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Classic Series Doctor Who Action Figures



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5" Classic Action Figure: Fourth Doctor - Pyramids of Mars

fourth_doctor_pyramids_of_mars.jpg ? In Stock £29.99

Classic Series Action Figure

The 4th Doctor : 1974-1981

From 'The Pyramids of Mars' 1975

Includes Time Control Panel and Sonic Screwdriver


'THE PYRAMIDS OF MARS'. The TARDIS is forced off course by a malevolent power and lands in the England of 1911. In a Victorian priory, the Fourth Doctor and Sarah Jane Smith discover murders are being committed by sinister cloth-wrapped Mummies. Far away in a pyramid in Egypt, Sutekh - last of the Osirians - has been imprisoned for centuries by his brother Osiris. Sutekh takes over the mind and body of an archaeologist and plans to break free to destroy the past, present and future.




5" Figure Set Enemies of the Third Doctor

enemies of the third doctor.jpg ? In Stock £39.99

From the adventures of the Third Doctor, the Drashig figure stands approximately 220mm high and doubles as a hand puppet for little hands, children can animate the mouth in classic FX fashion! This set also includes the imposing Omega figure which features a removable head and fabric robes, lastly the classic Auton figure has a swappable gun hand and Nestene Sphere accessory.


Contents: Drashig figure, Omega action figure (with detachable head), Auton action figure with Nestene, Sphere accessory and swappable gun hand.


Omega stands a mighty 6.7” tall!


Classic Action Figure: Peri and Sharaz Jek

peri and jek.jpg ? In Stock £29.99

The Fifth Doctor and Peri arrive on Androzani Minor, the source of a life-prolonging drug called spectrox. Production of the drug is controlled by Sharaz Jek, a facially deformed madman in self imposed exile, who blames Morgus, a powerful industrialist on Androzani Major, for all his misfortunes. Jek is fighting Morgus’ troops on a daily basis using his android army.


Jek’s android weapons are supplied by gun-runners employed by Morgus, who then receives payment in refined spectrox. But, Jek becomes infatuated with Peri and saves her and the Doctor from execution by Morgus’ troops only to hold them prisoner himself. They escape Jek but contract spectrox toxaemia, a fatal condition with only one antidote - milk from a giant queen bat.


In a climactic battle, Morgus, Jek and all the soldiers are killed. The Doctor now dying, carries Peri back to the TARDIS, where he gives her the antidote. She recovers, but the Doctor has to regenerate to save his own life.



Peri in Blouse

Sharaz Jek with Alternate head

Android Head Accessory


USA Import. 5" scale


Classic Action Figure Sixth Doctor and Stealth Cyberman

stealth cyberman.jpg ? In Stock £26.99

In this set is the Sixth Doctor and a Stealth Cyberman from 'Attack of the Cybermen'. The Sixth Doctor comes with a signal tracker accessory and the Cyberman is equipped with a Cybergun.


Classic Action Figures Set Peri and Sil

peri and sil.jpg ? In Stock £34.99

Contains Peri figure and Sil figure on tank 


USA import, 5" scale. In display box


Classic Dalek Collectors Set 2

classic dalek set 2 ? In Stock £29.99

The second in the series of collectors Dalek 3-packs brings you only the very best that Skaro has to offer. This great pack includes a Saucer Pilot Dalek from 'Dalek Invasion of Earth' (1964), an Emperor's Guard Dalek from 'Evil of the Daleks' (1967) and Supreme Dalek from 'Day of the Daleks' (1972).


5" scale


Classic Figure Set: Enemies of the First Doctor

enemies of doctor who.jpg ? In Stock £34.99

Contents: Dalek with flame arm, Roboman action figure and 10th Planet Cyberman action figure.


5" scale. Boxed


Classic Figure Set Image of the Fendahl

Image of Fendahl Set.jpg ? In Stock £34.99

With 5" Leela, adult Fenhahleen, infant Fendahleen with Fendahl skull and stand - in presentation box


USA Import



Classic Figure Set: Keeper of Traken

Keeper of Traken set Sml.jpg ? Out of Stock £39.99

The Fourth Doctor and Adric learn from the wizened Keeper of Traken that a great evil has come to his planet in the form of a Melkur - a calcified statue. The Keeper is nearing the end of his reign and seeks the Doctor’s help in preventing the evil from taking control of the bioelectronic Source that is the keystone of the Traken Union’s civilisation.


The Melkur, via various deceptions, becomes the next Keeper. It is then, however, revealed to be the Master’s TARDIS. Its owner, still blackened and emaciated, hopes to use the Source’s power to regenerate himself. The Doctor manages to expel him and install a new Keeper in his place, but in a last minute ploy the Master traps one of the Traken Consuls, Tremas, and merges with his body before fleeing the planet.



1 x The Fourth Doctor in Waistcoat action figure.

1 x The Master Decayed action figure.

1 x The Melkur Statue action figure.

1 x Master’s TARDIS as a Grandfather Clock

1 x Source Manipulator Sphere accessory.


USA Import


Classic Figure Set Peri and Rogue Cyberman

Peri and rogue SML.jpg ? In Stock £29.99

5" Peri and Rogue Cyberman


USA Import, brand new, sealed



Classic Figure Set Seeds of Doom

seeds of doom.jpg ? In Stock £39.99

Fourth Doctor and Krynoid. 5" scale. With seed pods and cutlass accessory. In presentation box.



Classic Figure Set The Chase

chase figure set.jpg ? In Stock £39.99

From the classic story: ‘The Chase’, the Mechonoid figure is approximately 130mm high (160mm with the antenna extended) x 130mm wide. It features a swappable flame arm, flip-out claw arms and wheels. It is faced by the Daleks ready to do battle!


Contents: 1 x Mechonoid action figure with swappable flame weapon and 2 x Daleks (The Chase) action figures.

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