular family cook.


This book is not a cookbook in the usual sense, rather more an assembly of best-loved recipes collected across the years from various acknowledged sources. The author is certainly not a professional cook – though at some time in the last century he won a competition run by the BBC to recreate ‘the taste of Italy’ on a plate – judged by top chef Antonio Carluccio.


So why ‘Dog’s Dinners’? Many will know the author as an actor simply for his role as the voice and soul of the robot ‘dog’ K9 in Doctor Who – hence the punning title; others will know John as a wine educator and wine writer. Maybe both have something of a pedigree!


The book is a taste-bud tickler and, who knows, it might be a spur to your own experimentation in the kitchen. So put on your apron! Arthur Daley’s immortal misquote in television’s Minder series: “The world is your lobster” is the key to it all!


After all, what have you got to lose?


K9 Stole My Trousers - an autobiography by Bob Baker (SIGNED)

k9 stole my trousers.jpg ? In Stock £24.99

Bob Baker, co-writer of three Oscar and BAFTA winning Wallace & Gromit films, creator of K9, and writer of numerous Doctor Who episodes, has written his autobiography.


A stalwart of HTV, Bob has worked with Sir Laurence Olivier, Leonard Rossiter, Ron Moody, Toyah Wilcox and Trevor Eve. Among his many TV credits, Bob wrote a number of episodes of Doctor Who with co-writer Dave Martin, several seasons of Bergerac starring John Nettles (now of Midsomer Murders fame) and the smash hit children's show, Into the Labyrinth; Bob also script edited the popular crime series Shoestring.


Bob is perhaps best known for his work with Nick Park on Aardman Animations' Oscar and BAFTA-winning shorts, The Wrong Trousers, A Close Shave and A Matter of Loaf and Death, and the feature film The Curse of the Wererabbit.


Among his recent work, Bob has just finished the first 26-part series of the regenerated K9 Adventures, currently showing on the Disney Channel and Channel 5 and is gearing up for a second series in the coming year.


Bob’s life has been rich and varied; his adventures outside of his illustrious career range from a wine-tasting tour of France and mad sea voyages with the legendary Keith Floyd to playing jazz with John Fortune of Bremner, Bird and Fortune. K9 Stole My Trousers is a tribute to some of the finest talents in TV in the last fifty years, both people Bob worked with and people he considered himself lucky to know in his personal life.




My Dalek Has A Puncture - Simon Fisher-Becker (SIGNED HARDCOVER)

my dalek has a puncture.jpg ? In Stock £17.99

Simon Fisher-Becker is a stalwart of stage and screen and recently found further fame thanks to his appearance in Doctor Who as bright blue black marketeer Dorium Maldovar. My Dalek has a Puncture is a frank, no holds barred look at Simon’s life and work written by Simon himself. We hesitate to call it an autobiography as it is in equal parts educational, informative, motivational and heart breaking.


Olive Hawthorne: The Daemons of Devil's End NOVEL (Signed)

devils_end_book.jpg ? In Stock £12.99



Olive Hawthorne is the sole guardian of the sleepy village of Devil’s End. She protects the world from the incursion of demons, vampires, aliens and all manner of otherworldly creatures. But she is getting old … and they keep coming …


This is the story of Olive’s life. From her earliest days, through teenage years, middle age, and now old age. Tales of her adventures with monsters and evil … forever battling against the forces of darkness … and forever seeking to keep the world safe.


Written by Suzanne Barbieri, Debbie Bennett, Raven Dane, Jan Edwards, David J Howe and Sam Stone, and edited by Sam Stone, The Dæmons of Devil’s End is the story of one woman’s exciting and emotional life.


With an introduction by actress Damaris Hayman and an afterword by director Keith Barnfather.


The Dæmons of Devil’s End is based on, and expands upon, the Reeltime Pictures drama production White Witch of Devil’s End released on DVD. It also spins off from the 1971 BBC Doctor Who adventure ‘The Dæmons’.


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