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The Monthly Official Magazine published by Panini UK. Special issues are now in a separate section



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Doctor Who Magazine 490

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Doctor Who Magazine spoke to the show’s executive producer and head writer, Steven Moffat, to give us a taste of what’s in store over the next 12 episodes…


“Why not start with a blockbuster?” says Steven of the two-part opening story, The Magician’s Apprentice and The Witch’s Familiar. “Why leave it till the last two weeks? So yes, it’s like starting with a finale, and having a big, grand, movie-sized story, as opposed to a 45-minute story.”


What does Steven like about the longer format? “It allows you to play with certain things,” he replies. “There’s a kind of scale that you can attain in a two-parter, that you can’t have in 45 minutes. It’s a scale that we’re not used to at the moment, as we haven’t done two-parters for quite a while. And in a way, it’s sort of advertising the fact that we’ve got two-parters back this year. We do things in that first episode that I would say are very ‘two-parter-y’.”





He’s mad, bad and dangerous to know… and now, DWM has discovered the secret diary of the Master, which reveals the insane thinking behind his… er, her every scheme!


Why does nearly everyone in Doctor Who speak English? Steve Lyons investigates the mystery of universal translation throughout the history of the series – and comes to some intriguing conclusions…


Showrunner Steven Moffat answers more readers’ questions – and presents a brand new scene which explores what the Doctor called himself during the Time War…


The Fourth Doctor and Romana encounter creatures with a thirst for blood – and an ancient enemy of the Time Lords – as the The Fact of Fiction explores the 1980 story State of Decay.


Clara has a shocking reunion with her boyfriend in the brand-new comic strip adventure, Spirits of the Jungle, by Jonathan Morris, illustrated by John Ross.


Novelist, fan girl, and mum Jacqueline Rayner celebrates the joy of a new Doctor Who trailer in her regular column, Relative Dimensions.


The Time Team embark on a marathon viewing session as they sit down to watch David Tennant’s swansong as the Doctor: The End of Time.


DWM takes a look at a landmark new series of books, which begins in September: Doctor Who The Complete History.


DWM talks to the people involved in the latest Doctor Who CD and book releases, including Dan Starkey, James Goss and Gary Russell.


The Watcher examines some of the many unanswered questions in Doctor Who and celebrates a feisty equine talent in Wotcha!.

PLUS! All the latest official news, reviews, competitions and The DWM Crossword.


Doctor Who Magazine 493

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Doctor Who Magazine looks ahead to the dramatic final episodes of the latest series – Sleep No More, Face the Raven, Heaven Sent and Hell Bent, and talks to to the writers of the episodes: Mark Gatiss, Sarah Dollard and showrunner Steven Moffat. We also catch up with the director of the series finale, Rachel Talalay and the Doctor himself, Peter Capaldi…


“The whole episode’s quite big,” Peter tells DWM of the 12th and final episode of the series, Hell Bent. “It’s huge, actually – but also there’s a sadness, a romance, and a tragedy to Episode 12,” he says. “It’s just so romantic. It’s very effective. And I loved all the stuff on one particular set. I was very excited. It looks so modern – a Kubrick-y kind of vibe. It was very nice. We’re in a very interesting place, because we’re competing with bigger shows, frankly. Most American shows have four times the budget per episode that we have, but that’s what we’re up against. We’re competing with Game of Thrones… This is traditional for Doctor Who, but it goes to show what this amazing production team can achieve.”





DWM reunites League of Gentlemen stars Mark Gatiss and Reece Shearsmith – writer and star respectively of Sleep No More – for an exclusive interview! Plus a chat with guest star Bethany Black.


Showrunner Steven Moffat answers readers’ questions, and reveals just who the Doctor is talking to when he’s looking directly at the camera…


Poll-winning writer Jamie Mathieson discusses his varied career, including his life as a stand-up comedian, and how his latest episode, The Girl Who Died, came to be.


Writer Catherine Tregenna talks in-depth to DWM about how she came to write her recent Doctor Who episode, The Woman Who Lived.


Jacqueline Rayner explains why The Girl Who Died reminded her of the Moxx of Balhoon, her childhood and Dodo in Relative Dimensions.


The Doctor and Clara face terror in the cemetery in their latest terrifying comic strip adventure, The Highgate Horror, by Mark Wright, illustrated by David A Roach.


DWM reviews The Girl Who Died, The Woman Who Lived, The Zygon Invasion and The Zygon Inversion. Plus, the latest DVDs, books and audios are put under the spotlight.


Doctor Who Magazine 494

dwm494.jpg ? In Stock £5.99

This issue of Doctor Who Magazine looks forward to 2015's Doctor Who Christmas Special – The Husbands of River Song – and also features an exclusive interview with the Doctor himself, Peter Capaldi...


Talking about how the Doctor going to cope with meeting River Song again:

There’s a very different dynamic. As you’ll see, she doesn’t know it’s him at first. She can’t be convinced that it is, so she’s sort of not interested in him! He gets a taste of his own medicine, from her. She treats him very coldly, and flirts with a lot of other people in front of him. He doesn’t get any flirting, which I think upsets him. Eventually – finally! – she recognises him. But then another element comes into play and… well, you’ll have to wait and see. But it’s fun...


Also inside this issue:

THE HUSBANDS OF RIVER SONG: DWM previews the exciting Christmas Special The Husbands of River Song and talks exclusively with writer Steven Moffat.

GOOD KING HYDROFLAX? We chat to Inbetweeners star Greg Davies about his upcoming role as King Hydroflax – husband to River Song – in this year’s Doctor Who Christmas Special.

ASK STEVEN: Showrunner Steven Moffat answers readers’ questions about Trap Streets, Zygons and why Osgood is Osgood.

DRAGONS’ DEN: There’s a brand-new comic strip this issue: The Dragon Lord, written by Steve Lyons and illustrated by Adrian Salmon.

CHRISTMAS IS COMING: In her column Relative Dimensions, Jacqueline Rayner wonders if question-mark underpants will be available in time for Christmas.

HEAVEN & HELL: DWM goes behind the scenes of this year’s final two episodes, Heaven Sent and Hell Bent, and chats to director Rachel Talalay about how she went about bringing back Gallifrey.

RASSILON RETURNS: Actor Donald Sumpter, who previously appeared in 1968’s The Wheel in Space and 1972’s The Sea Devils, chats about meeting his third Doctor, and about his appearance as Rassilon in the recent Hell Bent.

ZYGON ALERT! Writer of this year’s acclaimed Zygon two-parter, Peter Harness, talks exclusively to DWM and explains how a Saturday teatime children’s show can simultaneously speak to adults about serious political issues.

DWM’S REVIEW OF 2015: DWM travels back in time to January to relive the Doctor Who highlights of this year.

CLARA’S KILLER! One of the people responsible for Clara’s death ­– Sarah Dollard, writer of Face the Raven – explains her actions!

THE DWM REVIEW: DWM reviews the final four episodes of the latest series: Sleep No More, Face the Raven, Heaven Sent and Hell Bent, as well as revisiting the Doctor’s first Christmas Day appearance in 1965’s The Feast of Steven. We also take a look at the latest books and audio and Doctor Who gifts which make perfect stocking fillers.

COMING SOON: All the latest Doctor Who merchandise releases, including the much-anticipated War Doctor audio dramas from Big Finish, Only the Monstrous.

PLUS! All the latest official news, competitions, The Watcher’s Fiendishly Festive Christmas Quiz, The DWM Christmas Crossword and a massive double-sided poster!


Doctor Who Magazine 508

dwm508.jpg ? In Stock £7.00

Doctor Who Magazine Issue 508 is a special issue looking back to the show's grooviest decade, the 1970's.


The magaizine has brought together actress Katy Manning, who played Jo Grant alongside the third Doctor, with one of her biggest fans, Doctor Who writer and actor Mark Gatiss. Gatiss remembers the first time he saw Katy on screen in her début adventure, 1971's Terror of the Autons…

Mark: “I remember it as if it were yesterday. I have very, very particular memories of those first few stories. I was so frightened of that little troll doll –”


Katy: “It’s still pretty ghastly. (Shudders) It had pointed teeth, and the way it walked –”


Mark: “I was four years old. Your early memories tend to be either something amazing, or something very traumatic. Usually traumatic.”


Katy: “But it was an extraordinary episode. I loved it as an introduction, because Jo was quite different. She was just ordinary, really. She had no special talents. You watch Jo, literally straight out of school, saying, ‘I didn’t say I passed,’ [in response to the Doctor’s ‘I thought you took an A-level in Science?’] – which I thought was a great line to give anybody!”


Mark: “It’s absolutely true to say that everybody has their Doctor and their time, and I just can’t remember there not being a time when Jon and Katy were it for me. I revisit them often, especially in trouble times – or on wintery afternoons. Like I did the other day. ‘Ooh, I think I might have a glass of sherry and a mince pie, and watch Planet of the Daleks, because it’ll make me feel good.’ I know I sound like I’m about a hundred years old –”


Katy: “Leave that to me. (Laughs) But she was very young, Jo, which was so lucky, because I got to grow up. The writers were very clever. They saw I was growing up, so Jo grew up with me.”


Mark: “And I grew up with Jo.”

Also Inside This Issue…


Terrance Dicks Interviewed

A chat with Doctor Who’s masterful writer, genius script editor, prolific novelist and creator of the Time Lords.

Doctor Who In The 1970s

An exploration of how Doctor Who reflected the real world during the 1970s.

Time Capsule

We vworp back to revisit what was happening during a single month in Doctor Who history: November 1977.

Doorway To Hell

Part One of a brand-new comic strip adventure, set in 1973, written by Mark Wright and illustrated by Staz Johnson.

The Brain Of Morbius

1970s Doctor Who meets Gothic horror, as the TARDIS lands on Karn in this issue’s Fact of Fiction.

The DWM Review

A look back of the 2016 Christmas Special The Return of Doctor Mysterio, plus all the latest audio releases.


A look ahead to all the latest Doctor Who CD and book releases, coming soon.


Plus A FREE Doctor Who comic, *Sub Zero, featuring the Third Doctor and the Daleks, originally presented in 1972!


Doctor Who Magazine 510

dwm510.jpg ? In Stock £7.00

This issue of Doctor Who Magazine pays tribute to Sir John Hurt aka the War Doctor, who passed away in January. David Tennant, David Warner and Louise Jameson are among those who celebrate a career spanning Alien to Z Cars, with Steven Moffat observing:

It doesn’t need saying – John Hurt was one of the greatest actors who ever lived. That’s not even controversial, that’s just a fact. I only met him a handful of times, but I can confirm the other thing that everyone else has been saying about him: he was also incredibly nice. Now, nice doesn’t seem like much of compliment, but you have to remember that this man was, quite rightly, worshipped by everyone he met. Worship has been known to go to people’s heads – but not John’s. If a man can remain humble and kind and warm as the world basically genuflects around him, then that is no ordinary man. The Doctor would be proud to be John Hurt – and for one very special day, he was.





DAVID TENNANT INTERVIEW - David Tennant shares warm memories of working with John Hurt on 2013’s The Day of the Doctor.

STRONG TO THE FINISH - John Hurt’s Big Finish colleagues pay tribute to him – a special interview with Nicholas Briggs, Jason Haigh-Ellery and David Richardson.

ASK STEVEN MOFFAT - Showrunner Steven Moffat answers readers’ burning questions.

RICHARD AND THE DOCTOR - DWM speaks Comic Relief’s co-founder Richard Curtis about his role in 1999’s The Curse of Fatal Death and writing 2010’s Vincent and the Doctor.

WHO CREATED DOCTOR WHO? Coinciding with the 100th anniversary of Sydney Newman's birth, a feature on how he was frustrated in his attempts to be officially recognised as Doctor Who’s creator.

HOME TAPING - What did fans do before the days of home video releases? Before DVD, Blu-ray and digital downloads? DWM follows the story of preserving off-air copies of Doctor Who.

DRAMATIC FX - We examine how the visual effects of 1977’s The Invisible Enemy were achieved on a miniscule budget.

DOORWAY TO HELL - The original Master is up to no good in Part Three of our brand-new comic strip, written by Mark Wright and illustrated by Staz Johnson.

DAY OF THE MOON - The Doctor and his companions lead a revolution against the memory-erasing Silence in this issue’s Time Team.

VWORP VWORP! - We chat to the creators of Vworp Vworp as they release Volume 3 of their Doctor Who fanzine.

REVIEWS - DWM reviews the latest book, audio and DVD releases in the world of Doctor Who.

COMING SOON - Previews of all the latest Doctor Who CD and book releases.


PLUS! All the latest official news, competitions, the DWM crossword, and more!


Doctor Who Magazine 514

DWM514.jpg ? In Stock £7.00

Looking ahead to the series 10 finale, the latest issue of Doctor Who Magazine contains interviews with both Masters.


John Simm tells the magazine about playing the Master with a beard:

Yeah, I just grew it, and turned up at the readthrough, and said, ‘You know, I fancy a bit of this.’ Everybody seemed fine with it. I just thought, ‘Give a little nod.’ It was a nod to the Delgado and Ainley Masters. There’s a line in the final episode where he mentions ‘old-school’, and I made sure to give the beard a little stroke – a small nod to the old Masters.

Michelle Gomez ponders on whether the Master could ever truly become good:

Even the worst psychopath can’t be entirely bad. It’s basic math. A positive cannot exist without a negative, and so there always has to be a thread of goodness in somebody. What makes you thoroughly evil, I believe, is when you recognise that thread of goodness – you’re aware of it, you’re conscious of it – and you still decide to be evil. Then, yes, you’ve earned the crown of… of evilness? Evil-ality. You wear your crown of evil-ality.

Also in this issue:



Writer Steven Moffat and director Rachel Talalay give DWM readers an exclusive preview of the series finale, The Doctor Falls.


The writer and actor chats to DWM about his love of Doctor Who, his long association with series, and his most recent episode Empress of Mars.


Showrunner Steven Moffat writes about how he has delivered his final Doctor Who script – the 2017 Christmas Special.


The adventure continues for the Doctor and Bill in Part 3 of the latest comic strip story, written by Scott Gray, with art by Martin Geraghty.


This issue’s Fact of Fiction looks back at the 1981 Fourth Doctor story The Keeper of Traken – which featured an unexpected appearance of an old foe...


DWM reviews the latest TV episodes (The Lie of the Land, Empress of Mars and The Eaters of Light) as well as audio and DVD releases in the world of Doctor Who.


Previews of all the latest Doctor Who CD and book releases.


PLUS! All the latest official news, the Watcher’s column, competitions, the DWM crossword – and more.


Doctor Who Magazine 515

dwm515.jpg ? In Stock £7.00



With his last episode due to air at Christmas, we asked Doctor Who‘s head writer and showrunner Steven Moffat if he ever thought, back in 2004, when he wrote The Empty Child, that he’d still be writing for the series in 2017?


“No, God, no!” he exclaims. “God, no! I also didn’t think I’d do the showrunning job for more than three years, and I’m here after six series. Yes, I’ve been writing Doctor Who stories since 2004. That’s a hell of a long time. When I wrote The Empty Child/The Doctor Dances, I wondered if I’d ever write another Doctor Who story. I was very keen to, I really wanted to. I remember asking, ‘Would you have me back next year…?’”


So what’s next for Steven after he finishes with the Doctor? He’s staying tight-lipped.


“I’m looking forward to the idea of not having to automatically say no to everything else! Whether that’s writing jobs, or weekends away. I can write different things. I’m looking forward to that, hugely. But I am so glad it happened. I’d have been miserable if I’d never got to write Doctor Who! It’s been amazing. Of course it’s been amazing.”





Steven Moffat writes his final column for DWM, and his last-ever Doctor Who words!


A look back at 20 amazing things about the Steven Moffat era of Doctor Who – plus tributes from Russell T Davies, Chris Chibnall, Mark Gatiss and many others…


The concluding part of our all-encompassing interview with actor/writer Mark Gatiss!


There’s a brand-new adventure for the Doctor and Bill Potts in Part 1 of a new comic strip story, written by Scott Gray, with art by Staz Johnson.


Reviews of the 2017 series, and the season finale World Enough and Time/The Doctor Falls.


The Fact of Fiction examines the Eleventh Doctor’s début adventure, 2010’s The Eleventh Hour!


The latest DVD and audio releases are put under the microscope.


Previews of all the latest Doctor Who CD and book releases.

PLUS! All the latest official news, the Watcher’s column, prize-winning competitions, the DWM crossword, the 2017 Season Survey – and much, much more!



Doctor Who Magazine 526

dwm526.jpg ? In Stock £7.00

As part of DWM’s detailed preview of the forthcoming Season 12 Blu-ray set, Tom Baker reflects

on the role that changed his life. “You know, Doctor Who is nothing to do with science fiction,” he

says. “It’s nothing to do with anything. It’s a bit like religion really, in that all you have to do is

believe it. And I can believe any old nonsense.”


Also in this issue…



An extensive interview with the production designer who achieved the impossible on Season 12 of

Doctor Who.



How Season 12 script editor Robert Holmes created a storytelling formula that continues to

influence the modern series.



The life and career of the Australian actor who played Styre in Season 12’s The Sontaran Experiment.



The untold story of how Doctor Who led a marketing campaign for tea bags in 1976.



The actress talks about how her life has changed since she made her Doctor Who debut – and met

her future husband – in 2008.



Jessica talks about illustrating her character Mags (from The Greatest Show in the Galaxy) for a new

Seventh Doctor comic.



The second part of a series looking at how new Doctors have been introduced to the public.



It’s hankies at the ready as the Time Team watch tearjerking episodes from 1982, 2006 and 2010.



Part Three of a new comic strip adventure written by Scott Gray and illustrated by John Ross.



The Blogs of Doom, previews, DVD and audio reviews, news, prize-winning competitions and much



Doctor Who Magazine 527

dwm527.jpg ? In Stock £7.00

The new issue of Doctor Who Magazine included new interviews with Wendy Padbury, Carole Ann Ford and Sophie Aldred.


Wendy Padbury, who played Second Doctor companion Zoe:

I’ve met two or three people who became astrophysicists because of Zoe, and that’s quite a thing.

Sophie Aldred, who played Seventh Doctor companion Ace:

When I think about being 24 and let loose on one of the most-loved programmes on TV... It gave me a lot of confidence.

Carole Ann Ford, who played the Doctor’s granddaughter Susan:

I really would like to meet Jodie Whittaker. What would I say to her? ‘Hello grandma!’

Also in this issue...


Class cast members reflect on the fate of the television series and reveal the next step for the show.

LONDON, 1965!

The story behind the Twitch viewing marathon, and the surprising effect one particular scene had on viewers.


One man’s mission to save and restore the last remaining police boxes in Glasgow.


The third article in a series looking at ways new Doctors have been introduced to the public.


Australian comedian Rob Lloyd, acclaimed for his one-man show Who, Me, talks to DWM on the eve of his UK tour.


A tribute to the late Graham Strong, the fan whose 1960s soundtrack recordings have played a crucial role in reconstructing lost episodes.


The Time Team takes a trip to Gallifrey, watching three adventures set on the Doctor’s home planet.


This issue’s instalment explores the Eleventh Doctor story The Vampires of Venice.


A step-by-step guide to making your own version of Captain Jack Harkness’ vortex manipulator.


The fourth part of a new comic strip adventure featuring the Doctor and Bill.

PLUS... Series 11 news, The Blogs of Doom, previews, DVD and audio reviews and prize-winning competitions.


Doctor Who Magazine 528

DWM_528.jpg ? In Stock £7.00

In the new issue of Doctor Who Magazine, showrunner Chris Chibnall describes the meticulous preparations to reveal Jodie Whittaker as the Thirteenth Doctor in the original trailer. Despite all the secret plotting, the plan nearly came off the tracks when their cover was in danger of being blown by a wedding and a Velothon…


In the exclusive article, Chris recalls his anxiety:


In my mind I’m thinking: are we really doing this? A secret shoot, with only nine people involved? Will this work? Can we reveal the new Doctor this way? Are the BBC really going to put it out during the Wimbledon Men’s Singles Final? Is it crazy? Will people even watch or notice? (Turns out, the answer to all those questions is yes).


Somewhere on a train, Jodie Whittaker is making her way towards us, having told people she’s off to make a low budget Scandinavian film this weekend.


Recce done, we hole up in a hotel. Some of us are checked in under fake names, I can’t work out whether that’s for security, or because we’re all enjoying the cloak and dagger. When I go to check in, I forget my fake name. I’m not very good at this.


The hotel is quiet. Great. As we walk across reception we notice lots of champagne glasses. The staff explain: preparations for the massive wedding reception that’s going to be happening tonight. Right. Uh-oh.


To get to the car tomorrow, Jodie will have to walk through this big reception, where the hungover wedding guests will be checking out in the morning. How do we get the new Doctor from her room to the car park, in the costume she’s wearing for the shoot, without anyone spotting? We’re just going to have to style it out.


Sunday morning. Jo Pearce (Social and Digital genius) has gone out early, done a dry run driving from the hotel to the location checking the route. And she comes back alarmed: there’s a Velothon on the route! Some of the roads are closed! Her brilliantly planned shortest possible route from hotel to location won’t work. What’s more, the car will be passing hundreds of cyclists. What if we have to stop at traffic lights? What if somebody looks in and sees the new Doctor? Hopefully Velothon cyclists will have other things to think about. We manage to smuggle the new Doctor into the back of Jo’s car. Hood up in the back, like she’s cosplaying The Matrix, sandwiched between two others.


The week rolls towards the Wimbledon final. Calls are made. Who needs to know the identity of the new Doctor before the rest of the world? Most importantly, Peter Capaldi. We set a time, I call him…


The full story revealing more details about the secrecy that went on, how the shoot happened and who else received those all-important calls is in the new issue of DWM.




Other highlights of issue 528 include:


A visit to the archive of Doctor Who writer and script editor Douglas Adams

Peter Purves answers questions from the TARDIS tin

The untold story of Sky Ray ice lollies and Doctor Who, with images of rare 1960s memorabilia

Behind the scenes on IDW’s distinctive range of American Doctor Who comics

Graphic designer Lee Binding reveals what went into the packaging for the Season 12 Blu-ray box set

The Time Team tackles three of Doctor Who’s most controversial episodes

The Fact of Fiction explores the 2017 story Empress of Mars

Seventh Doctor cosplay with Jamie Lenman

Part Five of The Clockwise War, a new comic strip adventure featuring the Doctor and Bill

Previews, audio reviews, news, The Blogs of Doom, prize-winning competitions and much more!


Doctor Who Magazine 529

dwm529.jpg ? In Stock £7.00


Doctor Who Magazine 529 also includes:

Meet the writers and directors of Series 11

An interview with Roy Scammell, who was part of Doctor Who‘s stunt team in the 1970s

The life and work of Don Harper, the composer responsible for the soundtrack to 1968 epic The Invasion

Big Finish’s Lisa Bowerman answers questions from the TARDIS tin

Games company Gale Force 9 reveal the background to Time of the Daleks

A tribute to Alan Bennion, who played three Ice Warriors in the 1960s and 70s

Part Six of The Clockwise War, a new comic strip adventure featuring the Doctor and Bill

The Time Team watches three pseudo-historical Doctor Who stories

The Fact of Fiction explores the 2013 Eleventh Doctor story Hide

Third Doctor cosplay with Rob Lloyd

Previews, audio, DVD and game reviews, news, The Blogs of Doom, prize-winning competitions and much, much more!

PLUS a huge double-sided poster featuring the Doctor, Yasmin, Ryan and Graham.


Doctor Who Magazine 535

dwm535.jpg ? Out of Stock £5.99


Doctor Who Magazine 535 also includes:


An exclusive preview of the Doctor Who: The Collection – Season 18 Blu-ray box set – and a look behind the making-of Logopolis‘ digital makeover

An exclusive interview with Season 18’s script editor Christopher H Bidmead

DWM investigates the story of the 1960s Doctor Who audio recordings which were discovered in a skip at the end of 2018

A visit to one of the Doctor Who escape rooms which are opening across the UK

An interview with Feifei Ruan, the artist commissioned to create Chinese-inspired Doctor Who artwork for Shanghai Comic Con

Part One of Herald of Madness, a brand-new comic strip adventure featuring the Thirteenth Doctor and her friends

The Time Team watches 2006’s Love & Monsters and explores what it means to be a Doctor Who fan

The Fact of Fiction delves into the 1980 Fourth Doctor story Full Circle

An in-depth look at how Resolution performed in the ratings

The Blogs of Doom, reviews, previews, news, prize-winning competitions and much, much more!

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