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The Monthly Official Magazine published by Panini UK. Special issues are now in a separate section



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Doctor Who Magazine 403

dwm403 ? In Stock £2.99

The latest issue of Doctor Who Magazine, out this week, features an interview with the Next Doctor himself, actor David Morrissey, who talks about his role in the forthcoming Christmas Special.

Was David surprised at the reaction to his casting? "I wasn't expecting that level of interest, really, but it's come thick and fast. I don't think you can be aware of the world of Doctor Who until you're in it, really, and I hadn't been aware of what a huge show it is, not in the sense of people's interest, how deep that goes. And I was quite surprised by the amounts of texts and emails I got from people asking me if I was the next Doctor."

Also in DWM 403

* An exclusive look at the forthcoming Christmas Special, featuring brand new photos and tasty tidbits from the cast and crew!

* The Doctor takes Majenta to one of his favourite places in the universe in Part One of a brand new comic strip, The Stockbridge Child by Dan McDaid with art by Mike Collins.

* Doctor Who's executive producer Russell T Davies counts down to the big day and reveals some surprising secrets about next year's Specials.

* Russell Tovey, star of the 2007 Christmas Special, Voyage of Damned, on Kylie, internet forums, and being the next Doctor!

* The mysterious Watcher returns to challenge and perplex with his ever-popular (and utterly fiendish) Christmas Quiz!

* Neil Harris has a few unconventional suggestions to enhance your season viewing while waiting for The Next Doctor to come on TV in You Are Not Alone.

* The Fact of Fiction looks back to when to the Cybermen first crashed their way into the Tenth Doctor's world as it examines 2006's Rise of the Cybermen/The Age of Steel.

* All the news that isn't fit to print is in The Space-Time Telegraph.

* The Time Team don their shades and head back to the rock and roll years, as they continue their quest by watching 1987's Delta and the Bannermen.

* Discover the winners of Doctor Who Magazine's annual season poll. What was the best story? Who were the best guest stars? And just who did you decide made the Greatest Contribution to Doctor Who in 2008? All is finally revealed!

* DWM takes a fond look back over the year that was and remembers some of the (frankly bonkers) events that made 2008 a year to remember.


Doctor Who Magazine 404

dwm404 ? In Stock £2.99

The CyberKing speaks… in DWM 404!

Dervla Kirwan, Miss Hartigan in The Next Doctor, talks exclusively about playing the beautiful and ruthless ‘lady in red' in this month's Doctor Who Magazine. So, about that frock then...? “In her very first scene, drab, matronly, grey dress, and then she sort of transforms into this vision of red!” laughs Dervla. “We don't know how she did that really. We assume there's some handy Cyberman with needlework skills and great make-up boxes!”

Also in DWM 404:

'S no joke!
It may seem like a bleak midwinter with no full series of Doctor Who to look forward to this year. But fear not! DWM is on hand to provide the essential guide on How to Survive 2009…

Snow and Shooting!
DWM joins the Doctor Who team as The Next Doctor is filmed and reports on the making of the show – featuring never-before-published photos and exclusive chats to the cast and crew, including David Tennant, David Morrissey, Veilile Tshabalala, Edmund Kente and Russell T Davies!

Snow in Stockbridge!
It's a snowy day in the Doctor's favourite English village. But how does he come to find himself in the within the mind of Maxwell Edison?! Find out in The Stockbridge Child Part Two by Dan McDaid, with art by Mike Collins.

Snow on Svartos!
The Time Team continue their quest to watch every single Doctor Who story, from the start. Will they give the Seventh Doctor and Mel a frosty reception when they travel to Iceworld in 1987's Dragonfire?

'S no business like showbusiness!
What's it like to visit the sets of Doctor Who, Torchwood and The Sarah Jane Adventures? Children in Need made it possible for a lucky few to get a guided tour – and DWM was there to help you share the experience…

Um… 'S' nothing under the kilt?
DWM talks to former companion Frazer Hines about lovely ladies, being telepathic and how his character, Jamie, could return to the Doctor Who…

Er… no snow, but it's awfully white!
The Fact of Fiction travels back to 1968 to a land Unicorns and Minotours to reveal the remarkable truths behind the Second Doctor story, The Mind Robber…

Snowy-haired soldier!
DWM pops round to see old friends of the Doctor, the Brigadier and Sarah Jane, with an exclusive behind-the-scenes look at the recording of the finale of The Sarah Jane Adventures, Enemy of the Bane.

Plus! All the latest news, reviews, previews, competitions and more!


Doctor Who Magazine 405

dwm405 ? In Stock £7.00

The Eleventh Doctor Speaks... in DWM 405! Following in the tradition of previous Doctors, PAUL McGANN, CHRISTOPHER ECCLESTON and DAVID TENNANT, the ELEVENTH DOCTOR WHO – MATT SMITH – has given his first interview to the official DOCTOR WHO MAGAZINE.NEW DOCTOR DAY! Showrunner-in-waiting Steven Moffat shares exclusively with DWM readers just what it's like to cast a new Doctor Who in Production Notes.

REALITY TV? Remember the Zygon gambit? The Yeti in the Underground? Or that, frankly, unmissable invasion by thousands of Daleks after Earth was transported billions of miles across space? DWM investigates why so many people in the Doctor Who universe, apparently, don't!
SUSIE CUES! She's worked on some of the most highly-acclaimed Doctor Who stories of all time! Susie Liggat talks candidly to DWM about her experiences as the producer of the UK's best-loved drama series.
ANTIMATTER MATTERS! It could mean the end of the universe! The Fourth Doctor and Sarah Jane Smith journey to the furthest reaches of space and encounter anti-matter monsters as The Fact of Fiction revals some surprising secrets about 1975's Planet of Evil.
DAY OF THE LOKHUS! Can the Doctor and Majenta prevent the Day of the Lokhus? And what will become of Maxwell Edison? Find out in the final thrilling part of DWM's latest comic strip, The Stockbridge Child by Dan McDaid, with art by Martin Geraghty.
DEAR MATT SMITH...Neil Harris writes an open letter to Eleventh Doctor Matt Smith, full of helpful – and not so helpful! – advice, in You Are Not Alone.
DWM turns the tables on the BBC's 'Doctor Who correspondent' as we ask the questions of the one-and-only Lizo Mzimba in Who on Earth Is!
Plus! News, previews, reviews, competitions and more!


Doctor Who Magazine 406

dwm406 ? In Stock £2.99

Talking exclusively to Doctor Who Magazine, the Doctor himself, David Tennant, talks candidly about presenting this year's Comic Relief...

“I'm co-presenting this year's TV extravaganza , on BBC One on Friday the 13th – which won't be unlucky this year, I promise... Live telly is always exhilarating, but I'm sure this will be even more so, because I'm expected to be fronting it – well, the first hour or so, which does give me some more responsibility...” How does he think he'll cope presenting alongside Davina McCall? She is, after all, the Loudest Woman on Telly. “Well, I've had a word with the sound men to turn my microphone up louder, so I'm hoping that should equalise it out a bit! It'll be a challenge!”

Also in this issue:

The Daleks' Master Plan?
Back in the 1960s, while the First and Second Doctors were on TV, the Daleks came very close to starring in their own big-budget, full colour film series – made for the USA! For the first time anywhere, DWM researcher Andrew Pixley reveals the full story behind the Doctor Who spin-off that never was...

The Nightmare Begins!
A brand new comic strip adventure starts for the Tenth Doctor and Majenta – Mortal Beloved by Dan McDaid, with art by Sean Longcroft. Arriving at a bizarre party, terrible secrets from Majenta's past begin to catch up with her...

The Death of Doctor Who!
It the end, but the moment has been prepared for... The Fact of Fiction takes an in-depth look at the very last adventure to star Tom Baker as the Fourth Doctor – a story that redefined the concept of Time Lord regeneration – 1981's Logopolis!

Daleks in Manhattan?
Er, no, actually. But the Sixth Doctor is! Colin Baker chats exclusively to DWM from the Big Apple!

The Planet of Decision!
Head writer and executive producer Russell T Davies muses over whether Planet of the Dead will really be the 200th TV Doctor Who story, in Production Notes...

Devil's Planet!
Why on Earth does Neil Harris argue that the Fifth Doctor's last adventure, 1984's The Caves of Androzani, is the one Doctor Who story that should never have been told? Find out the surprising answer in You Are Not Alone!

Day of Reckoning!
The Time Team cast their critical eyes upon the Seventh Doctor's only TV encounter with the armoured mutants from the planet Skaro. Join them and discover what they think about the nostalgic 1988 adventure, Remembrance of the Daleks...

The Dead Planet!
DWM speaks exclusively to acclaimed scriptwriter Gareth Roberts about his work on Doctor Who, The Sarah Jane Adventures... and the forthcoming Doctor Who Easter Special, Planet of the Dead!

The Daleks
Nicholas Pegg pays tribute to the greatest Dalek operator of them all – actor John Scott Martin.


Doctor Who Magazine 408

DWM408_COVERbig ? In Stock £2.99

In Doctor Who Magazine 408, DWM recounts the tales of what happened when the Doctor Who team filmed in Dubai... and catches up David Tennant, as he looks forward to his final adventures the Doctor.

Does David reckon he'll be sentimental on his last day as the Doctor? “I don't know how I'll feel when I get there,” he says. “It'll probably be very scrutinised. I don't know if the last day will be anything like the last in story terms. Usually you're so out of sequence that your final scene is something very unimportant – walking down the street or opening a door – so time will tell. But it's – what? – 12 weeks away, so I'll cope. I'll find ways of coping.”

Also in DWM 408:

The First Doctor becomes invisible while his companions play some decidedly deadly games... Discover the truth behind the story that nearly featured the end of Doctor Who as we know it, as The Fact of Fiction scrutinises that most colourful of black & white stories, The Celestial Toymaker.

The Watcher proudly presents his essential guide to to the Second Doctor, Patrick Troughton, and reveals whether or not this memorable incarnation really was a stove hat-wearing, recorder-playing, Chaplinesque cosmic hobo.

The Doctor's a Time Lord, everyone knows that... or is he? Find out as the Time Team watch sinister Cybermen, wicked witches and nasty Nazis battle it out in Doctor Who's 25th anniversary tale, Silver Nemesis!

The Doctor and Majenta land in Australia and find themselves assisting UNIT in Part One of a brand new comic strip adventure, The Age of Ice, by Dan McDaid, with art by Martin Geraghty, David A Roach and James Offredi.

Find out what DWM readers voted the very best Doctor Who books, audios and DVDs as the results of the 2008 Merchandise Awards are finally revealed!

Discover how Russell T Davies saved the life of Script Editor Gary Russell (sort of!) in Production Notes!

Neil Harris recalls some of the many memorable melodies – and some of the weird and wacky noises – that have featured as Doctor Who incidental music over the decades in You Are Not Alone.

Planet of the Dead's Angela Whittaker, alias actress Victoria Alcock, chats to DWM about filming in Dubai, what happens when she drinks rosé and being the Eleventh Doctor's companion (maybe!).

Lisa Bowerman, star of the Seventh Doctor's final adventure, Survival, talks to DWM about playing a Cheetah Person, the new series of Bernice Summerfield adventures, and her meeting with the Eleventh Doctor, Matt Smith!

DWM examines the clues and tries to work out just what exactly we can can expect from the next Doctor Who Specials, The Waters of Mars.

All the latest news, reviews, previews, competitions and much, much more!


Doctor Who Magazine 409

DWM409 ? In Stock £2.99

In Doctor Who Magazine 409...

Unlucky Thirteen?
A Time Lord can only regenerate 12 times and then he must die... Or must he? Jonathan Morris investigates the truth behind the miracle of the Time Lord, and asks: could the Doctor survive beyond his Thirteenth Incarnation?

The End of Ten!
Euros Lyn, director of the forthcoming Torchwood: Children of Earth, as he oversees this year's Doctor Who Christmas Specials, the final story for the Tenth Doctor!

Three's a Crowd!
The Fact of Fiction takes an in-depth look back at the extraordinary adventure in which the Doctor met himself for the first time – 1972/73's The Three Doctors!

David Bowie is (nearly) the Doctor!
What do Jonathan Creek, Ford Prefect and Richard O'Brien have in common? Find out, as Neil Harris considers 10 characters who are the Doctor all but name in You Are Not Alone!

The final end?
Russell T Davies reveals the behind-the-scenes changes as Doctor Who looks forward to the Eleventh Doctor's first series in Production Notes.

Segonax's got talent!
Roll up! Roll up! See how the Time Team react to the weird events in the Seventh Doctor adventure The Greatest Show in the Galaxy!

The Watcher reverses the polarity, rolls up his frilly sleeves and tells you everything you need to know about the Doctor's dashing and dynamic Third Incarnation in his latest essential guide!

60s chick!
Anneke Wills, who played companion Polly to the First and Second Doctors, chats candidly to DWM about outdoor baths, the swinging 60s... and meeting David Tennant on the Doctor Who set!

Ten in trouble!
Majenta has a shock in store for the Doctor in Part Two of new comic strip The Age of Ice, by Dan McDaid with art by Martin Geraghty.

Good dog!
It's finally happening! DWM takes a first look at the new spin-off series featuring the Doctor's second-best friend, K9!

Plus! All the latest news, previews, reviews, competitions and much, much more!


Doctor Who Magazine 410

DWM410_COVER ? In Stock £2.99


DWM talks exclusively to actress Karen Gillan, who'll play the Eleventh Doctor's companion, about happened at her audition, on working with David Tennant and what her biggest challenges will be as she joins the cast of the best TV show in the world!

They say that money is the root of all evil... but is this really the case in the universe of Doctor Who? DWM considers the most notorious crooks, con-men and malevolent millionaires that the series has seen and asks: do baddies always crave the big bucks?

Russell T Davies reveals to DWM just what happened on his very last day working on Doctor Who...

Doctor Who's executive producer for the last six years, Julie Gardner, talks candidly to DWM about leaving the series and how Doctor Who has changed and developed since 2003...

With dinosaurs on the rampage and the Skith's plans well advanced, could this be the final battle for Doctor and Majenta? Find out in DWM's comic strip, The Age of Ice by Dan McDaid, with art by Martin Geraghty.

The world is in serious trouble and the Doctor's nowhere to be found... can Torchwood save the day? DWM previews the biggest Torchwood adventure ever, Children of Earth, and chats to stars John Barrowman, Gareth David-Lloyd and Eve Miles.

The Seventh Doctor is Merlin – or so claims Mordred, an extra-dimensional knight with a penchant for maniacal laughter! But is his mum, Morgaine, aware that he's found her nemesis? The Time Team get ready for Arthurian adventure as they watch 1989's Battlefield!

The Watcher proudly presents everything you ever wanted to know about Tom Baker's Doctor Who, as his ultimate guide to the Doctors continues!

The Sixth Doctor and Peri visit the planet Karfel and get embroiled in one of the most unforgettable Doctor Who adventures ever broadcast... Join The Fact of Fiction as it dusts off the Christmas decorations and gets ready to enter the Timelash!

It's the perfect fusion of Doctor Who and Rock. It's Trock! And it's taking the music world by storm! DWM chats exclusively to Chameleon Circuit, the band in the forefront of this exciting genre!

DWM has oodles of goodies to give away to lucky readers this issue – including Planet of the Dead on Blu-ray!

All the latest news, previews, reviews and much, much more!


Doctor Who Magazine 411

DWM411_COVER ? In Stock £2.99


He's back! The jelly-baby munching, boggle-eyed bohemian puts on his long scarf and floppy hat once more, as the legendary Tom Baker returns to the role of the Fourth Doctor for the first time in over fifteen years! DWM talks exclusively and in depth to Tom about what made him come back to the role that made him famous, what he thinks of Doctor Who today and whether a meeting with the current Doctor could be on the cards. Tom also tells us what he thinks about these modern Doctors kissing their companions...

“Well, I don't know how I would've done it,” Tom considers. “I suppose I would have made it extremely funny. Especially if I'd rescued the girl, and she'd kissed me, I would've been able to be absolutely astounded that she was pressing her lips on mine, thinking, ‘Oh, that was rather nice' and then saying, ‘Would you like to do that again?'” He laughs. “But I don't know. It was inconceivable during our time. We didn't think like that. I played him entirely… I never did handle the girls. Or if I did handle the girls, I always did it clumsily, because I reasoned that the Doctor wouldn't know about that.”

Also in DWM 411:

Exclusively for DWM readers, there's a brand new, free audio story to download featuring the Third Doctor and Jo! When Jo finds herself on an alien planet in the far future, she begins to recall a tale of ghosts and murders – and a terrible Time Lord secret... The Mists of Time stars Katy Manning as Jo Grant and is written by Jonathan Morris.

Doctor Who is the best television programme in the world... or is it? DWM talks to experts on the television industry, including Dick Fiddy, Alison Graham, Gill Hudson, Mark Lawson, Ben Lawrence, Jon Peake and Ally Ross, about how Doctor Who is really perceived by both media professionals and the public at large...

Doctor Who's Head Writer, Russell T Davies, investigates the curious case of the enigmatic Radio Times listings in Production Notes!

What's it like to see your favourite Doctor Who stars live – and naked – on stage? Read about Neil Harris' frankly unforgettable experiences in You Are Not Alone!

The mysterious Watcher reveals everything you need to know about the cricket-loving Fifth Doctor, as his essential guide to the Time Lord continues!

Was the Third Doctor's companion, Jo Grant, the sexiest assistant of all time? Decide for yourself, as we talk candidly to the actress who played her, Katy Manning!

As glaciers and dinosaurs threaten to destroy present-day Sydney, how on earth can the Doctor save the day? And what will become of his ‘employer', Majenta? Discover the answers in DWM's comic strip, The Age of Ice, by Dan McDaid with art by Martin Geraghty.

Get ready for the spookiest Time Team ever! Richard, Peter, Jac and Clay experience creepy goings-on in a Victorian haunted house as they watch the 1989 Seventh Doctor story, Ghost Light!

It's widely regarded as one of the best Doctor Who stories of all time! Find out why – and unearth a treasure trove of information – as The Fact of Fiction disinters 1967's Second Doctor story, The Tomb of the Cybermen!

All the latest news, reviews, previews, competitions and much, much more!


Doctor Who Magazine 412

DWM412_COVER.jpg ? In Stock £2.99

DWM takes a stroll in the woods with Fourth Doctor, Tom Baker. As we pick our way through the trees, we learn how to make the perfect bonfire, why Tom owns a gravestone and why it’s not a good idea to combine drinking and acting…


“In those days… it’s a long time ago, and it’s a world that no longer exists. It was a world where wine was available all the time, and hard drinking was a sign of being sociable. An actor who said, ‘No thanks, I can’t drink, or won’t drink’ wasn’t very interesting, because most of the conversation was fuelled by alcohol and cigarettes...”


Also in DWM 412:



Tom Baker is back in the studio as the Doctor in Hornets’ Nest, a new series of audio adventures for BBC Audio. DWM was present at the recording and gives a full report on proceedings, including exclusive interviews with the cast and crew.



Sixth Doctor companion actress, Nicola Bryant takes her turn to delve into the TARDIS tin! Discover who Nicola’s first crush was and what her favourite pair of pants are!



The Doctor turns sleuth as he races to save New Old Detroit from the ominously-named World Bomb in the complete new comic-strip adventure, The Deep Hereafter with words by Dan McDaid and art by Rob Davis.



Everything you need to know about the Doctor’s Sixth and most colourful incarnation in one easy package, thanks to The Watcher and his continuing guide to the lives of our favourite Time Lord.



In keeping with our celebration of Tom Baker’s return to the Doctor Who world, we step back in time to 1974 with The Fact of Fiction and take a look at the Fourth Doctor’s first adventure, Robot.



The Time Team’s Richard, Peter, Jac and Clay turn their square eyes to The Curse of Fenric and share their thoughts on this terrifying tale of World War II espionage, vampires and chess games.



Mary Tamm, who was the first incarnation of the Fourth Doctor’s companion, Romana talks to DWM about writing her autobiography and being a grandmother.



Outgoing Doctor Who supremo, Russell T Davies reflects on life in America, (including the revelation of chicken sausages) and his thoughts on the Eleventh Doctor’s costume.



There’s a photo special in this month’s Gallifrey Guardian rounding up all the pictures and coverage for the first day of filming for next year’s Series One, starring Matt Smith. Plus find out who’s coming back from the dead for this Christmas’s Tenth Doctor finale, The End of Time.



Neil Harris celebrates the unseen heroes of Doctor Who, including Leonardo Da Vinci who has the honour of not appearing in the series on two separate occasions!



All the latest news, reviews, previews, competitions and much, much more!



Doctor Who Magazine 413

DWM413_COVER d.jpg ? In Stock £3.99

It’s taken many months to compile... but now, at last, the results can be revealed of the biggest poll Doctor Who Magazine has ever undertaken! Discover which series in Doctor Who’s incredible 46-year history is the most popular; which is the highest rated story for each Doctor; which Dalek story is the most admired... And which remarkable story has come out on top of THE MIGHTY 200! Featuring contributions from members of the cast and crew who helped create the Top 10 stories and an in-depth analysis of the results, this very special issue is essential reading!




Hero’s welcome!

Russell T Davies describes the incredible reception David Tennant received when he took to the stage in the USA in Production Notes!


Silent victory?

There’s brand new comic strip adventure, Onomatopoeia, by Dan McDaid with art by Mike Collins.


Winning strategy?

The Eleventh Doctor’s on the way and Neil Harris is doing his best to avoid spoilers... Find out how in You Are Not Alone!


Dark Horse?

The Watcher continues his guide to everything you need to know about the Doctor’s 10 incarnations. Was the Seventh Doctor as dark and mysterious as his reputation suggests... ?


Top of the pops!

DWM interviews Thomas Sangster, star of Human Nature/The Family of Blood about his role as Tim Latimer, his Doctor Who audio story... and on playing Paul McCartney!


Doctor Who Magazine 415

dwm 415.jpg ? In Stock £2.99

Lindsay Duncan, aka Captain Adelaide Brooke of Bowie Base One, reveals in an exclusive interview in Doctor Who Magazine Issue 415 how her character is put under pressure in the new Doctor Who Special The Waters of Mars...


DWM asked Lindsay, what was it like working with David Tennant? “His energy levels are so high. You think, oh God! In terms of my character, but also in terms of myself, the actor, I desperately wanted to keep up with him, but I have to admit it – I can’t run as fast as him! But I gave it a good shot. I didn’t want Adelaide to drop the ball. I didn’t want her to show any kind of weakness...”


Also in DWM 415:


Space Oddity

DWM previews of the latest Doctor Who Special, The Waters of Mars and finds out from writers Russell T Davies and Phil Ford about what the future holds for the Doctor...



Russell T Davies pays his own personal tribute to former Doctor Who producer, director and writer Barry Letts in Production Notes.


Hallo Spaceboy

DWM reveals the the long-awaited results of the competition to ‘Be a Doctor Who Magazine reporter’, and follows the winner as she gets to go behind the scenes of the series – and chat to David Tennant and Russell T Davies!


Dead Man Walking

The Doctor and Majenta uncover the terrifying secret behind the apparitions in the London Underground in Part Two of the latest comic strip, Ghosts of the Northern Line by Dan McDaid with art by Paul Grist.


Without You

How different would things be if the TARDIS hadn’t taken the Doctor on some of his adventures? Neil Harris uncovers the surprising truth in You Are Not Alone...


Scary Monsters (and Super Creeps)

Doctor Who stories that nearly made it onto TV are being made at last! DWM investigates how scripts featuring Sil, the Ice Warriors, the Celestial Toymaker and many more are now being realised on audio...


Loving the Alien

The Watcher continues his essential guide to the Time Lord’s many incarnations and uncovers everything you ever needed to know about the northern Ninth Doctor...


Tin Machine II

What happened K9 get into battle against a robotic parrot? Find out as The Fact of Fiction looks at Douglas Adams’ memorable Fourth Doctor story from 1978 – The Pirate Planet.



DWM chats exclusively to actor Mark Williams, who brings the much-loved comic strip character of UFO spotter Maxwell Edison to life in the latest Doctor Who audio adventure!



All the latest news, previews, reviews, competitions and much, much more!


Doctor Who Magazine 416

dwm416.jpg ? In Stock £3.99

DAVID TENNANT gives an exclusive, in-depth interview in the BIGGEST EVER Doctor Who Magazine about his last days as the Tenth Doctor, the forthcoming Christmas Special, The End of Time, and the reasons why he’s decided to leave his dream job...


“When the Doctor decides he’s the ‘Time Lord Victorious’ [at the end of The Waters of Mars], we’re making him quite unsympathetic,” considers David.

More human, even?

“Well, it’s making him more Time Lord, actually, when you consider how they turned out.”

When we see the Doctor behaving arrogantly, selfishly or uncontrollably, it’s then that he appears more fallible, and therefore more human?

“The Time Lords were pretty fallible too,” David perseveres. “It’s hubris. It’s Greek. It needed that scale to tell the final story. It’s a tale of the gods, really... but gods who are fallible... and, I suppose, human...”





With just two weeks to go until this year’s Doctor Who Christmas Specials, get a tantalising taste of what’s in store, with our exclusive preview, and dozens of brand new photos from THE END OF TIME!



He’s the Doctor’s most persistent Time Lord nemesis – the Master is back! JOHN SIMM explains why he couldn’t miss out on the Tenth Doctor’s final party in an exclusive interview!



The Doctor’s faithful friend Wilfred Mott enters the TARDIS – and for BERNARD CRIBBINS it’s his first trip into time and space for 43 years! Bernard looks back over his incredible career...



The Fact of Fiction turns back the clock to Christmas 2005, and the moment when we first met the Tenth Doctor – in THE CHRISTMAS INVASION!



Doctor Who showrunner RUSSELL T DAVIES write his very last PRODUCTION NOTES – but what will be his all-important final word...?



Majenta Pryce’s dark secrets are about to be revealed as the Tenth Doctor begins his final, epic, comic strip adventure – THE CRIMSON HAND, by Dan McDaid with art from Martin Geraghty.



DWM looks back at the most memorable Doctor Who moments of 2009 in the REVIEW OF THE YEAR!



THE TIME TEAM relive the end of the twentieth century as they turn their attention to the Eighth Doctor’s only on-screen adventure, the 1996 TV Movie!



Win all the latest DVDs, CDs, books and audios – including the Doctor Who Series 1-4 box set! – in our specially extended CHRISTMAS COMPETITIONS section!



The Watcher concludes his definitive guide to the Time Lord’s many incarnations by taking a close look at THE TENTH DOCTOR...



... and the Watcher is also back, celebrating his own tenth anniversary, and to present his annual FIENDISHLY FESTIVE CHRISTMAS QUIZ!



DWM catches up with the slimy Sil, aka NABIL SHABAN and finds out what he thinks about Jonathan Ross, YouTube, weapons of mass destruction – and returning as Sil on audio!



All the news that’s fit to print (and quite a bit that isn’t) can be found in the latest edition of the Space-Time Telegraph!


PLUS! All the latest news, previews, reviews... AND a giant-sized, double-sided poster!

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