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Doctor Who Insider Magazine

The Official magazine of the hit BBC series produced for North American viewers. Imported from USA.



Doctor Who Insider Issue 2

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The second issue of the USA Doctor Who Magazine


Doctor Who Insider Issue 3

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Includes an exclusive interview with Arthur Darvill (Rory)


Doctor Who Insider Issue 5

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Torchwood Miracle Day


Doctor Who Insider Issue 6

insider6 ? In Stock £2.99

Matt Smith reveals what's in store for the Doctor


Doctor Who Insider Issue 7

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Interviews with Ian McNeice, Simon Fisher-Becker and Sophie Aldred


Doctor Who Insider Issue 8

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Arthur Darvill discusses how the events of Series 6 have affected Rory, while Mark Eden recalls playing the title character in the First Doctor adventure Marco Polo back in 1964. Mark Gatiss chats about Night Terrors while Bonnie Langford recalls some showbusiness memories and Melanie Bush.

The Time Scoop feature looks at Martha Jones’ trips with the Tenth Doctor, Peter Purves tells all about playing Steven Taylor again after so many years and Dan Abnett writes about the process of bringing back the Ice Warriors in The Silent Stars Go By, this year’s hardback novel from BBC Books.


Doctor Who Insider Issue 9

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* The Flip Side - Insider talks to the cast and crew of the Big Finish Doctor Who audio drama, The Fourth Wall, and meets the Sixth Doctor’s new companion, played by Lisa Greenwood.

* Mover and Shaker - Doctor Who’s resident choreographer, Ailsa Berk, tells Insider how she makes the monsters move!

* The Creatue Shop - Visual effects designer, Mike Tucker looks back to the earliest days of Doctor Who and reveals the role that the independent company Shawcraft Models played in creating some of the show’s most iconic monsters that still feature in the present day series.

* Who's That Guy? - Insider talks to Gary Russell, Anwen Aspden and Phil Ford about how they went about creating The Gunpowder Plot, the latest downloadable Doctor Who adventure game, featuring the Rutans and the Sontarans.

* The Forgotten Doctor - Doctor Who Insider looks back to late 2003 when Richard E Grant played the Doctor in the animated Doctor Who drama, Scream of the Shalka.

* I Was... Jamie McCrimmon (for two episodes) - Hamish Wilson recalls his brief time on Doctor Who in 1968 when he temporarily replaced Frazer Hines as the Doctor’s companion, Jamie.

* Nexus Point - Insider looks back to the fateful moment when the Tenth Doctor met River Song for the first time in Silence in the Library.

* Data File - This issue we look at the life of the bohemian Fourth Doctor and have a rummage through his pockets and check out his friends.

* Merchandise - Previews of the latest Doctor Who merchandise, including a chat with Jason Arnopp, author of the new Eighth Doctor audio drama, Army of Death, and an interview with Anneke Wills who plays Polly in the Fifth Doctor audio adventure, The Five Companions. Plus, Gary Russell tells us about the trials and tribulations of writing Doctor Who – The Encyclopedia.


PLUS! The latest official news and a giant, double‐sided poster of the Eleventh Doctor with the cast of the Christmas Special, and the Fourth Doctor.