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Doctor Who Magazine

The Monthly Official Magazine published by Panini UK. Special issues are now in a separate section



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Doctor Who Magazine 372

dwm372 ? In Stock £7.00

The Doctor's new companion Freema Agyeman gives her first interview to Doctor Who Magazine:

"My agent got a call saying that they wanted me to audition for a regular in Torchwood, and I was so up for it. So I went for an audition in London. But I had to miss the second audition, cos I got sick for a week in January. It was really awful. I was so upset. But then they said that they'd reschedule it. And then, just before the third audition, I got a call from my agent. She said, 'All this time, they've been seeing you for the part of the new companion in Doctor Who, not for a regular in Torchwood!' I couldn't believe it!

"David Tennant was just a dream. He was so supportive. He was like, 'We can do the scene as many times as you want.' And the night before that audition, he'd left a little note under my door at the hotel. I went out to dinner with the casting director, and I came back and there was a little note ­ just, you know, so encouraging. These people aren't here to put barriers in my way, so I was able to walk in there like I'd walk into a room of friends..."

Also this issue, DWM takes a ringside seat for the battle of the century - it's Daleks versus Cybermen! ­ including an interview with Torchwood boss Tracy-Ann Oberman, and all the on-set gossip. James Strong presents the second half of his thrilling production diary on filming The Impossible Planet; an A-Z of Fear, chronicling the making of recent episode Fear Her; and the start of an exciting brand new comic strip adventure for the Doctor and Rose - The Futurists.

Plus, if that wasn't enough! Your chance to vote for your favourites of the latest series; DWM pays tribute to 1960s Doctor Who producer Peter Bryant who passed away recently; the Matrix Data Bank is put on trial by the Time Lords; and the Time Team reach the end of Tom Baker's tenure as the Doctor. Not forgetting all the latest news, reviews and previews... with a few other surprises along the way!


Doctor Who Magazine 377

dwm377 ? In Stock £4.99

RTD drops a few hints about The Runaway Bride, author Gareth Roberts interviewed, Jonathan Morris looks at the comedy in Dr Who in "Funny! Peculiar?", BBC7s Eighth Doctor tales are previewed, Sorvad returns, DWM Season Survey results for 2006, Andrew Pixley reviews 2006, The JNT Legacy examines the archive kept by the 1980s producer; and the Watcher presents the DWM yearly brainbuster


Doctor Who Magazine 378

dwm378 ? In Stock £4.99

Benjamin Cook heads for the set of Torchwood, DWM visits the set of The Runaway Bride, get the low down on the Sarah Jane Adventures special, Out of the TARDIS returns for a John Barrowman special, part one of a new comic strip "The Warkeeper's Crown" written by Alan Barnes.


Doctor Who Magazine 379

dwm379 ? In Stock £2.99

Find out what connects killer scarecrows, a giant game of pinball, the Daleks, and, er, Vincent Price, as DWM charts the incredible story behind the unmade motion picture - with insightful comments from writers Tom Baker and Ian Marter, as well as a full and detailed plot synopsis, and some beautiful new illustrations from artist Brian Williamson.

Also this issue, Helen Raynor talks exclusively about her new Doctor Who episode, Daleks in Manhattan; The Fact of Fiction uncovers Fourth Doctor classic Image of the Fendahl; and the Tenth Doctor and the Brigadier find themselves in the thick of the battle in Part 2 of their new comic strip adventure, The Warkeeper's Crown.

Plus! The first three Doctors are plucked out of their timestreams to solve Doctor Who's dating problems; Russell T Davies goes for a 3am walk around Cardiff Bay in Production Notes; and all the latest news, views and reviews from the worlds of Doctor Who.


Doctor Who Magazine 380

DWM380 ? In Stock £7.99

This issue, producers Julie Gardner and Phil Collinson are given a grilling - not by DWM, but by their own colleagues! Find out whether Michael Sheen is going to be the Eleventh Doctor, why Julie Gardner's windows have been nailed shut, and what the bathrooms are like in the TARDIS. Meanwhile David Tennant asks Phil and Julie... "Are the Zarbi coming back?"

"Phil, you'd better take that one!" laughs Julie.
"Well, we have agonised, actually, whether or not to bring back the Zarbi," Phil replies.
"Which ones were the Zarbi?" asks Julie.
"The Zarbi were in a story [The Web Planet] in like 1965 or something," Phil explains. "They were great big giant ants, which were actually ballet dancers in black tights, with a fibreglass ant on top of them. They would look rather marvellous in colour, it's true to say, but I can exclusively reveal that we are not going to be bringing back the Zarbi, I'm sorry David. He's lobbied hard for them, but we just think they're going to be too frightening for young children."
Perhaps they could feature in Torchwood?
"Yes, I'll take them!" pipes up Julie. "Phil, hand me your Zarbi!"

Also this issue, there's a full preview of Episode 1, Smith and Jones, with brand new photographs and information on the Doctor's first meeting with medical student Martha Jones. Meanwhile, their alter egos David Tennant and Freema Agyeman record vocals for the new Doctor Who cartoon, and have a go at drawing themselves exclusively for DWM. The Infinite Quest is given a full preview, with design drawings and exclusive backstage photos and interviews.

Plus: Doctor Who's longest-serving crewmember, director Graeme Harper, tells DWM about bringing back the Cybermen, working with six different Doctors, and what's in store for his two latest episodes, 42 and Utopia; former series script editor Terrance Dicks chats about his new novel Made of Steel and gives his views on the return of Doctor Who; writer Stephen Greenhorn gives a few hints about his new episode The Lazarus Experiment; and the Black Guardian and Turlough answer questions in the Matrix Data Bank.

Meanwhile the end of the world approaches, as the Doctor and the Brigadier try to stop the invasion of Upper Wardleswick in the devastating final part of the new comic strip, The Warkeeper's Crown. Who will survive the final battle?

On top of all this, there's a FREE Doctor Who CD from Big Finish Productions, all the latest reviews in Off the Shelf, a Space Cake in Production Notes, and more exclusive news in Gallifrey Guardian - including three new episode titles, and one very important piece of information which was all true and correct when we went to press, but is, um, not actually true and correct anymore. And it's printed on four different pages. See if you can spot it...


Doctor Who Magazine 381

DWM381 ? In Stock £2.99

Set Report from Smith And Jones, Previews of episodes 2,3 and 4 of series 3, Chris Chibnall interview, The story behind the 1972 adventure, The Curse Of Peladon and Camille Coduri answers your questions! And don't miss page 55!


Doctor Who Magazine 382

dwm382big ? In Stock £3.99

Writer Paul Cornell tells us all about writing the Doctor's Human Nature in the penultimate Script Doctors!
Exclusive previews of The Lazarus Experiment, 42, Human Nature and The Family of Blood - plus brand new photos from these new stories!
Part Two of our fabulous new comic strip The Woman Who Sold the World - and the Doctor's been put on hold!
The Time Team celebrate reaching 600 episodes with The King's Demons and The Five Doctors!
More from showrunner Russell T Davies in Production Notes, where he's suffering from a bit of Quantum trouble. Poor lamb.
Not forgetting the best news coverage around, a quite incredible encounter between screen legends in Matrix Data Bank On Tour, a preview of Robot on DVD, a tribute to writer Dave Martin, a ratings roundup in Public Image, and full reviews of Episodes 1 and 2!


Doctor Who Magazine 383

DWM383 ? In Stock £2.99

The new issue of Doctor Who Magazine will exclusively reveal the names of all eight writers for Doctor Who series four, as those penning the Doctor's adventures in 2008 are revealed by the production team at BBC Wales.

Also this issue; find out why the Doctor is to undergo his biggest challenge yet in the next Doctor Who story to hit your screens (see spoiler box). DWM goes behind the scenes on the thrilling new episodes Human Nature and The Family of Blood, also catching up with guest star Jessica Hynes, writer Paul Cornell, and showrunner Russell T Davies about this very different - and even more terrifying than usual! - Doctor Who adventure...

Plus: DWM spends an age with Professor Lazarus himself, alias actor Mark Gatiss; writer Steven Moffat explains why you should be keeping your eyes wide open for his spine-chilling new episode Blink; director James Strong recounts the second part of his blow-by-blow account of bringing the deadly Daleks to Manhattan; and make sure you pack your sunscreen for a trip to the SS Pentallian and 42 fantastic facts about 42!

Meanwhile, the magazine unwraps the secret plans for the end of the current series, with previews of the final four fantastic episodes - Blink, Utopia, The Sound of Drums and Last of the Time Lords; Part 3 of the new comic strip adventure The Woman Who Sold the World; while Russell T Davies is flying the flag (for Who) in another unmissable Production Notes.


Doctor Who Magazine 384

DWM384covers ? In Stock £7.99

"I've tried to explain to my son that his dad is going to be, like, the epitome of evil," John Simm laughs, "but if I say, 'I have a fight with Doctor Who,' and ask him who he wants to win, he'll say Doctor Who! It's one of those opportunities, though, to impress your son in a massive way, and that was just too good to turn down. Julie Gardner was trying to find something for me to do in it, and I kept saying, 'Look, I'm not being painted blue!' And then Julie and Russell T Davies said, 'What about the Master?' As soon as they said that, I was like, 'You're kidding? Oh yeah!' I got really excited about it, but I just had to sit on the news. I wanted to tell people, 'I'M GOING TO BE THE MASTER!!!' But it was a secret. Hmft."

Also this issue, there's a preview of the devastating climax to Series Three, Last of the Time Lords, as the Doctor, Martha and Jack struggle to save the Earth from the Master's clutches.

Plus showrunner Russell T Davies tells the story of how he resurrected the Master ("Did you hear me say that I didn't like the Master, and didn't want him back? Well, I was lying!") and DWM visits a haunted house to find out how Blink was brought to our screens. Meanwhile, there's a look at the darker side of the Doctor's nature, as we wonder whether his punishment of the Family of Blood is a sign of things to come... Oh, and we go all Smash Hits as we speak to top pop group McFly (honestly!) and look back at Doctor Who's many celebrity cameos. Meanwhile, the Doctor and Martha uncover the secret of the High Goliax in the conclusion of our comic strip adventure, The Woman Who Sold the World.

There is also Production Notes from writer Steven Moffat, a Matrix Data Bank where three defeated villains face the wrath of Sir Alan Sugar, the results of the 2006 Off the Shelf Awards, and a visit to Sea Base Four for those creatures of the inkiest depths, The Time Team. Not to mention the usual audio and DVD previews, reviews of the latest episodes and the newest merchandise, and more exclusive news hotfoot from BBC Wales.


Doctor Who magazine 385

dwm385 ? In Stock £2.99

In the new issue of Doctor Who Magazine, Freema Agyeman gives the inside scoop on how Martha will have changed when she next meets up with the Doctor in Series Four... "She'll actually be in a relationship by that point, so that part of her soul is fulfilled," Freema hints, "so I think she'll look at her relationship with the Doctor with fresh eyes - older and much, much wiser. The last time they will have seen one another is after she's just saved the world, so she went out on a high. And then they meet up again so I imagine that they'll be sizing each other up a bit!"

Also this issue, the mag goes behind the scenes on the Master's death scenes - and travels back to his very first appearance with a Fact of Fiction article on 1971's Terror of the Autons. Plus, take a trip to the year 100 Trillion with Blue Peter winner John Bell, and the Doctor Who design team reveals the special effects secrets behind the Master trilogy - with exclusive artwork, design drawings and photographs.

Meanwhile, the Doctor finds himself caught in traffic in DWM's new comic strip adventure, Bus Stop, and the Time Team witness the Resurrection of the Daleks.

Plus there's some exclusive news on Donna's return to the TARDIS; the latest on this year's Christmas Special, Voyage of the Damned, starring Kylie Minogue; and your chance to vote for your Series Three favourites in the DWM Season Survey.


Doctor Who Magazine 386

dwm 386 ? In Stock £2.99

RTD tells DWM, "This year's Christmas Special was always going to have a one-off companion, little knowing that it would be Kylie! I like the Christmas-ness of a one-off. As you'll see, there's a whole new take – again – on what a companion can be."

Russell reveals secrets concerning the return of 'Runaway Bride' Donna... "She gives us the chance to be blunt about things, and be gobsmacked by things. Of course, she'll still be brave and heroic sometimes, and she'll save the Doctor's life, but equally... for example, there's one episode where they land on an alien planet, and the first thing she does is go back in the TARDIS to find the right coat!"

Also in the mag, Barry Newbery, Doctor Who designer during the 60s, 70s and 80s, is given a VIP tour of Upper Boat in Cardiff where the series is now filmed; the Fact of Fiction looks at Terror of the Autons; Edward Thomas gives an in-depth insight into production design; and the Doctor and Martha begin a new comic strip adventure, The First. Plus, the Time Team looks at Fifth Doctor's final stories, and Gareth Roberts pens Production Notes.

Plus, exclusive casting news from BBC Wales, an exclusive new pic of the Doctor and Donna, and a review of the three-part series finale.


Doctor Who Magazine 387

dwm 387 ? In Stock £6.99

Interview: Catherine Tate - DWM has a gossip with the new lady in the TARDIS, in between wrestling with the Ood and hob-nobbing with Agatha Christie. TV Preview- the Sarah Jane Adventures, we get the low down on the CBBC series, as Sarah Jane begins her new adventures. 100 Not Out: Big Finish celebrates its 100th regular Dr Who release. FACT OF FICTION: An in-depth analysis of the 1978 story The Stones Of Blood. Comic Strip: The First - Part Two. All the usual news and gossip too.

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