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Assigned: The Unofficial and Unauthorised Guide to Sapphire and Steel

assigned-big.jpg ? In Stock £16.99

Sapphire & Steel charted the efforts of two mysterious 'agents', named Sapphire (Joanna Lumley) and Steel (David McCallum), as they were given a number of 'assignments'. featuring everything from a faceless man and a vengeful soldier, to living nursery rhymes and a time-trapped motorway cafe.

The series was innovative, intelligent and terrifying, and it has stayed in the memories of all who saw it.

In this guide, Richard Callaghan delves into the six televised 'assignments' and finds out what made them tick. He explores the continuity and background to the show, and gives all the facts and figures as well as a critical commentary. The show's spin-off books and audio adventures are also discussed and reviewed.

150pp approx A5 paperback book



Bowler Hats and Kinky Boots (A Guide to The Avengers)

bowler hats.jpg ? In Stock £24.99

‘Always keep your bowler on in times of stress. And watch out for diabolical masterminds.’

The Avengers is one of the most stylish and influential television series of all time, blending action and adventure with outrageous villains and a camp sense of fun. It introduced the public to the central characters of John Steed, Cathy Gale, Emma Peel and Tara King, and made international stars of actors Patrick Macnee, Honor Blackman, Diana Rigg and Linda Thorson.


This is the most in-depth reference work about the show. It covers all aspects, going through the production episode by episode, with full behind-the-scenes details. Assembled from ABC Television documentation, including daily progress reports and internal letters and memos, to give a complete day by day picture of how the series progressed from videotape to film and from black and white to colour. In addition, the author has spoken and corresponded with many people who worked on the series, to give the fullest picture yet of how this classic and stylish British production was assembled.


This volume also covers The New Avengers, the South African radio series, the stage play and the 1998 feature film.


Brian Hayles: The Moon Stallion

moonstallion.jpg ? In Stock £14.99

When the Purwells set out to explore the land of the real King Arthur, they find themselves caught up in a hunt for the Moon Stallion, a beautiful but dangerous beast without mortal master. Mortenhurze, Purwell's patron, wants revenge. Todman, a horse warlock, has more sinister intentions. Both men seek to capture the mysterious horse, so that its magic powers will become theirs to command.


But they are no match for the dark forces of myth and magic which still exist among the Berkshire hills. Only Diana, who is blind, is allowed a glimpse of the truth. With Merlin's help, she learns that the Moon Stallion is beyond the reach of ambitious men. It is part of a legend which unites past, present and future...


Based on the 1978 BBC Children's fantasy drama starring Sarah Sutton, John Abineri, and David Haig.




Best known for his work on Doctor Who, he wrote a total of six stories and created the iconic Celestial Toymaker and The Ice Warriors! Hayles wrote for such television series as The Regiment, Barlow at Large, Doomwatch, Out of the Unknown, United!, Legend of Death, Public Eye, Z-Cars, BBC Playhouse, The Wednesday Thriller and Suspense.


In addition to script writing for the radio series The Archers, Hayles penned a novel based on the soap called Spring at Brookfield (Tandem, 1975) set in the period between the two world wars. His other books included novelisations of his Doctor Who stories, and two horror plays for children, The Curse of the Labyrinth (Dobson, 1976) and Hour of the Werewolf (Dobson, 1976). An original novel entitled Goldhawk (NEL, 1979) was published posthumously


Children of the Stones (Novel)

children of the stones.jpg ? In Stock £14.99

Adam Brake, a professor of astrophysics, and his teenage son Matthew, arrive in Milbury, an English village surrounded by a stone circle. Adam has been commissioned to investigate the residual magnetism of the stones, but he and Matthew soon begin to realise that this is no ordinary village….


Based on the classic television series starring Gareth Thomas and Freddie Jones, this is the original novelisation, published for the first time in 35 years.




Destination: Moonbase Alpha: The Unofficial and Unauthorised Guide to Space 1999

moonbase alpha.jpg ? In Stock £16.99

September 13th, 1999...

A massive nuclear explosion blasts the Moon out of Earth orbit, sending Moonbase Alpha's 311 inhabitants on an uncontrollable odyssey through deep space. Now, Destination: Moonbase Alpha takes you back to a future billed as "the most spectacular space science fiction series ever produced for television."

Destination: Moonbase Alpha is the most comprehensive book ever published on SPACE: 1999, including extensive cast lists and detailed reviews of all 48 episodes, as well as the Message from Moonbase Alpha short film.

Destination: Moonbase Alpha tells the incredible story of the making of a science fiction classic, told by the actors, writers and production crew who created it. Including commentary from:


Martin Landau (Commander John Koenig)
Barbara Bain (Doctor Helena Russell)

Barry Morse (Professor Victor Bergman)
Sylvia Anderson (Producer - Year One)

Catherine Schell (Maya)
Fred Freiberger (Producer - Year Two)

Zienia Merton (Sandra Benes)
Gerry Anderson (Executive Producer)

Prentis Hancock (Paul Morrow)
Johnny Byrne (Writer)

Nick Tate (Alan Carter)
Christopher Penfold (Writer)

Anton Phillips (Bob Mathias)
Keith Wilson (Production Designer)

John Hug (Bill Fraser)
And many more!


Destination: Moonbase Alpha also includes - for the first time ever - the complete story behind the disappearance of Barry Morse and Professor Victor Bergman... It's a true story no fan has ever known - until now!

Destination: Moonbase Alpha is the essential guide to SPACE: 1999 - from critical reaction then and now, through the triumphant 35 year odyssey of Moonbase Alpha since the worldwide debut of SPACE: 1999 in 1975, and finally to writer Johnny Byrne's concepts for the return of the series. Keep this indispensable guide with you, and escape into worlds beyond belief!

300pp approx A5 paperback book



Fall Out: The Unofficial and Unathorised Guide to The Prisoner

fall_out.jpg ? In Stock £16.99

‘The whole Earth … as the Village.’

‘That is my hope. What’s yours?’

‘I’d like to be the first man on the moon.’


The impact of The Prisoner upon society was explosive, transforming art, storytelling and popular culture like no other television programme before or since. Patrick McGoohan spearheaded the project in his role as an unnamed man, held against his will in a strange isolated Italianate village, tormented by a succession of individuals, each calling themselves Number 2, whose true motivations and intentions towards him remained a constant mystery.


The man, known only as Number 6, attempted escape, was befriended and betrayed, underwent hallucinogenic journeys, and experienced many strange revelations, before the series achieved its cathartic climax.


The Prisoner was ahead of its time, and in this book, Alan Stevens and Fiona Moore take on the task of debriefing the programme and attempting to make sense of the many interpretations and readings which have been placed on it. This is not the book with all the answers but it may help you ask the right questions.


Introduction by film editor and writer an Ian Rakoff.





Granada's Greatest Detective

granadas greatest detective.jpg ? In Stock £12.99

In the thirty years since its inception, Granada Television’s grandly envisaged adaptations of the master detective’s legendary annals have become as classical a piece of Holmesian lore as the canon itself. Staunchly set to both the spirit and society of Conan Doyle’s texts and commanded by Jeremy Brett’s indelibly immortal Sherlock Holmes, these milestone works have never been subject to rigorous, sequential analysis, until now.


Granada’s Greatest Detective endeavours, for the first time, to present:

• a detailed background of the genesis of the project.

• an examination of the cultural and political influences that impacted upon the series.

• an inventory of the title, broadcast date, writer, director, plot summary and cast of each segment.

• classic and contemporary interviews with both cast and crew from every single instalment including Michael Cox (producer), Jeremy Brett, David Burke, Edward Hardwicke, Eric Porter, Rosalie Williams, Jenny Seagrove, Robert Hardy and many others.

• an extensive critique of all forty-one features.

• a brief review of lost footage, rarely seen offshoots and curios from the programme’s ten-year lifespan.


This is the full-length study of one of the most credible and celebrated interpretations in all of Sherlockian theatrical history.



liberation ? In Stock £16.99

Including details and analysis of every episode, examination of key episodes from their genesis to the final version, featuring excerpts from the original drafts of scripts and interviews with people involved in the production, this book is the ideal companion for anyone interested in the show, or in the development of television science fiction during the late seventies.



raven.jpg ? In Stock £14.99

The ancient underground caves were in danger — they were going to be filled with atomic waste. But forces were at work to save the sacred ground — forces from another time.


Why did the caves contain mysterious symbols and how did the legend of King Arthur connect with them? What power did Professor Young, the archaeologist have to save the cave complex? And why did the Merlin suddenly appear?


Raven, on probation from Borstal, found himself caught up with these strange powers, and began to realise that the future of the caves depended on him...




Jeremy Burnham and Trevor Ray are both actor-writers. ‘Children of the Stones’ for HTV was their first collaboration, closely followed by ‘Raven’ and the children’s novel ‘Mystery of the Tower’.


Jeremy’s writing credits include ‘The Avengers’, ‘Paul Temple’, ‘When the Boat Comes In’, ‘Minder’, ‘C.A.T.S. Eyes’ and ‘Inspector Morse’ to name but a few.


A stalwart of the National Theatre and the BBC Radio Drama department in both capacities as Actor and Writer, Trevor is best known to fans of Cult Television for his work on Doctor Who in 1969/70.


Richard Franklin: Operation H.A.T.E - The Truth Behind The Killing Stone (SIGNED)

operation hate.jpg ? In Stock £19.99

A fantasy adventure novella from the pen of Richard Franklin, better known as Captain Yates from BBC’s Doctor Who.


The reader is whisked from the thundering hooves of horses riding-out over the North Yorkshire moors at Middleham, to the beating of the drums of death in the dark recesses of a cellar in Marrakech on the edge of the Sahara Desert. In spite of his courage and resourcefulness is this the very last appearance of Captain M or is his life in action about to restart - with a vengeance?


“What a thrill to be given the chance to write myself back into the 21st Century!” says author Richard Franklin, “I’ve woven genuine autobiographical detail into Captain M’s latest adventure – but it’s up to you to guess what’s Captain M and what’s me!.......or are they one and the same? Did these extraordinary and life-threatening events really happen?”


The Hardback Edition, is limited to only 200 copies - individually numbered and signed by Richard Franklin himself.


The Forgotten Fields by Geoffrey Beevers (Signed Hardcover)

forgotten fields.jpg ? In Stock £14.99

A young monk discovers a secret doorway buried deep beneath the monastery fields.


Forbidden to explore further, Brother Magnus’ curiosity drives him on, and with help from a local girl, uncover secrets and surprises from a different time and civilisation.





After studying Modern History at Oxford University, Geoffrey trained as an actor at LAMDA, and has worked at the RSC, the National Theatre, Shakespeare's Globe, in the West End, and has made countless radio, film and TV appearances including The Jewel in the Crown, Victor/Victoria, Miss Potter and A Very British Coup. His appearance in Doctor Who led to many spin-offs as the Master.


He also writes and directs. His writing work includes over a dozen plays produced in the theatre and on radio. His stage adaptation of "Adam Bede" won a Time Out Award. His most recent work was "Unintelligent Design", an original play on audio CD for Big Finish (2011), and also an adaptation- "The Middlemarch Trilogy"(2013) for the Orange Tree theatre, Richmond.


This is his first novel.


He was married to actor Caroline John


Transformers: Prime Targets: Complete Guide to Transformers

primetargetsbig ? In Stock £9.99

From the publishers of the I, WHO series, this indispensable guide book Includes Beast Wars & Beast Machines. Story summaries, reviews, top ten Lists, detailed coverage of the UK and USA comics, full toy checklist and price guide.

Softcover: USA Import


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