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BBV: Adventures in Space and Time

Initially a range of Doctor Who "spin-off" audio adventures, this series now includes stand alone sci-fi dramas. Many titles have been re-issued on CD-R by BBV and are available exclusively through Galaxy Four. For a limited time single CD releases are 6.99 with doubles at 9.99



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Barnacled Baby

bbv barnacled baby ? In Stock £6.99

Starring Deborah Watling and Clive Merrison.

Victorian London is not a great place to be in you're a wounded shape-shifting alien.

Your ship is at the bottom of the English Channel, your crew are probably dead, the nearest food source is in a Loch six hundred miles away....

....and the natives are insane.

1 x CD-R




Blood Sports

blood sports.jpg ? In Stock £6.99

Travelling on the luxury train service to Vienzza, The Dominie and Alice discover that one of their fellow passengers is a killer: but which one? As time runs out and the body count begins to rise, the Time Travellers realise that things may not be all they seem.


1 x CD-R


Boy Who Kicked Pigs, The

boy who kicked pigs.jpg ? In Stock £9.99

Tom Baker reads an abridged version of his novel. Also included is a bonus interview with Tom. 2 x CD-R

The novel begins by announcing that today will be the day that a young boy, Robert Caligari, dies. Robert is an extremely odd boy who cannot stop himself from kicking pigs. This begins as a private act of revenge against his sister, Nerys, who is always putting money in her own tin piggy bank. Robert is angry at Nerys constantly rattling the pig in front of him, and so takes great pleasure in kicking the pig across the room whenever he is alone.

Robert's obsession with kicking pigs gets worse, and one day, he kicks his sister's piggy bank out of the window, causing chaos for his neighbours and a local police officer. The last straw for Robert's mother is when he kicks a rather large woman's bagged pork chops, which she had just brought at the local butcher's shop.

After a local man finally gets revenge on Robert by throwing him over a church wall, Robert realises that he hates people. While Robert's neighbours soon come to the conclusion that he is a nice young boy, he is plotting revenge. After poisoning his sister's food, he decides to trick an old blind man into crossing a road of busy traffic. Unfortunately for the old man this proves fatal, yet nobody suspects Robert's involvement.

Robert engineers another, far worse, road accident in the next step of his evil plan. However, in the process of doing so, he finds himself trapped in his secret hideaway, where he is about to face a truly terrible fate.



cybergeddon.jpg ? In Stock £6.99

Corrigan is a throwback; a misfit; a starship captain with the heart of a seafaring mariner. His skills as an engineer and navigator are unparalleled. He's just not terribly good at being human. Perhaps that's why he plies his trade between the rim-worlds and the Vega Station with only a Clockwork Robot for company.


But when his estranged daughter goes missing on the wreck of a starliner, Corrigan is faced with a stark choice - leave her to die, or attempt a rescue that would surely destroy his relationship with her for ever.


The Cyberons however, care little for Corrigan's choices - with two million new subjects to convert and an unlimited supply of power, they are poised to attack the Vega Station. It will be the first staging post in a decisive war against humanity.


1 x CD-R




bbv cyberhunt ? In Stock £6.99

A Cyber War rages throughout the galaxy. The Earth-aligned worlds are fighting for survival against the cold, emotionless might of the Cyber Bloc - an alliance of planets whose inhabitants have undergone cybernetic conversion in the name of racial superiority.

Award-winning journalist Olivia is reporting from the front-line, when all her assumptions about the Cyber War are shattered, not only by a terrifying encounter with the enemy, but by the arrival of a wise and mysterious traveller. The result is a deadly Cyber-Hunt, in which human and machine creature are tested to the limit and the balance of galactic power is at stake.


1 x CD-R


Downtime - The Lost Years of Doctor Who (Paperback)

downtime lost years.png ? In Stock £22.99

During the interregnum between the Seventh Doctor’s final adventures in 1989 and the relaunch of the series in 2005, BBC One broadcast only three new Doctor Who stories – a TV movie and two comic versions raising money for charity. Elsewhere, books and comic strips (and eventually licensed audios) kept the flame alive, but it seemed the BBC had little interest in reinvigorating the franchise on television.


Meanwhile, seemingly almost forgotten, some of the Doctor’s friends, enemies and legally dubious clones continued their adventures in the direct to video market and their own spin off audio adventures, written by and starring many of the cast/crew who had worked on the original series, and several who would work on the relaunched version.


Downtime – The Lost Worlds of Doctor Who combines archive interviews and articles along with over forty new interviews conducted by the author in order to tell the story of these dramas and their impact and influence, and to celebrate the dedication and ingenuity of fandom.


Downtime is written by Dylan Rees who has previously contributed articles to Celestial Toyroom, You and Who Else and “Breakin’ Point” Magazine. Outside of writing he is a freelance Production Manager and Producer within the film and TV industry.


Faction Paradox 1:1 Eleven Day Empire

eleven day empire.jpg ? In Stock £6.99

Ruthless and secretive, the most unpredictable of the time active powers, Faction Paradox finds itself under siege from its rival powers

1 x CD



Faction Paradox 1:2 The Shadow Play

bbv shadow play ? In Stock £6.99

The Sontaran military machine is regarded by many time-active cultures as an "occupational hazard". But it must be remembered however, that with the backing of a higher power even the crudest breeds can become something quite different

1 x CD



Faction Paradox 1:3 Sabbath Dei

bbv sabbath dei ? In Stock £6.99



3: SABBATH DEI (1740 - 1782 AD?)


Era: Human historical (pre-industrial period).

Technology: Acquired, ritual time-awareness.


Right from its creation, the secret intelligence service of Great Britain was touched by a streak of ritual: its initiations were usually occult, its codes based on astrological or alchemical ciphers. When Faction Paradox first entered Earth history in the 1700s, the Service took an immediate interest in the new arrivals’ own ritual practices, and in the inevitable feud between British and Faction agents no single figure was as important as Sabbath. He’s now remembered as one of the few individuals to bring his own agenda to the War…


1 x CD-R




Faction Paradox 1:4 In The Year of the Cat

year of the cat big ? In Stock £6.99



Era: Human historical (later period).

Technology: Military (self-contained), non-time-active.

 By the end of the fifth millennium AD, the homunculi created by the human species -- clones, cross-breeds, fighting-machines and artificial intelligences of all descriptions -- outnumbered humanity by more than thirteen to one: but even so, there were no creations like those of Peking. Heading a thousand-strong army of individually-crafted automata, the twelve commanders were self-aware embodiments of the oriental zodiac, forged to a strict astrological design and said to incorporate history itself in their operating program. After the fall of Peking, however, most were never accounted for...

Continuing the story arc from 'The Eleven Day Empire' and 'Shadow Play'

1 x CD



Faction Paradox 1:5 Movers

movers ? In Stock £6.99

"The demise of Earth was followed by a period in which there was, effectively, no such thing as the human species; a period in which humanity suddenly found itself released from its heritage, with genetic manipulation and vast tracts of space separating the survivors from everything they'd once been. Many "posthuman" societies inevitably became glorious, grotesque Princedoms, and none more so than those of the Blood Coteries who - like the Medici and Borgia families of antiquity - commissioned the greatest art and culture of their age even as they conducted unimaginable vendettas and poisoned their potential rivals..."

1 x CD-R



Faction Paradox 1:6 Labyrinth of Histories

fp6big ? In Stock £6.99



 Era: Non-specific, sub-historical.

Technology: Irrelevant.

 It's now acknowledged that the Great Houses were largely responsible for creating the current shape of history, not simply by interfering in major events (although they may have dabbled) but by engineering the entire framework of history as a single definite structure. What's less well-known is just how easy it is to access that structure's foundations.

 Before the War, it was usual for Great House installations to be linked to the Houses' "records library", buried in the framework beneath normal time: though the War made these access-points a liability, many still exist, and encounters with the library's guardian aren't unknown...


1 x CD-R


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