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The Monthly Official Magazine published by Panini UK. Special issues are now in a separate section



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Doctor Who Magazine 417

dwm417.jpg ? In Stock £2.99

The new Doctor and Amy Pond, aka MATT SMITH and KAREN GILLAN, give their first ever joint interview – exclusively in Doctor Who Magazine 417!


“There’s a real bond, isn’t there?” says Matt.

“Yeah,” Karen agrees. “A connection.”

“That’s wonderful, I think,” Matt continues. “But also, with that, he’s sort of less tolerant than a lot of Doctors, and she's got a fire in her soul, in her belly, and so they combust together... but there’s great affection and love there, and we're developing that all the time...”


Also in the first new-look issue of DWM:



Doctor Who’s new showrunner and head writer, STEVEN MOFFAT, talks exclusively to DWM about the new Doctor, Matt Smith, the new TARDIS design and just what we can expect from the thirty-first series of Doctor Who...



In the second part of an in-depth interview, the UK’s hottest acting talent, DAVID TENNANT, talks candidly to DWM about his future plans, his final line and his feelings on saying goodbye to Doctor Who.



DWM goes behind the scenes of the Tenth Doctor’s ultimate adventure, The End of Time, with exclusive photos and interviews with the cast and crew – including RUSSELL T DAVIES, BERNARD CRIBBINS and JOHN SIMM!



The name’s Rassilon – President Rassilon. DWM manages to track down the former James Bond and leader of the Time Lords. TIMOTHY DALTON, for an informal chat. You’ll be shaken AND stirred!



DWM catches up with the irrepressible Mssrs JOHN BARROWMAN and RUSSELL TOVEY, aka Captain Jack and Midshipman Frame in an intergalactic bar in an effort to find out just what on earth they were thinking...



There are plenty of shocks in store for the Tenth Doctor as he finally discovers the uncomfortable truth behind Majenta’s mysterious past! The brand new comic strip THE CRIMSON HAND, by Dan McDaid with art by Martin Geraghty, continues.



He was Doctor Who’s producer during the Third Doctor’s era and guided the series to one its most successful and popular periods ever. DWM pays tribute to the life and times of the late BARRY LETTS, with contributions from, among others, Tom Baker, Elisabeth Sladen, Nicholas Courtney, Katy Manning, Terrance Dicks, Frazer Hines, Graeme Harper and Christopher Barry.



Witches! Gargoyles! And, er, Morris Dancing! It can only be THE DÆMONS, the much-loved Third Doctor adventure produced and co-written by Barry Letts. Travel back in time to 1971 as The Fact of Fiction uncovers the fascinating secrets behind this television classic, with the aid of a plethora of rarely seen photographs!



STEVEN MOFFAT reveals just who will penning the Eleventh Doctor’s first series – and why – as he finally fesses up in the new-look Production Notes!


PLUS! All the latest official news, previews, reviews, competitions and more... and a giant-sized poster featuring all ELEVEN Doctors!


Doctor Who Magazine 418

dwm418.jpg ? In Stock £2.99

In the second part of an exclusive, in-depth interview in DWM, showrunner STEVEN MOFFAT talks about how the new TARDIS team were chosen; the controversial new costumes; the challenges in creating the new series of Doctor Who; and, after the auditions, why it was clear that Matt Smith had to play the title role…


“It was very obvious it was him. It was just a really, really good audition. More than good acting – they were all good actors – he just had the tone of it straight away, the fun of it, the nuttiness of it… the unselfconscious nuttiness of it. Because, let’s be honest, Matt is unselfconsciously nutty. That’s what he’s like…”




The root of all evil?

The Watcher returns and proudly presents his definitive guide to the greatest of all the Doctor’s many foes – the dreaded Daleks! Discover everything you’ll ever need to know – and loads more besides – about those mutant metal meanies from Skaro...


Business before pleasure!

Steven Moffat lets slip secrets about the new series and introduces us the new people in charge of Doctor Who in Production Notes.


A stitch in time!

DWM chats candidly to LOUISE PAGE, Doctor Who’s costume designer from 2006-2009, about dressing David Tennant, kitting out Kylie Minogue and mixing materials for a menagerie of monsters!


A bird in the hand!

Majenta is finally reunited with her old gang – but what will this mean for her companion, the Doctor? And what terrors lie in store for the universe itself? Find out in Part Three of The Crimson Hand, written by Dan McDaid with art by Martin Geraghty.


Digging for trouble!

It’s the one where the TARDIS gets destroyed! The Doctor, Tegan and Turlough tackle terrifying Tractators as The Fact of Fiction takes a close look at 1984’s Frontios...


The eye of the beholder?

Should Doctor Who be sexy? Neil Harris gives the question careful consideration – and comes up with surprising answers! – in You Are Not Alone…


The time of my life!

DWM catches up with PETER PURVES and chats to him about playing companion Steven Taylor in the 1960s – and his return to the role in 2010…


It is better to give than to receive…

The latest, Doctor Who DVDs, books, CDs and games are all up for grabs in our simple-to-enter competitions!


Plus! All the latest official news, reviews, previews and much, much more!


Doctor Who Magazine 419

DWM419_COVER[3].jpg ? In Stock £2.99

Beth Willis and Piers Wenger, along with head writer Steven Moffat, are the new executive producers of Doctor Who. But just who are Piers and Beth? And what new challenges do they have in store for the Eleventh Doctor and Amy? DWM finds out in an exclusive interview, featuring brand new pics from the Eleventh Doctor’s first episode…


“We wanted to give the look of the series a slightly more storybook, fairy-tale feel,” reveals Piers. “It wasn’t about suddenly becoming Tim Burton, but it was a pinch of that, a pinch of Twilight, a pinch of Harry Potter – but it’s still absolutely, slapbang, mainstream Doctor Who…”


ALSO IN DWM 419...


FREE with DWM! A brand new audio adventure to download for all readers, featuring the Fifth Doctor, Turlough and Tegan – FREAKSHOW by Mark Morris. Mark Strickson and Toby Longworth star in this full-length story in which the TARDIS crew encounter a caged menagerie of the most unusual aliens…



Weeping Angels! 3D trailers! And the unspeakable horror of Matt Smith wielding a burning torch! STEVEN MOFFAT reveals at least three, frankly terrifying, facts about the forthcoming series of Doctor Who in his latest unmissable Production Notes!



The Doctor is dead, killed by Majenta Pryce! And the universe itself is at her mercy… Don’t miss the penultimate instalment of our latest comic strip The Crimson Hand, written by Dan McDaid with art by Martin Geraghty.



Every dog has his day – and, at long last, it’s K9’s turn! DWM goes behind the scenes of the brand new series starring the Doctor’s erstwhile companion, with exclusive interviews with the cast & crew and never-before-published pics!



He was the man who thinks that Doctor Who should be “every child’s favourite nightmare!” DWM tracks down writer DONALD TOSH and discovers how he helped shape the destiny of Doctor Who back in the 1960s…



Murders! Mummies! And a mysterious message from Mars… The Fact of Fiction goes on an archaeological expedition to unearth the secrets of the ancient Egyptian Gods as it puts the fantastic Fourth Doctor story Pyramids of Mars under the spotlight!



Just how important are Special Effects in Doctor Who – and is it possible to make a great story without them? Neil Harris investigates and comes to some controversial conclusions in You Are Not Alone!



At last! One of earliest stars of Doctor Who Magazine breaks his silence about what it was really like to meet the Doctor… Yes, the cute, furry, homicidal legend that is BEEP THE MEEP speaks exclusively to the mag for the first (and very possibly the last) time!



All the latest OFFICIAL news, previews of the latest DVD and audio releases, merchandise reviews, prize-winning competitions and much, much more!


Doctor Who Magazine 420

DWM420_COVERS.jpg ? In Stock £2.99

Matt Smith and Karen Gillan reveal all about playing the Doctor and Amy.


In DWM’s in-depth interviews, Matt talks about how the Doctor’s costume may evolve, the nicknames that he and Karen have for each other and playing football with James Corden for a scene in Episode 11: “This has made my list of Top Five Shooting Days! Pushing Top Three! There were no aliens, no Daleks, nothing. We were just playing football. Then again, I suppose there was a big time loop...”


Karen, meanwhile, tells us about Amy’s complicated relationship with the Doctor and Amy’s boyfriend Rory, what she thinks about wearing surprisingly short skirts, and her approach to playing the role of the Doctor’s new best friend: “Amy should never take anything for granted – she doesn’t know she’s the companion and she’s not familiar with the set-up that the Doctor has a female companion. So this is all brand-new to her and I have to keep reminding myself of that. As far as she knows, she’s the first companion… ever!”


Also in DWM 420:


“What have you got for me this time?”

DWM proudly presents extensive previews the first five episodes of the new series – The Eleventh Hour, The Beast Below, Victory of the Daleks, The Time of Angels and Flesh and Stone – with never-before-seen photos and exclusive revelations from head writer Steven Moffat!


“I’m a celebrity, get me out of here!”

STEVEN MOFFAT talks candidly about the perils of being recognised in public as Doctor Who’s head writer – and finds time to answer your questions about the new series before you ask them! – in Production Notes.


“And it’s goodnight from me”

Neil Harris looks back fondly at 47 years of farewells in Doctor Who – and discovers how the series has always had its softer side – in You Are Not Alone.


“McNeice to see you, to see you, McNeice!”

Churchill himself, actor IAN McNEICE, talks exclusively to DWM about his role in the forthcoming story Victory of the Daleks – and reveals what it’s like to encounter the metal meanies in real life…


“Give her a big hand!”

It’s the final end! The Doctor and Majenta engage in the ultimate battle with the Crimson Hand in the very last comic strip to feature the Time Lord’s Tenth incarnation. Will anyone survive the apocalypse? Don’t miss the thrilling conclusion to The Crimson Hand, written by Dan McDaid, with art by Martin Geraghty


“Is it cos I’s blue?”

It’s the most remarkable machine in the universe – and yet it looks like a blue twentieth-century police box! The Watcher uncovers the many and varied secrets of the Doctor’s time and space machine, the TARDIS!


“You’re hired!”

On the planet Vulcan, the colonists decide to employ the services of creatures that they have discovered buried in a mercury swap – the Daleks! Can a newly-regenerated Doctor, armed only with his recorder and a rather natty bow tie, save the day? Find out, as The Fact of Fiction digs up some amazing details about the classic Second Doctor story from 1966 The Power of the Daleks!


Plus! All the latest official news, reviews, previews and competitions – including the chance to win an 32” HD-ready widescreen TV! – and much, much more!


Doctor Who Magazine 421

dwm421.jpg ? In Stock £3.99

There are Vampires, Silurians and life-changing choices to be made, in DOCTOR WHO MAGAZINE 421!

DWM previews four fantastic forthcoming episodes of Doctor Who – THE VAMPIRES OF VENICE, AMY'S CHOICE, THE HUNGRY EARTH and COLD BLOOD – with exclusive interviews with writers Toby Whithouse, Simon Nye, Chris Chibnall and Steven Moffat, and never-before-seen photos!

Talking about the new-look reptile people of The Hungry Earth/Cold Blood, CHRIS CHIBNALL reveals, “These new creatures don’t negate the original Silurians, they’re a different exploration of the same idea. They’re close cousins. And once you see Neve McIntosh (who plays Siluians Alaya and Restac) and Matt Smith acting their socks off together, I’m hoping you’ll feel the idea paid off…”

Also this issue:

Head writer STEVEN MOFFAT gets his head flushed down the loo and tells us what else happened when Matt Smith and Karen Gillan went back to school with the Doctor Who team, in PRODUCTION NOTES!

It’s the most incredible ship in the entire universe – the Doctor’s trusty TARDIS! Join the Watcher as he leads you through his indispensible in-depth guide to the Time Lord’s astonishing time and space machine.

They’re bigger than before. And they’ve had a paint job! Writer Mark Gatiss, actors Nick Briggs and Barnaby Edwards and designer Peter McKinstry explain just how and why the brand new Daleks have come about.

The Eleventh Doctor and Amy visit a jungle planet that’s full of scary surprises, as they make their DWM comic strip début in SUPERNATURE, written by Jonathan Morris with art by Mike Collins.

Just who is the smart, sexy and teasingly enigmatic River Song? DWM catches up with the actress who plays her, ALEX KINGSTON, and finds out exactly what she knows about the secrets of her elusive character.

DWM meets the TERRENCE HARDIMAN, who chats candidly about his sinister role in The Beast Below – and what it’s like to be best known for terrifying children!

Just how is a Doctor Who script translated from script to screen? DWM finds out just how it done as it talks to Matt Smith, Karen Gillan, Caitlin Blackwood and Steven Moffat about bringing The Eleventh Hour to life.

There’s also a host of prize-winning competitions, DVD and audio previews, reviews of The Eleventh Hour, The Beast Below and the latest CDs, DVDs and games, all the very latest official news, and much, much more!


Doctor Who Magazine 422

dwm422.jpg ? In Stock £2.99

The award-winning Richard Curtis, writer of Vincent and the Doctor, talks exclusively about his forthcoming episode in DWM 422...


“It was a joy working on something my kids love,” says Richard. “During the summer I was writing it, we had lots of prints of Van Gogh paintings up round the house – and a board with index cards going through the plot, scene by scene – and both of my big kids came up with ideas…”


Stonehenge and beyond!

As well and Vincent and the Doctor, DWM also previews all the remaining episodes of the series, with exclusive interviews and photos! Go house hunting as we speak to writer Gareth Roberts about The Lodger, which guest stars James Corden; then visit Stonehenge in Roman times as head writer Steven Moffat reveals what’s coming up in the season’s finale – The Pandorica Opens and The Big Bang…


New York, New York!

Steven Moffat tells us exclusively what happened when he joined Matt Smith and Karen Gillan to promote the new series in the Big Apple – and what ‘whisking’, giraffes and babies have to do with the world of Doctor Who – in the latest Production Notes!


The Welsh valleys!

DWM catches up with Chris Chibnall, writer of the latest thrilling adventure, The Hungry Earth/Cold Blood, and finds out how and why the Silurians were revived for the twenty-first century. Plus, Meera Syal, who stars as Nasreen Chaudry, tells us about her experience of working on the show – and how her expectations were more than met…


Lush jungles and cascading falls!

The Doctor and Amy realise that a change isn’t always as good as a rest in Part Two of the latest full-colour comic strip, Supernature, by Jonathan Morris with art by Mike Collins. As Amy continues to mutate, the Doctor goes exploring, in search of a cure…


The canals of Venice!

DWM visits Croatia and goes behind the scenes of The Vampires of Venice, with exclusive interviews with Matt Smith, Karen Gillan, Arthur Darvill (Rory) and Helen McCrory (Rosanna), executive producer Beth Willis and producer Tracie Simpson!


Upper Leadworth!

Toby Jones, the Dream Lord himself, talks candidly to DWM about his bizarre role in Amy’s Choice – and on whether his character could return to haunt the Doctor in the future…



It’s all aboard, as DWM joins the Wengerbus! Follow Matt Smith and Karen Gillan as Matt revisits his old school in Northampton as part of the Doctor Who tour, and discover what life is really like on the road…


Deep, dark caves and the bottom of the sea!

Enter a world of Cave-Monsters, Sea Devils and savage dinosaurs as the Watcher tells you everything you need to know (and discovers quite a few surprises!) about homo reptilia – the Silurians!


Victorian England!

Deborah Watling, who played companion Victoria Waterfield in the 1960s, tells us what she thinks about the current series, the pressures of writing her autobiography and meeting her fans in Who on Earth is…


Doctor Who Magazine 423

dwm423.jpg ? In Stock £6.99

Prepare for THE BIG BANG on Saturday as DWM goes on set, braves the darkness of the Underhenge and talks to the people behind the astonishing finale of Doctor Who – including stars MATT SMITH and KAREN GILLAN, head writer STEVEN MOFFAT, director TOBY HAYNES and monster maker NEILL GORTON!

We ask Steven just what, after the jaw-dropping events of THE PANDORICA OPENS, could possibly happen next? “Amy’s dead at the hands of the man she loves,” he considers. “ The TARDIS is burning and River with it, and every star in the universe is exploding at every moment in history. Any other hero would be stumped. Fortunately, you are watching Doctor Who…”

Also in DWM 423…

We know what Steven Moffat thinks of the stars of Doctor Who – but what do they think of him? Executive Producer PIERS WENGER asks MATT SMITH and KAREN GILLAN what they really make of ‘the Mofferator’ in a very different PRODUCTION NOTES!

It was the unlikeliest flat share story ever – but THE LODGER could have been even stranger! DWM catches up with writer GARETH ROBERTS, who tells us exclusively how he came up with his latest script – and what incredible ideas didn’t make it onto TV. Plus, DWM chats candidly on set to the stars of the show, MATT SMITH and JAMES CORDEN!


It’s all change for the TARDIS team as the Doctor and Amy uncover the dark secret deep within an alien jungle – but at what price? And will the Time Lord and Pond ever be the same again? Find out in SUPERNATURE Part 3, written by Jonathan Morris with art by Mike Collins.

They could be plastic, anything plastic – or they could look just like you! Join the Watcher as he reveals everything you need to know about the sinister Autons in the latest of his essential in-depth guides!

Dalek operator BARNABY EDWARDS talks exclusively to DWM about his years of experience in operating the various designs of the universe’s most malevolent monsters – including the brand new stone Dalek!

It’s your chance to let everyone know what you thought of the latest season, as DWM gives you the opportunity to rate the episodes in its annual season poll!

This’ll bring a smile to your face! DWM travels back in time to the 1980s as THE HAPPINESS PATROL is put under the spotlight in THE FACT OF FICTION. Oooh, a little bit of politics!

All the latest official news, previews and reviews of all the latest DVDs and audios releases, prize-winning competitions for the cream of Doctor Who merchandise and much, much more…

FREE! This issue comes with a giant-sized, double-sided poster, depicting the Daleks on one side, and the Doctor and Amy on the other!


Doctor Who Magazine 424

dwm424.jpg ? In Stock £2.99


In an exclusive interview, DWM talks to ARTHUR DARVILL, aka Rory Williams, about what the future might hold for the new Mr Pond.

How does Arthur feel about potentially becoming a regular next series?

“Fingers crossed! If that does happen, then I’m really interested to know what happens to Rory and Amy’s relationship, and also how the relationship between the three of them works. Because there’s obviously been a big change to Rory after waiting 2000 years…!”


TOBY HAYNES, director of The Pandorica Opens/The Big Bang, takes DWM readers on a journey through the making of the epic season finale, with exclusive photos revealing how he brought the script to life…

In his most candid interview ever, MATTHEW WATERHOUSE tells DWM what it was really like being Adric in Doctor Who in the 1980s – and the many challenges he faced both in front of and behind the camera…

He wears a top hat now – top hats are cool! DWM catch up for a candid chat with the Doctor himself, actor MATT SMITH, about his hopes for the next season, the forthcoming Christmas Special and Jo Grant’s mini-skirts!

STEVEN MOFFAT, Doctor Who’s head writer and executive producer, names names and lets slip a secret or two about the next series, as he takes a rollercoaster ride in the latest Production Notes!


The Doctor and Amy find themselves slave to the rhythm in PLANET BOLLYWOOD!, a brand new comic strip by Jonathan Morris, with art by Roger Langridge!

The Fact of Fiction takes a trip back to the swinging sixties, and discovers that there’s more than just megalomaniac computers and massive metal monsters in the groundbreaking First Doctor adventure, THE WAR MACHINES. Groovy!

What were the very best Doctor Who DVD, audio and book releases of 2009? And which story has been voted the favourite Tenth Doctor Specials? Discover all the winners as the mag announces the much-anticipated results of the DWM Awards!

All the latest official news, previews, reviews and prize-winning competitions, and much, much, more!


Doctor Who Magazine 425

dwm425.jpg ? In Stock £3.99

In his most candid interview to date, lavishly illustrated with never-before-seen photos, SYLVESTER McCOY talks at length to DWM about his long career, on being the Seventh Doctor – and what he thinks about Doctor Who today…


“I’m delighted that they’ve done such a good job in bringing it back. I’m so proud to have that connection with this very successful programme. It wasn’t allowed to be successful when I was doing it. At the time, I didn’t know why. It was only afterwards that I realised I wasn’t given a fair crack of the whip. I wish I had been…”


Also this issue:



Time travel – what are the rules? And can those rules be broken? In an in-depth feature, DWM examines the knotty problems of paradoxes and time loops, and explores the incredible phenomenon of timey-wimeyness throughout the history of Doctor Who!



It’s the music event of the year! DWM dons its dinner jacket and journeys to the Royal Albert Hall to talk exclusively to the people responsible for the Doctor Who Prom, including composer MURRAY GOLD, conductor BEN FOSTER and executive producer STEVEN MOFFAT. Packed with behind-the-scenes photos from the Prom, this is the definitive account of the making of the show!



The Doctor and Amy take a trip to Tokyo and discover that too much TV can be really, really bad for kids, in the first episode of a brand new comic strip adventure by Jonathan Morris and Martin Geraghty – THE GOLDEN ONES!



What have a Roman mosaic, a painting by Toulouse Lautrec and a long, floppy scarf got in common? They all feature in the brand new audio series starring TOM BAKER as the Fourth Doctor, Demon Quest! DWM catches up with the legendary Tom, co-stars RICHARD FRANKLIN and SUSAN JAMESON, writer PAUL MAGRS and many more in an exclusive report from the recording of the adventures!



William Shakespeare – the most talented dramatist in history or a letch with bad breath? Find out the truth (according to Doctor Who!) behind the man and his works, as The Fact of Fiction extracts every nuance of meaning from the literary triumph that is the 2007 Tenth Doctor adventure, THE SHAKESPEARE CODE!



Doctor Who’s head writer, STEVEN MOFFAT, reveals all about being shy, being recognised, and the Eleventh Doctor’s most recent adventure – defusing a bomb at the Proms! – in Production Notes.



DWM catches up with Hex, the hunky nurse who accompanies the Seventh Doctor and Ace on their audio adventures, aka actor PHILIP OLIVIER, who reveals his experiences of attending conventions, being recognised in the street and what he really thinks about Doctor Who fans…


Plus! All the latest official news, Previews, Reviews, Competitions and much, much more!


Doctor Who Magazine 426

DWM426_COVER.jpg ? In Stock £2.99

He’s the man who provides the voices for the Doctor’s greatest enemies, the Daleks and the Cybermen – and at long last, DWM has caught up with him for an in-depth interview! NICHOLAS BRIGGS tells all about his time as a Dalek, his life-long love of Doctor Who and just what he can do with his ring voice modulator…
“It’s great for people to be able to hear the voice on set,” he explains. “The way I say my lines does change depending on how David, Chris, or Matt say their lines to me. The Daleks actually being there makes such a difference. Much of the time, the cast is acting against silver balls on sticks, in front of a green screen, but Daleks move around, flash their lights, speak like they want to kill you, like a voice from hell…”
He’s one of the best-loved and most respected authors in the world – and now he’s written a Doctor Who book! MICHAEL MOORCOCK talks exclusively to DWM about his new novel THE COMING OF THE TERRAPHILES – plus there’s also an exclusive extract!
TOBY HAYNES, director of the sensational series finale THE PANDORICA OPENS/THE BIG BANG, concludes his exclusive Director’s Diary and tells DWM how Doctor Who changed his life…
Tokyo’s children are turning into Axons – and the Doctor, Amy and UNIT are involved in a breathtaking fight for their lives! Don’t miss the second part of the DWM comic strip THE GOLDEN ONES, by Jonathan Morris with art by Martin Geraghty!
What do the Eleventh Doctor, Jo Grant and K9 have in common? They’re all in the fourth fantastic series of THE SARAH JANE ADVENTURES, which is back on TV in October! DWM previews all twelve new episodes and talks exclusively to all the writers – RUSSELL T DAVIES, PHIL FORD, JOSEPH LIDSTER, RUPERT LAIGHT, GARETH ROBERTS and CLAYTON HICKMAN!
The Doctor and his companions appreciate the gravity of the situation as they leap around on the Moon and encounter the sinister Cybermen! THE FACT OF FICTION scrutinizes the 1967 adventure THE MOONBASE and extracts a wealth of information from this classic Second Doctor tale. Clever, clever, clever!
proudly presents the ultimate guide to the men of steel – the Cybermen! Discover how they’ve evolved over the decades, as the Watcher reveals everything you need to know – and some surprising secrets! – about one of the Doctor’s most persistent foes!
He’s back! Former UNIT Captain Mike Yates has returned to action alongside the Fourth Doctor in the new audio series Demon Quest. DWM catches up with the man who plays him, actor RICHARD FRANKLIN, and finds out what he thinks about Yates’ comeback – and his opinion of Doctor Who today…
Doctor Who’s showrunner STEVEN MOFFAT provides some exciting clues as to what adventures lie in store for the Doctor, Amy and Rory – and has the last word on what the next season should be called – in PRODUCTION NOTES!
PLUS! All the latest official news, previews, reviews and competitions and much, much more!


Doctor Who Magazine 427

DWM427_COVER.jpg ? In Stock £2.99

DEATH OF THE DOCTOR is a brand new story for THE SARAH JANE ADVENTURES, starring ELISABETH SLADEN and written by RUSSELL T DAVIES. The story features not only MATT SMITH as the Doctor, but also the return of KATY MANNING as Jo Jones (nee Grant!).
“It’s incredible,” says Matt, or working with his two co-stars. “You realise what a wonderful legacy you are part of, and how much it affects people. Just the very notion of the Doctor and the companion. It makes me feel quite warm that I get to work with two companions who have worked with two really great Doctors...”
Also this issue:
The Fourth Doctor himself, the legendary TOM BAKER is out to lunch with costume designer JUNE HUDSON in the streets of Soho, London! DWM tags along and discovers a wealth of stories about Seagulls, Ice Queens and crumbly pastries… not to mention Tom’s return as the Doctor in DEMON QUEST! Not to be missed!
They’re everyone’s favourite race of militaristic clones! Yes, the secrets of those squat, troll-like monstrosities, THE SONTARANS, are finally revealed, as THE WATCHER’S GUIDE presents the definitive low-down on one of the Doctor’s most enduring foes!
meets FINN JONES, who plays Jo Grant’s grandson Santiago in DEATH OF THE DOCTOR, to talk monsters, Matt Smith – and the possibility of his character’s return to the series…
What have rain gods, Daleks and Karen Gillan’s legs got in common? Find out, as NEIL GAIMAN writes exclusively in DWM about his much-anticipated Doctor Who episode in PRODUCTION NOTES!
It’s the show of the century! DWM goes behind the scenes of the brand new touring production, DOCTOR WHO LIVE, and talks to stars MATT SMITH, NIGEL PLANER and NICHOLAS BRIGGS, and writer GARETH ROBERTS about the spectacular stage show!
Things look grim for the Doctor and Amy as the Axons invade Tokyo! It’s action all the way as the thrilling new comic strip, THE GOLDEN ONES by Jonathan Morris and Martin Geraghty continues!
THE FACT OF FICTION journeys back to 1983 and 1977, to look at the time-bending, Bliovitch-limiting, UNIT-dating-controversy-causing Fifth Doctor adventure MAWDRYN UNDEAD – and reveals all you need to know to make sense of the temporal paradoxes presented!
PLUS! Doctor Who’s executive producer and head writer STEVEN MOFFAT tells DWM all the latest official news; the latest DVDs and CDs are previewed; merchandise reviews; prize-winning competitions; and much, much more!


Doctor Who Magazine 428

dwm428.jpg ? In Stock £2.99

This month’s Doctor Who Magazine is a soap-tastic special edition featuring your favourite stars from the worlds of both Doctor Who and soaps!

Among the Doctor Who luminaries DWM chats to is former producer PHIL COLLINSON, now in charge at Coronation Street. But which one does Phil prefer...?


“Oh, blimey!” says Phil. “I love both of them, although they sort of share the same place in my memories. Both you can sit and watch with the whole family. I remember watching Corrie with my grandmother when I was a little boy. It was the sort of thing everybody had a view on and talked about. In the same way they did with Doctor Who. Although with Corrie, characters like Ena Sharples and Elsie Tanner were almost friends of my grandmother. My mum and she would talk about them as if they were real – what Elsie’s been up to and ‘what about that husband?’ Somehow they were tangible. And I suppose that’s been the main difference between the two shows. Doctor Who’s a fairytale about a world you’d like to disappear to, and Coronation Street is the world you’re in.”


Also this Issue:



DWM talks exclusively to even more actors who have appeared in both soaps and Doctor Who, including:


* LOUISE JAMESON, who played the Fourth Doctor’s assistant Leela, remembers her time in both Doctor Who and EastEnders!

* The legendary Dot Cotton, actress JUNE BROWN, on facing Irongron in The Time Warrior!

* Rovers Return regular, actress HELEN WORTH, on playing against Pertwee in Colony in Space!

* Walford’s Patrick, actor RUDOLPH WALKER on filming The War Games!

* Corrie’s Vernon Tomlin, actor IAN REDDINGTON, on clowning around in The Greatest Show in the Galaxy!

* Albert Square’s Zainab Masood, actress NINA WADIA on being the doctor in The Eleventh Hour!

* EastEnders’ Heather, actress CHERYL FERGISON, on being blitzed in The Empty Child!

* Emmerdale stalwart FRAZER HINES on playing 60s companion Jamie McCrimmon!



Is Doctor Who not only the best sci-fi show ever made, but also the best soap opera ever? Is EastEnders shown on TV in the Doctor Who universe – or is it vice versa? And is Corrie’s Ken Barlow really the Doctor?! Find out the answers to these, and many more intriguing questions, as DWM looks at Doctor Who’s relationship with the soaps from the 1960s right up the present day, and talks exclusively to Doctor Who writers MARK GATISS, GARETH ROBERTS and RUPERT LAIGHT!



An adventure featuring the first seven Doctors and a menagerie of monsters... set in EastEnders‚ Albert Square?! It can only be the most bizarre, unpredictable and utterly bonkers Doctor Who story ever – DIMENSIONS IN TIME! The Fact of Fiction digs deep to uncover all the fascinating secrets behind this, the oddest of adventures!



While Doctor Who’s executive producer Piers Wenger stays Broadcasting House, his fellow execs are away at a top secret meeting with one of the writers of the next series. Find out who that is – and get some tantalising clues as to what lies ahead for the Doctor, Rory and Amy in 2011 – as we eavesdrop on STEVEN MOFFAT’S PRODUCTION NOTES!



The terrifying Axons have conquered the streets of Tokyo – and the Doctor, Amy and UNIT are Earth’s last hope against the invading menace! But the price of victory could be very high indeed... Find out what happens in the concluding part of the brand new comic strip, THE GOLDEN ONES, by Jonathan Morris and Martin Geraghty!



At last! The much-anticipated results of the 2010 DWM Awards are revealed. Who was voted best actor? Which monster was better than all the rest? And what’s the story that topped the poll? Find out these results and many more – and discover what the award winners themselves have to say about their triumphs!


PLUS! All the latest official news; the latest DVDs, CDs and books are previewed; comprehensive merchandise reviews; prize-winning competitions; and much, much more...

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