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Reeltime Myth Makers, Drama and Documentary DVDs

From the Worlds of Doctor Who come the unique and acclaimed Reeltime Pictures documentary and drama DVDs, including Myth Makers, the definitive series of interviews with the cast and production staff from classic Doctor Who - hosted by Nicholas (the voice of the Daleks) Briggs, plus other unique spin-off dramas and documentaries. All these titles are recorded on DVD-R format.



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Myth Makers Stephen Gallagher

STEPHEN G COVER big ? In Stock £9.99

Stephen Gallagher is (in his own words) ‘a novelist, screenwriter and director.’ He began his career writing for radio drama and was recommended to the Doctor Who production team as a potential author.

This resulted in his writing the Tom Baker story Warrior’s Gate and subsequently the Peter Davison story Terminus.

He has written fourteen novels (so far) including Nightmare, The Boat House and The Spirit Box… his latest offering is The Kingdom of Bones.

He has acted as screenwriter on two of his novels Chimera and Oktober – which he also directed.Other TV credits include Bugs, Murder Rooms and as a series creator on Eleventh Hour.

Myth Makers caught up with him at FantasyCon 2007, held in Nottingham, where we garnered a fascinating interview about his career.




Myth Makers Stephen Thorne

myth_makers_stephen_thorne.jpg ? In Stock £9.99

Stephen Thorne's television credits included Z-Cars, Crossroads, and Doctor Who. In Doctor Who, he played three major villains (Omega, Azal, and Eldrad), as well as an Ogron. On radio he appeared as Aslan in The Magicians Nephew, as Treebeard in the BBC Radio 4 adaptation of The Lord of the Rings, and also in their adaptation of Terry Pratchett's Guards! Guards! in which he portrayed Fred Colon (and also Death). He was also renowned for audio book narration.


Myth Makers Target Books Team

mmtargetbig ? In Stock £9.99

Rare convention footage from the 1980's revealing the inside story of the Target Book range.

Also contains rare convention footage of Ian Marter talking about his role as Harry Sullivan and his novels in the Target Book range including Harry Sullivan's War.




Myth Makers Telos Publishing

telos myth ? In Stock £9.99

This profile of Telos Publishing follows their story from the beginning to the present day. It features interviews with writers including Kim Newman and Stephen Gallagher




Myth Makers Timothy Combe

timcoome ? In Stock £9.99

"From my point of view, and not because I directed him, but I did always feel that JON PERTWEE was the best DOCTOR WHO." TIMOTHY COMBE joined the BBC in 1963 as an Assistant Floor Manager and steadily moved "up the ranks" to become the last BBC Staff Director in 1970. He went on to direct over 50 network productions, including Z CARS, THE DOCTORS, ANGELS, THE NEWCOMERS, THE BROTHERS, BALLET SHOES (which won a BAFTA and Emmy), GOLDEN SOAK and of course the DOCTOR WHO stories THE SILURIANS,THE MIND OF EVIL and a bit of EVIL OF THE DALEKS. IN this MYTH MAKERS, TIM talks about working as an AFM and PA on DOCTOR WHO, how he becames friends with WILLIAM HARTNELL, working with PATRICK TROUGHTON and JON PERTWEE, directing DOCTOR WHO and what he's been doing since leaving the BBC. As a bonus feature, this disc features a panel from PanoptiCon 9 featuring TIM, BARRY LETTS and TERRANCE DICKS!




Myth Makers Victor Pemberton

mm pemberton.jpg ? In Stock £9.99

Victor Pemberton’s association with Doctor Who is long and varied. As extra, writer, script editor, producer and novelist, he is in a unique position to comment on the programme’s successes and failures – and he’s prepared to do just that!

Victor certainly wouldn’t claim credit for writing the dramatic links in this Myth Makers, where he encounters a strange bewildered Nicholas Briggs and the even stranger source of a ‘plopping’ noise. In fact, this is the culmination of the ultimate kitchen sink drama – just what is outside the window?

This Myth Makers combines two interviews with Victor, the first shot on location at his country home in Essex and the latest at studios in London.




Myth Makers Virgin Publishing - Dr Who Books

Virgin Publishing.jpg ? In Stock £9.99

"In the 1990s Virgin Publishing was one of the few media companies keeping the DOCTOR WHO flame alight during, what has been termed, “the wilderness years.”

During this time, Doctor Who Books publisher, Peter Darvill-Evans, held regular gatherings of his writers to brainstorm new ideas.

In 1993, Reeltime Pictures was at The Conservatory bar in Central London to film one of these events, as the first step in making a Myth Makers about Virgin Publishing. They never completed the Myth Makers … until now.

Combined with a new interview with Peter, here are the highlights of that evening … an evening that had two special moments … an announcement and an anniversary…"




Myth Makers: Wally K Daly

WALLY.jpg ? In Stock £9.99

Wally K Daly was born in Grangetown, a small steel town near Middlesbrough. Having left school with little education, he became an office boy in Smith Docks shipyard, then an electrical apprentice in Dorman Long steelworks.


Moving to London, he eventually became Chief Electrician at the Duke of York’s Theatre. During his spare time he began to write … and the rest, as they say, is history.


During his highly successful writing career, Wally had written for stage, radio and television … one commission was for the cancelled Colin Baker 23rd season of Doctor Who. The Ultimate Evil never made it to our screens, but Wally wrote the novelisation and read a talking book version for the RNIB.


From his home in London, Wally chats to Grant Foxon about his life and career.


Myth Makers Waris Hussein

waris ? In Stock £9.99

Waris Hussein was born in British Colonial India before being brought to England aged nine by his parent. His interest in drama blossomed during his time at University and this led to him joining the BBC as a trainee. As the youngest director at the BBC, Waris was allocated to direct the first Doctor Who story, including the pilot. We find out about the frustrations and challenges he faced and subsequently how much more rewarding it was to direct Marco Polo. After Doctor Who, Waris became one of Britain and America's leading drama directors with his services very much in demand. He has worked with many of the most talented and famous actors in the world. In this Myth Makers, Waris tells us about Doctor Who and how he won a BAFTA and EMMY along the way!




Myth Runner Tapes, The

mythrunnerbig ? In Stock £9.99

Loosely linked by Nicholas Briggs' portrayal of The Myth Runner (an exact robot double of said Mr Briggs), here are some of the best and worst moments in Myth Makers history...plus some of the most hysterical and embarrassing "shorts" you've ever seen.

Utterly anarchic and pointless...why buy it? Frankly we have no idea - but it might be fun listening to us trying to explain it all!




PanoptiCon: Genesis

Panopticon_genesis.jpg ? In Stock £9.99

Reeltime Pictures return to Broomwood Road Church Hall in Battersea for a reunion with organisers, attendees and guests from the first ever Doctor Who convention in 1977


Organised by the Doctor Who Appreciation society, Convention '77 was ground breaking, featuring star appearances from the then current Doctor, TOM BAKER with his latest assistant LOUISE JAMESON and former Doctor JON PERTWEE. Together with autograph sessions, a display of props, a visual effects lecture by MAT IRVINE and talks by TERRANCE DICKS and producer GRAHAM WILLIAMS this convention set the tone for the future and led directly to the legendary DWAS PanoptiCons of the 1980s and 1990s.


40 years later, stars, guests, fans and organisers returned to the church hall to reminisce about that special day...what they expected and what they experienced. They evaluate its importance...what it started...and what it led to.


Film and video cameras were too expensive to record the event, so Reeltime Pictures have scoured fans' archives to uncover a treasure trove of material to illustrate this fascinating production about a unique event in Doctor Who history.


PanoptiCon Tapes 1: The Main Event

panopticon main event.jpg ? In Stock £9.99

Doctor Who has a devoted fan following who regularly meet at conventions to discuss, debate and sometimes argue over their favourite programme.

The Panopticon Tapes feature vintage highlights from Britain’s largest conventions which were originally organised by The Doctor Who Appreciation Society (DWAS).

1. The Main Event

What are PanoptiCons like to organise? What do the fans think of them? What do the stars think of the fans? All this, and there’s still time for a liberal sprinkling of stories from the production team!

However, you’ll see lots of other personalities from other eras as we stop along the way to look at particular aspects of the programme.



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