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Reeltime Myth Makers, Drama and Documentary DVDs

From the Worlds of Doctor Who come the unique and acclaimed Reeltime Pictures documentary and drama DVDs, including Myth Makers, the definitive series of interviews with the cast and production staff from classic Doctor Who - hosted by Nicholas (the voice of the Daleks) Briggs, plus other unique spin-off dramas and documentaries. All these titles are recorded on DVD-R format.



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Myth Makers Graham Williams

mmwillibig ? In Stock £9.99

This is a truly remarkable interview from the archives- newly discovered and rush-released onto DVD. Graham talks candidly at PanoptiCon VI in 1985 about his tenure as Doctor Who Producer. Sadly no longer with us, this is a unique and special Myth Makers.




Myth Makers Ian Collier

ian collier ? In Stock £9.99

IAN COLLIER was a professional actor for over 40 years. During his career he appeared in two DOCTOR WHO stories, as OMEGA in ARC OF INFINITY and STUART HYDE in THE TIME MONSTER - for which he holds a great deal of affection as this was his first television job...a fact he "forgot" to tell director PAUL BERNARD at the casting session! In this MYTH MAKERS, IAN gives a frank and wry interview covering his career and focussing on his time in DOCTOR WHO. He describes the trials and tribulations of acting inside the all-encompassing OMEGA costume and how he managed to get through that very first studio session.




Myth Makers Innes Lloyd Team

mm innes lloyd.jpg ? In Stock £9.99

This Myth Makers special features The Innes Lloyd Team (featuring Innes Lloyd, Peter Bryant, Victor Pemberton and Michael Craze) interviewed on stage at the Doctor Who Appreciation Society PanoptiCons, held at Imperial College In London.

Some of these major contributors to the early days of Doctor Who have since, sadly, passed away and so these panels are a unique chance to see them and hear their views.

A very special Myth Makers…


Myth Makers Jeremy Bulloch

mm jeremy bulloch.jpg ? In Stock £9.99

From his early childhood in the 1950’s, Jeremy Bulloch has built a career on stage and screen that has lasted through to the present day. Roles in Billy Bunter, Summer Holiday, Mary Queen of Scots and Doctor Who are just some of the credits on his CV. Not bad for an actor who finally found fame playing a character whose face audiences never saw.

As Boba Fett, a bounty hunter in the original Star Wars trilogy, Jeremy managed to make a supporting character stand out so forcefully that even today he finds himself being invited all over the world to conventions. The Force is definitely still with him!

In this Myth Makers, Nicholas Briggs delves behind the costume and mask to find the actor beneath and discovers Star Wars treasures hidden in Jeremy’s attic.


Myth Makers John Wiles Team

myth makers wiles.jpg ? In Stock £9.99

This special release contains recently discovered rare archive interviews with Donald Tosh, Dennis Spooner, John Wiles, Paul Erikson, Wiliam Emms and Donald Cotton all sadly no no longer with us and providing an insight into this often overlooked period of the Hartnell era.

DVD Region 0



Myth Makers: Jon Davey

mm_jon_davey.jpg ? In Stock £9.99

Jon Davey has, to date, featured in 42 episodes of Doctor Who, as various monsters including: a Dalek, Cyberman, Ood, Judoon, Whisperman and Unit Soldier. He has also performed and assisted with choreography in Doctor Who LIVE in 2010, Doctor Who Proms 2013 and The Doctor Who Symphonic Spectacular in Australia and the UK. He has also featured in Torchwood, The Sarah Jane Adventures, Merlin, Wizard vs Aliens, Casualty and Atlantis!


He’s also a freelance camera operator and still photographer. He has worked on projects for Big Brother, X-Factor, Robbie Williams and Samsung. Jon has also worked on over 40 music videos!


A lot for Nick Briggs to get through with him! But they do try, during a break at the Doctor Who Appreciation Society event The Capitol II in May 2017.



Myth Makers Jon Pertwee

myth makers jon pertwee.jpg ? In Stock £9.99

Jon Pertwee was quite simply a star. From vaudeville, through theatre, radio in The Navy Lark, films, records and television, including Doctor Who and Worzel Gummidge, he entertained audiences worldwide for over fifty years.

Recorded at Jon’s home in 1989, this interview by Nicholas Briggs provides the most comprehensive visual biography of this talented and versatile entertainer ever recorded.

This is not a tribute… it’s a personal testament.




Myth Makers June Hudson

june hudson ? In Stock £9.99

June Hudson trained in theatre design at the royal College of Art. She first worked with the acclaimed Oliver Messel and then joined ATV. She went on to the BBC, where she quickly gained a reputation as a skilled and talented costume designer, working on all types of programming from light entertainment and situation comedy to period and contemporary drama. June enjoyed working on science fiction drama, so her numerous credits for SURVIVORS, BLAKES 7 and DOCTOR WHO are easily explained. DOCTOR WHO producer JOHN NATHAN-TURNER held her in such high regard that he asked June to design TOM BAKER'S costume for his final season as the fourth Doctor




Myth Makers: Kai Owen

myth_makers_kai_owen.jpg ? In Stock £9.99

Kai Owen is from the beautiful town of Llanrwst in Wales. He went to school at YsgolL Dyffryn Conwy and quickly became involved with the school drama group. This led to a three year course at Mountview Theatre School in London.


He graduated in 1998 and went straight to work playing Ariel in The Tempest. Kai later become an associate actor at Clwyd Theatr Cymru – Wales’ premier theatre company, appearing in over fifteen productions for them. He made his West End debut playing Harry Secombe in Ying Tong – A Walk With the Goons and has recently finished a tour of The Full Monty.


Kai is a familiar face on the Welsh language channel S4C, having played Bob Lewis in Treflan, also Kev in Tipyn O Stad. He’s had various guest roles in top TV shows nationwide, such as Casualty, Waterloo Road, The Syndicate, Fun at the Funeral Parlour, Being Human, Rocketman and Hollyoaks.


Torchwood started filming in 2006 and Kai has played the role of Rhys in all four seasons. In this Myth Makers he chats to Robert Dick about working on Torchwood … both the television series and subsequent audio dramas from Big Finish.


Myth Makers Louis Marks

louismarks ? In Stock £9.99

Louis Marks began his career in television writing for Sapphire Films' THE ADVENTURES OF ROBIN HOOD. This led to a longer stint as script editor and writer on the crime drama NO HIDING PLACE. In 1970 he joined the BBC as a freelance script editor. While working his way "up" to producer, Louis wrote four Doctor Who stories; PLANET OF GIANTS, DAY OF THE DALEKS, PLANET OF EVIL and MASQUE OF MANDRAGORA.

More recently, Louis has concentrated on producing drama, his impressive credits include; THE LOST BOYS, THE CRUCIBLE, MIDDLEMARCH, SILAS MARNER, DANIEL DERONDA and LOVING based on the novel by Henry Green.




Myth Makers Matthew Waterhouse (SIGNED)

myth_makers_matthew_waterhouse.jpg ? In Stock £9.99

"Going from CASTROVALVA to FOUR TO DOOMSDAY to KINDA...those stories are all very distinctive, all very different to each other...and all really effective in different ways"


MATTHEW WATERHOUSE is best known for playing the alien teenage mathematician ADRIC in two seasons of the original run of DOCTOR WHO, the youngest companion in the history of the series.


In the years since, he has continued to work extensively as an actor in the theatre and in DOCTOR WHO and DARK SHADOWS for BIG FINISH. He is also the author of five books, including a bestseller about DOCTOR WHO and a collection of stories SUGAR.


In this MYTH MAKERS, ROBERT DICK takes MATTHEW back to the locations used for the DOCTOR WHO story BLACK ORCHID and delves deep into this rich history, bringing out an evocative and candid interview about working on classic DOCTOR WHO


Region Free


Myth Makers: Nabil Shaban (Sil)

myth_makers_Nabil_shaban.jpg ? In Stock £9.99

Nabil Shaban was born in 1953 in Amman, Jordan and arrived in England when he was three for treatment for his osteogenesis imperfecta (brittle-bone disease). He spent the next thirteen years in hospital and children's homes. In 1980, he and Richard Tomlinson founded Graeae (pronounced Grey Eye), a ground breaking professional theatre company of disabled performers.


His British feature film credits include Born of Fire (1987), City of Joy (1992) and Wittgenstein (1993), while on television Nabil appeared in Walter (1982), Walter & June (1983), Raspberry Ripple (1988) and Skallagrigg (1994).


Nabil has presented several documentaries on themes of disability and was awarded an honorary doctorate from the University of Surrey for the achievements of his career and his work to change public perceptions of disabled people.


To Doctor Who fans, he is best known for his role as ruthless businessman Sil in Vengeance on Varos (1985), Mindwarp (1986) and two Big Finish audio adventures Mission to Magnus (2009) and Antidote to Oblivion (2014).


DVD-R  200 mins approx

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