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(DVDs are region 2 coded unless stated. If ordering outside UK ensure your VCR/DVD is capable of playback of these formats. Region free DVDs will play in all regions)



Day Of The Triffids (Complete TV Series)

day of the triffids.jpg ? In Stock £12.99

Bright lights in the sky, the whole human race rendered blind and helpless, and sentient flesh-eating plants stalking the survivors in John Wyndham's futuristic chiller.

Includes: Special Edition Collectors Booklet


DVD Region 2




ghostwatch.jpg ? In Stock £15.99

The BBC broadcast GHOSTWATCH on the 31st of October 1992.

It seemed to be a live broadcast which was a cross between Crimewatch and the movie Poltergeist. The programme terrified Britain and caused outrage in the press. It s legacy lives on, cited as an inspiration for The Blair Witch Project and Derren Brown s The Séance . GHOSTWATCH is regarded as a classic of the genre and remains as relevant, as terrifying and as inspirational today.

Sarah Greene and Craig Charles report from a reputedly haunted North London council house for the outside broadcast, whilst Michael Parkinson and Mike Smith stay in the warmth and safety of a BBC studio. The Early family are allegedly being harassed by the ghost Pipes - so named as his banging and crashing were initially attributed to bad plumbing. After a deliberately slow start the crescendo sees children speaking in tongues, Sarah Greene sent to her doom, and Michael Parkinson possessed by an evil spirit.

Although pure fiction, the masterly combination of great scripting, intuitive direction and perfect casting made the supernatural pastiche appear frighteningly real. Despite being part of BBC Drama s Screen One series, the presence of Michael Parkinson convinced thousands of people it was real. The drama caused an uproar and was banned from repeat transmission for over a decade.






kes 001.jpg ? In Stock £19.99

Kes is the story of Barnsley boy Billy Casper (David Bradley), academic failure and eternal victim, who finds release and a sense of personal identity through training the eponymous kestrel. Committed to falconry in a way he'll never be to anything at school, Billy gets abuse from his snotty peers and malicious PE teacher Mr. Sugden (Brian Glover). Only buoyant Mr. Farthing (Colin Welland) shows any interest in Billy's extracurricular activities as, he discovers this apparently useless layabout is actually highly intelligent and dedicated.


Sarah Jane Adventures: Complete Series 1 DVD

sja s1 ? In Stock £14.99

Features the stories: Invasion of the Bane, Revenge of the Slitheen, Eye of the Gorgon, Warriors of Kudlack, Whatever Happened To Sarah Jane?, The Lost Boy. Special features include Quiz, Out-takes, Trailers, Character, Tools and Alien Profiles, Blue Peter: visit the set and the cast make a Slitheen mask, Photo Gallery, Sarah Jane Timeline

Cert PG Region 2



Sarah Jane Adventures: Complete Series 2 DVD

sarah jane series 2 ? In Stock £19.99

The complete series 2 of the Doctor Who Spin-off series starring Elisabeth Sladen.


Disc 1
The Last Sontaran
The Day of the Clown

Series 1 synopsis recap
Character, Tools & Alien profiles
Blue Peter interview with cast
Audio clip from the Time Capsule

Disc 2
Secret of the Stars
The Mark of the Berserker

Character, Tools & Alien profiles
Me & my movie with Tommy Knight (x3 short behind the scene clips)

Disc 3
The Temptation of Sarah Jane Smith
Enemy of the Bane

Series 2 synopsis
Photo galleries (x2: behind-the-scenes and scene shots)
Quiz (answer questions correctly to see Comic Relief 2009 special)
Trailers (SJA Cinema Trailer and the 10 Drs Trailer)


Sarah Jane Adventures: Complete Series 3 DVD

sarah jane series 3 ? In Stock £19.99

Series 3

Starring Elisabeth Sladen

In this exciting Doctor Who spin-off, Maria Jackson's boring life collides with the excitement of that of Sarah Jane Smith, when the pair find themselves living next door to one another. Sarah inhabits a world of intrigue and adventure and Maria is about to tag along for the ride. Includes all the episodes from the show's third series.


Sarah Jane Adventures: Complete Series 4

sja series 4.jpg ? In Stock £19.99

Created by former Doctor Who show runner, Russell T Davies, this exciting action-adventure series follows the exploits of school friends Luke, Clyde and Rani, who team up with alien investigator Sarah Jane Smith and her trusty super-computer Mr Smith to examine strange and mysterious events.

This time, Sarah Jane is reunited with another of the Doctor's former companions, Jo Grant, and they're joined by the Eleventh Doctor (Matt Smith) in an adventure featuring new vulture aliens and a trip to an alien planet.


Sarah Janes Adventures: Complete Series 5 (DVD)

sja s5.jpg ? In Stock £14.99

Starring Elisabeth Sladen

Episodes are:


Sarah Jane discovers a baby left on her doorstep. But after explosions, power surges and reports of a Metal man falling from the sky, Sarah Jane is convinced that there's more to the abandoned infant than meets the eye.

The Curse of Clyde Langer

Sarah Jane and the gang are on the trail of an ancient god, Hetocumtek when unusual climate activity sees fish raining down from the sky. Clyde's antics cause his family and friends to turn against him savagely, and against all expectation he is banished from their lives to seek his fate on London's streets.

The Man Who Never Was

The SerfBoard, Joseph Serf's eponymous creation is the latest must-have computer that no one can resist owning. Unaffected but interested Sarah Jane takes Luke and Sky to investigate what's so compelling about Serf and his business. Meanwhile back at Bannerman Road Rani and Clyde suspect alien technology behind the Serfboard's mystique and decide to disassemble one to discover its secrets


The Avengers: Tunnel of Fear

avengers_tunnel_of_fear.jpg ? Out of Stock £15.99



TUNNEL OF FEAR is the twentieth episode of the first series of the 1960s cult British spy-fi television series The Avengers, starring Ian Hendry, Patrick Macnee and Ingrid Hafner and was broadcast by ABC Television on 5 August 1961. It’s one of only three known complete season 1 episodes to have survived since the original broadcast. Lost for 55 years, the episode came to light in a private film collection in 2016 and was recovered by the British television preservation group Kaleidoscope.


Now for the first time ever Avengers fans will be able to own the episode its entirety on DVD with a host of extra content.


Harry Black, an escaped convict, bursts into Dr David Keel’s surgery wounded. He claims to have been framed for a crime that he did not commit – and begs the doctor not to hand him over to the police. Steed arrives and ascertains that Black has links to Southend-on-Sea which might well tie in with an investigation currently being undertaken by his department. They are aware that top government secrets are being leaked from a fun fair in Southend, and Black’s story, if true, could possibly lead them to the source of the operation.


Can Steed and Keel bring down the operation, prove Harry’s innocence and get out of Southend with their lives.


Bonus Content:

Big Finish Audio Play Series 1 Reconstruction - Tunnel of Fear

New Interview with John Dorney – writer of the Big Finish episode

Ulster TV interview: Ian Hendry (1962)

Ulster TV interview: Patrick Macnee (1964)

Reconstructions - Series 1 – Slideshows

Series 1 surviving scripts

64 page booklet


Thunderbirds Complete Collection DVD

thunderbirds complete.jpg ? In Stock £24.99

All thirty-two episodes of Gerry Anderson's cult Supermarionation series in one box set.