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Doctor Who Magazine

The Monthly Official Magazine published by Panini UK. Special issues are now in a separate section



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Doctor Who Magazine 461

dwm461.jpg ? In Stock £3.99

This issue of Doctor Who Magazine marks the centenary of legendary actor Peter Cushing’s birth, as well as the release on DVD and Blu-ray of Dr Who and the Daleks and Daleks’ Invasion Earth 2150 AD in which he starred. DWM takes a look at the life of the man who was the big screen Dr Who...

I only saw one episode of Doctor Who on TV, but I felt the character was unnecessarily harsh. I see him as a jolly old fellow – not sour at all!


Also in this issue:


The Cyber-Planner: "I thought the coolest thing in the world would be writing Batman, and it absolutely was... until the point that I wrote Doctor Who." Neil Gaiman tells us about writing the recent episode Nightmare in Silver!

And The Winnder Is... The votes are in for the 2012 Season Survey and the winners are revealed, including: Favourite Story, Best Director, Best Writer, and what was top of your wish list for the forthcoming 50th anniversary – as well as a chance to vote in our 2013 poll.

Countdown to Destruction! The TARDIS takes the First Doctor, Vicki and Steven to a doomed alien world where a conflict rages between the survivors of two crashed spaceships, the Drahvins and the Rills in Galaxy 4. This overlooked serial from 1965 is the subject of this issue’s Fact of Fiction, which reveals new and fascinating facts about the production.

Good Things: Doctor Who’s top man Steven Moffat answers questions from DWM readers, including how he times the length of episodes, and how would he feel about an American version of Doctor Who?

Noble Companion: DWM’s journey through the history of Doctor Who reaches 2008 and the show's thirtieth series in Countdown to 50. Donna Noble becomes the Doctor’s travelling companion and together they encounter Sontarans, crazed Ood, Davros and Agatha Christie, and visit ancient Rome, parallel worlds, and the Shadow Proclamation.

Youth Today! Chris, Emma, Michael and Will roll back the years when they sit down to watch The Lazarus Experiment from 2007. What will our trusty Time Team make of Professor Lazarus’ quest for eternal youth?

Final Reckoning... The Promethians have won, mankind has been reduced to a state of barbarism and the Doctor and his friends Ian and Barbara are at the mercy of the Tribe of Gum. All hope is lost. Or is it? The Doctor has a plan, but is it already too late? Events reach a staggering climax in the sixth and final instalment of the epic comic strip adventure Hunters of the Burning Stone, written by Scott Gray, with pencils by Martin Geraghty.

It's The End... Columnist Jac Rayner recalls how she helped her children face the reality of death – both fictional and in reality in this issue’s Relative Dimensions.

The Reason We're Writin': The Watcher tackles the thorny subject of Doctor Who mispronunciations in A History of Doctor Who in 100 Objects; presents a Grecian themed challenge to readers with The Six Faces of Delusion; outs another hapless Supporting Artist of the Month; and goes Wild with a list of Top Ten Westerns. All this and more in this issue’s hilarious Wotcha!



PLUS! All the latest official news, TV and merchandise reviews, previews, ratings analysis, competitions, a prize-winning crossword and much, much more!


Doctor Who Magazine 462

DWM 462.jpg ? In Stock £3.99

In this issue of Doctor Who Magazine, as speculation mounts about the identity of the next Doctor, the show’s head writer and executive producer STEVEN MOFFAT writes exclusively for DWM about casting MATT SMITH as the Eleventh Doctor, and the times they’ve shared together during the production of the series.

‘These have been the maddest few years of my writing career – so many ridiculous adventures, so many things I thought I’d never do – and I could not have shared them with a kinder, more considerate, more supportive friend than the man I completely refuse to call Smithers.’

Also this issue:


If you thought there just eleven Doctors, think again! And we’re not just referring to the surprise appearance of John Hurt at the end of The Name of the Doctor. Discover the Doctor’s forgotten incarnations in THE SIXTY-SEVEN DOCTORS!


He fought at the Third Doctor’s side as UNIT’s Captain Mike Yates, confronting Autons, battling Daleks, and resisting the control of mad computers… DWM talks exclusively to RICHARD FRANKLIN about his relationship with his alter ego.


Clara makes her comic strip début in the first part of a brand new adventure, A WING AND A PRAYER, written by SCOTT GRAY with art by MIKE COLLINS. When a sandstorm forces the TARDIS down in the Iraqi desert in 1930, Clara is overjoyed to meet the legendary Amy Johnson, currently engaged in her bid to become the first woman to fly across the world. But something else is hiding in desert sands. Something small and sinister…


The Sixth Doctor uncovers a plot by the Cybermen to change their own history by using Halley’s comet to destroy the Earth, in Attack of the Cybermen. The Fact of Fiction places this serial from 1985 under the microscope, revealing more facts about the story than a Cyberman can shake a clenched silver fist at. Excellent!


DWM‘s COUNTDOWN TO 50 reaches the final days of the Tenth Doctor era and the five Specials shown from Christmas 2008 to New Year’s Day 2010, as the chorological tour through Doctor Who history continues. So eager to help people, the Tenth Doctor crosses a line and breaks the rules…


Chris, Emma, Michael and Will are on the edge of their seats as the seconds count down to disaster for the ill-fated SS Pentallian and her crew as it plunges down into the hungry fires of a sun. Will our TIME TEAM chums survive the tension of the nail-biting Tenth Doctor adventure, 42? Or will it just be one big meltdown?


There’s nothing more annoying than having your viewing of a brand new episode of Doctor Who disturbed by a phone call or a knock at the door. But, as JACQUELINE RAYNER relates in this issue’s RELATIVE DIMENSIONS, with a husband and two children, it’s not always easy to maintain that perfect peace and calm, even for just 45 minutes…


WOTCHA! is full of Goodies this issue as the mysterious white one shines a light on some of Doctor Who’s more notable, enduring and often quoted misconceptions – including that there was an episode featuring a giant kitten that climbed up the Post Office Tower! All this to be found in A History of Doctor Who in 100 Objects. Plus The Six Faces of Delusion continues the Goodies theme; a selection of new previously unknown definitions from The Stockbridge English Dictionary; The Top Ten Nursery Rhymes with a Doctor Who twist; and an unforgiving spotlight on another Supporting Artist of the Month.

PLUS! All the latest official news, TV and merchandise reviews, previews, ratings analysis, competitions, a prize-winning crossword and much, much more!


Doctor Who Magazine 463

dwm 463.jpg ? In Stock £4.99

This edition of Doctor Who Magazine looks back ten years, to the time when it had just been announced that Doctor Who was to return, and asks, was the series nearly stopped before it could begin?


In the first part of a look back at how and why Doctor Who was recommissioned back in 2003, the magazine talks to the people who ensured its successful comeback, including the then BBC Controller of Drama Commissioning Jane Tranter, writer Russell T Davies and BBC Wales' Head of Drama Julie Gardner who tells the magazine

When Michael Grade arrived back at the BBC as Chairman, Mark Thompson was back as Director General. Michael Grade didn't like Doctor Who at all. Mark Thompson actually asked me if we could stop. I said, no, we couldn't!

Also in this issue.


Doctor Who’s showrunner and head writer Steven Moffat presents the three pieces that he wrote for the actors that have auditioned for the role of the Twelfth Doctor.

Doctor Who author Bob Baker looks back on his career in an interview and speaks of his most famous contribution to the Doctor Who universe: K9, the Doctor’s robotic dog.

As we await the announcement of the new star of Doctor Who, journalist Claire Budd and novelist Una McCormack go head-to-head to debate the burning question: Is it time for the Doctor to become a Woman?

Arriving in the far future, the Fourth Doctor, Harry and Sarah discover that the last survivors of mankind are about to face the deadly, parasitic Wirrn! The Fact of Fiction looks back to one of Doctor Who's all-time great adventures – The Ark In Space – and reveals some surprising new facts.

It’s 2010, and the dawn of a new era as Matt Smith makes his début as the Eleventh Doctor. The show may have a new leading man and a new style, but it’s still Doctor Who in the latest instalment of the ongoing cruise through Doctor Who history in Countdown to 50.

The Time Team take a trip to pre-war England as Chris, Emma, Michael and Will settle down to watch the two-part Tenth Doctor story Human Nature/ The Family of Blood and find that the formidable Family of Blood and their sinister Scarecrow servants are following the Doctor’s trail.

Clara’s lunch date with the legendary pilot, Amy Johnson has been rudely interrupted by two identical copies of themselves… made from sand! Meanwhile, the Doctor is having trouble with his own doppelganger, and the real enemy is about to make its entrance. The latest comic strip adventure A Wing and a Prayer – written by Scott Gray with art by Mike Collins – continues.

Change is an essential part of Doctor Who and has allowed the series to constantly reinvent and reinvigorate itself for 50 years. And, as Jacquline Rayner tells in this issue’s Relative Dimensions, this means that the series can be a useful tool when teaching children that nothing lasts forever.

Jon Pertwee is the Doctor, as former Doctor Who Script Editor Andrew Cartmel reviews the new Blu-ray release of the Third Doctor's classic 1970 début adventure Spearhead in Space

The Watcher takes a look at Doctor Who episode titles in A History of Doctor Who in 100 Objects, and discovers that the names of colours have become a recent trend


Plus All the latest official news, TV and merchandise reviews, previews, competitions and a prize-winning crossword


Doctor Who Magazine 464

DWM464.jpg ? In Stock £3.99

The new edition of Doctor Who Magazine, out Thursday, goes behind the scenes of Doctor Who Live, the special show which finally revealed the identity of the Twelfth Doctor. The magazine features interviews with the people who made it happen, including show runner Steven Moffat, presenter Zoë Ball and producer Russell Minton... and there's also has an exclusive letter from Peter Capaldi himself!


Steven Moffat told DWM:

He’s always looked like Doctor Who, how has this taken us so long?! Because the moment you say his name, you go ‘Of course!’ Because he’s got the hair, and he’s got the look, he’s brilliant, he’s known to be a fan, of course it’s bloody him!



Also this issue:


Waiting in the Wings... Steven Moffat writes exclusively for DWM about how Peter Capaldi came to be chosen as the Twelfth Doctor.

No Hiding ... The author of the recent episodes The Rings of Akhaten and Hide, and the creator of the acclaimed drama series Luther, Neil Cross talks exclusively to DWM about how he came to fulfil his dream of writing for Doctor Who.

Out of the Wilderness... In the second part of The Way Back, we continue to examine the rebirth of Doctor Who in the 21st and take a look at the other Ninth Doctor whose life was cut short after just one animated adventure, Scream of the Shalka – with contributions from Russell T Davies, Julie Gardner, Jane Tranter and many more...

Back to the Sixties: The Seventh Doctor and Ace take a trip to 1960s London where the Doctor hidden a dangerous Time Lord artefact. Unfortunately, two opposing Dalek factions also want to get their suckers on it... Remembrance of the Daleks from 1988 takes its turn under the scrutinising lens of Fact of Fiction, which reveals new and fascinating facts about the production.

Dead Man Walking: The Doctor is killed by an impossible astronaut – and that's just the start of his problems! DWM’s journey through Doctor Who’s long history arrives at 2011 and the thirty-second series, as Countdown to 50 continues.

Blinking Marvellous? Chris, Emma, Michael and Will are keeping their eyes open as they watch the award winning Doctor Who episode Blink from 2007. What will our fearless Time Team make of Steven Moffat’s ‘Doctor-lite’ episode, and will they escape being sent back in time by the Weeping Angels?

Fight and Flight! The Doctor’s bug problems are bigger than ever as the over-sized insect Koragatta’s plans come to fruition and the Prime Mother and her swarm threaten the Earth, in the exciting final episode of the DWM comic strip A Wing and a Prayer, written by Scott Gray, with art by Mike Collins.

The Best of the Best: The votes have been counted in the 2012 DWM readers merchandise poll and the winners are revealed, including your favourite fiction and non-fiction books, audios, and DVD releases. Plus, we also reveal the top features, covers and interviews from DWM itself.

Ain't Misbehaving... Mother of twins and devoted fan Jacqueline Rayner shares those occasional embarrassing moments when Doctor Who has let her down in the company of friends and family, in this issue’s Relative Dimensions.

Doctor Blue? The Watcher takes his cue from the casting of Peter Capaldi as the Twelfth Doctor and selects the TARDIS Swear-Box as this issue’s A History of Doctor Who in 100 Objects; presents a Capaldi-themed joke in What a Load of Rubeish; and celebrates another extra in Supporting Artist of the Month. Plus regeneration forms the basis of the brain tease in The Six Faces of Delusion and a Top Ten Fine Wines with a Doctor Who vintage are revealed. All in this issue’s Wotcha!



PLUS! All the latest official news, TV and merchandise reviews, previews, competitions, a prize-winning crossword and much, much more!


Doctor Who Magazine 465

dwm465.jpg ? In Stock £3.99

This edition of Doctor Who Magazine features five Doctors as they discuss the forthcoming release of Big Finish's The Light at the End:


Sylvester McCoy: It’s very important to celebrate 50 years of Doctor Who, and it’s so exciting, too. It’s really nice that people treat you in a very loving and caring way, and they like to see you. And it’s great to come together with the other actors who played Doctor Who.


Paul McGann: You’re guaranteed that... that energy, and that presence, and that sense of humour.


Colin Baker: To have us all together is a kind of critical mass of uranium, that should produce something pretty explosive!


Peter Davison: I think it’s very important that we do something to commemorate the 50th anniversary. It’s very nice to be a part of something that’s been running for 50 years and is still going strong.


Tom Baker: In Waitrose, a certain kind of old lady finds me quite interesting...


Also this issue:


Start with a Bang! Doctor Who's showrunner and head writer, Steven Moffat, answers DWM readers' questions. So how and why did the TARDIS explode in The Pandorica Opens? Find out Steven’s reply in his exclusive column.

Deep, Deep Trouble: The Third Doctor and Jo encounter creatures from the bottom of the ocean in one of the best-loved stories of the 1970s. Discover fascinating new facts and intriguing new insights into the adventure, as The Fact of Fiction digs beneath the surface of The Sea Devils!

Blockbusters: DWM rolls back the clock to 2012 – five adventures, each of which could have been a movie! Stand by for action, as DWM takes a nostalgic look at a season filled with dinosaurs, Angels and Daleks as Countdown To 50 continues.

The Ride of a Lifetime? The Doctor and Clara visit a futuristic amusement park – one which holds a horrifying secret beneath the veneer of fun. The terror behind the rides is revealed in a brand new comic strip, Welcome to Tickle Town, by Scott Gray with art by Adrian Salmon.

Change, my Dear... Seasoned viewers of Doctor Who are used to the idea of the lead actor changing from time to time. But what's it like from the perspective of a child? Jacqueline Rayner shares her experience of how her kids reacted to the announcement of Peter Capaldi as the Twelfth Doctor in Relative Dimensions.

Who's on the Stage: DWM talks to actor, comedian and dedicated fan Toby Hadoke about his candid interviews with the stars of the series, and the forthcoming West End double-bill of his acclaimed one-man shows, Moths Ate My Doctor Who Scarf and My Stepson Stole My Sonic Screwdriver.

Place Of Perfection? The Time Team – Emma, Chris, Michael and Will – see the TARDIS take the Doctor, Martha and Jack into the far, far future. What will they make of the mysterious Professor Yana? And will they manage to find Utopia?

Speaking Double Dutch: The mysterious Watcher provides an elegant explanation of rural accents, champions another Supporting Artist and challenges readers with the Six Faces of Delusion in the most unpredictable page in DWM: WOTCHA!


PLUS! All the latest official news; DVD, CD and book reviews; the latest merchandise previewed; prize-winning crossword and competitions; and much, much more!


Doctor Who Magazine 469

dwm469.jpg ? In Stock £3.99

This issue of Doctor Who Magazine talks exclusively to the Twelfth Doctor, Peter Capaldi.


I was five when the show started. I don’t remember Doctor Who not being part of my life, and it became a part of growing up, along with The Beatles, National Health spectacles, and fog. And it runs deep. It’s in my DNA...


Also in this issue:


Doctor Who's executive producer Steven Moffat talks candidly to DWM in an in-depth interview.

A look at 60s monster-makers Shawcraft, with never-before-seen colour photos.

A preview of The Moonbase DVD with exclusive images.

The Curse of Fenric – an in-depth guide to the classic Seventh Doctor adventure.

Steven Moffat answers readers' questions on The Day of the Doctor.

Pay the Piper – the Doctor and Clara in Part 2 of the latest comic strip.

Author Jacqueline Rayner writes about a world inspired by Doctor Who.

The Time Team watch Series Two of Torchwood.

The opportunity to vote in the Ultimate Doctor Who survey – with a huge prize at stake!

Reviews of all the latest DVDs and Cds.

Competitions, puzzles, and much more!



Doctor Who Magazine 470

dwm470.jpg ? Out of Stock £7.00

The new issue of Doctor Who Magazine looks back on Matt Smith's four years as the Doctor.

A big part of me wanted to stay because it’s a wonderful job and he’s a wonderful character. My life will never be the same. I’ll never play another part quite like this.

Also in this issue:


Model-maker extraordinaire Mike Tucker and members of the Model Unit talk to DWM about creating the visual effects for Doctor Who in the 1980s.

Doctor Who's new executive producer Brian Minchin writes exclusively for DWM in Production Notes.

A detailed look at the Fact of Fiction of 1980's Meglos.

The Blood of Azrael – the first part of a new comic strip adventure for the Doctor and Clara.

The Time Team welcome Donna aboard the TARDIS as they watch Partners in Crime.

A preview of the recently rediscovered The Web of Fear on DVD.

A review of the newly released Moonbase DVD from Matthew Sweet.

Jacqueline Rayner debates the ethics of telling the truth to her children in Relative Dimensions.

The Watcher talks about his favourite Doctor Who planets and outs another helpless supporting artiste in Wotcha!

Reviews of the latest DVDs, CDs, and books.

Competitions, puzzles, and much more.



Doctor Who Magazine 471

dwm 471.jpg ? In Stock £3.99

This issue of Doctor Who Magazine celebrates 50 years of the Doctor's deadliest enemies – the Daleks! The mag comes complete with a FREE, giant double-sided poster, and is choc-full of Dalek-related content.


Inside the issue, you'll find…


• We Are the Daleks – An in-depth feature looks at why the Daleks remain Doctor Who's Number One monsters after 50 years.


• 1960s Dalek voice artist DAVID GRAHAM comes face to face with his modern equivalent NICHOLAS BRIGGS!


• Discover surprising facts and see rare images from the first ever Dalek story in The Fact of Fiction. Anatomy of a Dalek – find out what lurks within the metal casing!


• Doctor Who's showrunner STEVEN MOFFAT reveals the secrets of being a successful writer in Production Notes.


• The Blood of Azrael – the second part of a new comic strip adventure for the Doctor and Clara.


• Model-maker extraordinaire MIKE TUCKER and members of the Model Unit talk exclusively to DWM about their work on Doctor Who, Red Dwarf and more.


• The Time Team travels back to ancient Rome to witness The Fires of Pompeii. Jacqueline Rayner recalls her favourite moments from Doctor Who's 50th anniversary in Relative Dimensions.


• Reviews and previews of the latest DVDs, CDs and books. Prize-winning competitions, official news and much more!


Doctor Who Magazine 472

dwm472.jpg ? In Stock £3.99

Paul McGann talks about life after being the Eighth Doctor in this edition of Doctor Who Magazine.

You know what? I don't expect ever to be involved again. But I expect I'll be surprised one day by something. That's what Doctor Who's about. I expect to be surprised . . .


Also in issue 472

DWM goes behind the scenes and talks exclusively with Jamie Payne, who directed the recent episodes Hide and The Time of the Doctor

John Levene recalls his time playing Cybermen, Yeti and UNIT regular Benton in an in-depth interview

Master model-makers Mike Tucker and his team reveal their experiences of providing visual effects for 21st-century Doctor Who

Showrunner Steven Moffat answers readers' questions

A detailed look at The Fact of Fiction of the 1982 Fifth Doctor adventure Time-Flight

The Blood of Azrael – The Doctor and Clara in the third part of their latest comic strip adventure

The Time Team take a trip to the Planet of the Ood

Jacqueline Rayner casts a critical eye over the Twelfth Doctor's choice of apparel in Relative Dimensions

The Watcher ponders how Doctor Who companions sometimes know things that they ought not to know, and embarrasses another supporting artiste in Wotcha!

Reviews of the latest DVDs, CDs and books

Competitions, puzzles and more


Doctor Who Magazine 473

DWM473.jpg ? In Stock £3.99

In issue 473, former script editor Andrew Cartmel catches up with the writers that he employed, with Stephen Wyatt, Malcolm Kohll and Ian Briggs revealing what it was like to write for the show and discussing how they feel their stories paved the way for the modern reinvention of the programme. Briggs says:

I think it's fantastic. Russell T Davies' approach was a vivid reimagining, taking the basic principles and doing them in a way TV is now made instead of just continuing from the 1980s... That's the great achievement of Russell T Davies – and Steven Moffat, since he took over. Stylistically in both senses, technical style and storytelling style, the show is bang up to date.

Also in the new edition:


Producer Marcus Wilson looks back at his work on Doctor Who, including The Time of the Doctor and The Day of the Doctor

Showrunner Steven Moffat answers readers' questions

DWM pays tribute to the life and times of the late Christopher Barry, one of Doctor Who's most prolific directors

Clive Doig talks to Toby Hadoke about working on the earliest episodes of Doctor Who

The Fact of Fiction takes a detailed look at the 1969 Ice Warriors adventure The Seeds of Death

The Doctor and Clara's latest comic-strip adventure - The Blood of Azrael - continues

The Time Team watch the Tenth Doctor meet an old friend - and some even older enemies - in The Sontaran Stratagem and The Poison Sky

Jacqueline Rayner sees Doctor Who's special effects in a whole new light in Relative Dimensions

The Watcher exposes the remarkable relationship between Doctor Who and the Eurovision Song Contest in Wotcha!

Reviews of the latest DVDs, CDs and books

Competitions, puzzles and more



Doctor Who Magazine 476

dwm476.jpg ? In Stock £3.99

Showrunner and head writer Steven Moffat gives Doctor Who Magazine readers an exclusive guide to series 8 of Doctor Who


Oh, it's a proper blockbuster this episode, so many explosions that Peter Capaldi came in on his day off to watch the Daleks blowing up! I like a Doctor who revels in the destruction of evil in his downtime…

Also in this issue:


Doctor Who's production designer Michael Pickwoad on how to create entire worlds.

Former script editor Andrew Cartmel talks to the writers he employed on what could have been Doctor Who's very last season:Ben Aaronovitch, Ian Briggs, Marc Platt and Rona Munro.

Terrance Dicks – script editor, writer and novelist supreme – talks about his work on Target's Doctor Who books.

DWM pays tribute to the life and times of director Derek Martinus, the man who introduced the Cybermen, Ice Warriors and Autons to Doctor Who.

The Fact of Fiction takes a detailed look at the 1982 Fifth Doctor adventure, Kinda.

The Crystal Throne ­– the brand new comic strip adventure starring Vastra, Jenny and Strax continues.

The Time Team watch the Doctor meet River Song for the first time in Silence in the Library/Forest of the Dead.

Jacqueline Rayner and her family get World Cup fever as they wait for the start of the new series in Relative Dimensions.

The Watcher poses more questions and reveals dubious secrets from the archives in Wotcha!

Reviews and previews of the latest CDs and books.

Official news, the DWM crossword, prize-winning competitions and much more!



Doctor Who Magazine 478

dwm478.jpg ? In Stock £7.00

This edition features an exclusive interview with Mummy on the Orient Express guest star, comedian Frank Skinner, who discusses his role as Perkins in the episode:

I don’t know how I’ll feel when they say, ‘And that’s a wrap for Mr Skinner. I’m sure I’ll go through a mix of emotions. When footballers are in cup finals, the managers always say, ‘Savour every moment,’ and that’s what I’m doing. Every moment is ‘wowee’!


Also in this issue:


Extensive previews of Episodes 5 to 8 of the new series – Time Heist, The Caretaker, Kill the Moon and Mummy on the Orient Express. DWM talks exclusively to writers Steven Moffat, Stephen Thompson, Gareth Roberts, Peter Harness and Jamie Mathieson.

Doctor Who showrunner Steven Moffat answers readers’ questions in his exclusive column.

DWM talks to Billy Hanshaw, the man who inspired the brand new title sequence for this year’s series of Doctor Who.

DWM investigates the nature of ‘spoilers’ and asks if they really spoil anything?

Into the Dalek writer Phil Ford talks about getting to know a Dalek from the inside out!

In-depth reviews the twelfth Doctor’s first four adventures: Deep Breath, Into the Dalek, Robot of Sherwood and Listen.

As audio company Big Finish celebrates its 15th anniversary with an epic audio adventure, The Worlds of Doctor Who, DWM talks to its stars including Colin Baker, Louise Jameson, Lalla Ward, Christopher Benjamin, Trevor Baxter and Jamie Glover.

The Doctor and Clara’s comic strip adventures continue in The Eye of Torment written by Scott Gray, illustrated by Martin Geraghty.

The Time Team comment on the 2008 Tenth Doctor adventure Turn Left.

Jacqueline Rayner finds unexpected inspiration for her Relative Dimensions column at the breakfast table...

A look back at August’s Doctor Who World Tour which saw Peter Capaldi and Jenna Coleman travel round the globe to promote the new series.

The Watcher eloquently explains why Doctor Who belongs in the Autumn in Wotcha!

The DWM crossword, prize-winning competitions and much more!


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