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Statues and Maxi Busts

Big Chief 1/6 statues and 8" tall maxi busts



Big Chief Ninth Doctor 1:6 Scale Figure

big chief ninth doctor.jpg ? In Stock £179.99

An intense and emotional incarnation, the Ninth Doctor was the sole survivor of the Last Great Time War. Scarred by the terrible things he had seen and done, the Doctor hid his psychological trauma behind madcap wit and frivolity. He took Rose Tyler to see the end of the world, inspired Charles Dickens and showed that for once, everybody could live. After Rose defeated the Daleks using the power of the time vortex, the Doctor saved her by transferring that dangerous power into his own body. The strain destroyed his every cell and as Rose watched, his body exploded with raging energy.


An all new 1:6 Scale Collector Figure in celebration of the Ninth Doctor. Officially licensed by BBC Worldwide and produced in a limited worldwide edition, each figure features a fully realised likeness of Christopher Eccleston as the fantastic Time Lord in his series 1 costume and comes packed with numerous accessories including: a key to the TARDIS; Antiplastic bomb; Robot Spider and other accessories.



1 x 9th Doctor-Portrait Head featuring Authentic Likeness of Christopher Eccleston

1 x Faux Leather Jacket

1 x Green V-Neck Long-sleeved Sweater

1 x Purple V-Neck Long-sleeved Sweater

1 x Pair of Black Trousers (Pants)

1 x Pair of Working Boots

1 x Pair of Sock Tubes (Partial)

8 x Interchangeable Hands

1 x Display Base with Illuminating Gallifreyan Symbol and Stand





1 x Sonic Screwdriver (Closed)

1 x Sonic Screwdriver (Open)

1 x Wallet with Psychic Paper

1 x Antiplastic

1 x Antiplastic Plastic Bomb

1 x Robot Spider

1 x Robot Spider Orb

1 x Chain with Key to the TARDIS

1 x Banana

1 x Slitheen Egg

1 x TARDIS Series 1 Printed Backdrop



Masterpiece Collection Black Cyberman Maxi Bust

maxi bust cyberman black.jpg ? In Stock £59.99

Three-quarter 8" tall maxi bust