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Doctor Who Magazine

The Monthly Official Magazine published by Panini UK. Special issues are now in a separate section



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Doctor Who Magazine 445

DWM445.jpg ? In Stock £4.99

In this issue:


Doctor Down Under - Executive producer Caroline Skinner tells DWM about her recent trip Down Under for the Doctor Who Symphonic Spectacular and her reaction on reading the script for Episode 1 of the new series, in her first Production Notes.

Keep It In The Family - DWM catches up with the scourge of the Silents, CIA agent Canton Everett Delaware III – aka actors Mark Sheppard and his father, Morgan Sheppard – and finds out about making it as an actor and whether Canton could return.

It's The Key Thing! - DWM celebrates 1978/9's Key To Time season: six linked adventures that introduced Time Lady Romana and featured Douglas Adams's first script for Doctor Who, as Countdown To 50 continues.

The Fall Of The Gods? - With the Doctor at the mercy of the mighty Zeus, and with Rory and Amy facing a titanic foe in ancient Athens, what can humble philosopher Socrates do to save the day? Find out in the final, world-changing episode of the latest comic strip, The Chains of Olympus, written by Scott Gray, with art by Mike Collins.

The Last Voord! - Get ready for adventures within adventures, as the First Doctor and his companions brave screaming jungles, snows of terror and seas of acid! Discover a wealth of fascinating new info as The Fact of Fiction scrutinises the 1964 story The Keys of Marinus.

Changing History For The Better . . . ? - Doctor Who fans are spoilt with the care and attention that is lavished on the DVD releases. But as well as being lovingly restored, should the stories be improved, correcting technical "errors" of the past? Sparring partners Toby Hadoke and Johnny Candon argue whether rewriting history is ever justified, in A Battle of Wits.

Chaos In The Classroom - The Time Team go back to school with the Tenth Doctor and Rose and are reacquainted with two dear old friends – Sarah Jane Smith and K-9. Join Chris, Emma, Will, and Michael on the sofa and see what they make of 2006's School Reunion.

Off The Record! - The Watcher challenges readers with The Six Faces of Delusion, celebrates another Supporting Artist of the Month, and continues A History of Doctor Who In 100 Objects with a look at the extraordinary 1985 single Doctor In Distress, in Wotcha!


PLUS! All the latest official news, TV and merchandise reviews, previews, competitions, a prize-winning crossword, and more



Doctor Who Magazine 447

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In this issue of Doctor Who Magazine, Steven Moffat talks in depth about his version of Doctor Who in an exclusive eight-page interview.


Talking about Episode One of the new series, he said:

We’re going to have the most Daleks we’ve had on screen ever – but they will be from every era, quite deliberately. We’re calling them in from everywhere! All of them! Even the Special Weapons Dalek. They'll all be there...


Also this issue:


Conquer and Destroy! The Daleks are the most feared race of creatures in the entire universe and will stop at nothing to achieve their goal of total intergalactic domination. And they've concocted more than a few audacious schemes to achieve this aim – not all of which, it has to be said, have been entirely successful. Jonathan Morris unearths the Daleks' own assessment of their successes and failures.

I Am Not The Moff You Are Looking For! Doctor Who's commander-in-chief, Steven Moffat, writes exclusively for DWM in Production Notes! Find out what the Moff thinks of his nickname, how he's getting along (or not) with the script for the Christmas Special and what he had for lunch in New York!

Farewell to Philip: Philip Madoc, who played four notable roles in Doctor Who in the 60s and 70s – including the War Lord in The War Games and Doctor Mehendri Solon in The Brain of Morbius – passed away in March of this year, at the age of 77. Marcus Hearn takes a look back at the actor's distinguished career and at his contribution to Doctor Who.

End Of An Era: Countdown to 50 continues its season-by-season analysis of Doctor Who, and the mood is sombre as we reach 1980/81 with Series 18 and bid farewell to Romana, K9 and, of course, Tom Baker's Fourth Doctor as he takes his fateful fall from the Pharos Project radio telescope.

Lost in Translation: Shopping can be dangerous to your health as Amy and Rory have found out when the Monos menace strikes London. Meanwhile, as the capital's inhabitants succumb to Monos mania, the Doctor and his new friend Bill discover the source of the trouble. Monos! Monos! Monos! It's the second instalment of Sticks & Stones, written by Scott Gray with art by Martin Geraghty.

Chemical Reaction! The Third Doctor, Jo Grant and UNIT become involved in a green movement – in more ways than one – in a Welsh mining village. Giant maggots, toxic chemical waste, an insane super computer, a rather tasty fungus, and angry Welshmen – 1973's The Green Death takes its turn under the microscope in The Fact Of Fiction.

All By Myself? Johnny Candon and Toby Hadoke cross swords once again in their latest Battle Of Wits! This issue, the hot topic for debate has been inspired by the imminent departure of companions Amy and Rory: should the Doctor travel with a regular companion or is he better off alone?

A Silver Side-Step: The Time Team has been upgraded to four pages this month as Chris, Emma, Will and Michael sit down to watch the Tenth Doctor, Rose and Mickey's battle with the Cybermen on a parallel Earth in the two-part story Rise of the Cybermen/The Age of Steel

Out Of Stock: A History of Doctor Who in 100 Objects reaches number 18 and finds The Watcher mourning the last use of film for a live action sequence in Doctor Who in The Serving Hatch of Rassilon. Plus the latest Top Ten Pop Acts, the challenge of The Six Faces of Delusion, the oh-so painful Stockbridge English Dictionary, the hapless Supporting Artist of the Month – all crammed onto one fabulous single page, it's Wotcha!


PLUS! All the latest official news, TV and merchandise reviews, previews, competitions, a prize-winning crossword, and more.

With fold out cover and exclusive interview with producer Steven Moffat



Doctor Who Magazine 448

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This issue of Doctor Who Magazine features Sixties hero William Russell on its cover, while inside, the actor, who played science teacher Ian Chesterton in 78 episodes of Doctor Who, talks about his time on the series and his relationship with the actor who played the First Doctor.

William Hartnell never forgave me for leaving. He couldn't understand it, which was nice in a way. He said to me, 'What's the matter with you? You've got three kids, you've got a job, we're having a great time – what more do you want?!' 'I want to do a play, Bill.' He didn't understand that. Maybe he was right. But he never forgave me for jumping ship.


Also in this issue:

Doctor Who Magazine, in association with Big Finish Productions, presents an exclusive brand-new audio adventure starring William Russell. The Revenants, written by Ian Potter, features the First Doctor, Ian, Barbara and Susan and is available free to all readers this issue.

The votes have been counted and the winners of DWM's annual poll are announced. Which stories, actors, authors and directors came out on top in 2011?

Author Neil Gaiman, writer of the acclaimed 2011 episode The Doctor's Wife, talks about writing the story and reveals the secrets of the scenes you didn't see.

Doctor Who's commander-in-chief, Steven Moffat, writes for DWM in Production Notes and tells of the sad day on which Karen Gillan and Arthur Darvill recorded their very last scene as departing companions Amy and Rory.

Glen McCoy, author of 1985's time-twisting Timelash, talks to DWM about writing the Sixth Doctor's infamous adventure and his early career in television.

It's 1982 and the Fifth Doctor takes the helm of a crowded TARDIS and navigates the series into a new era as our voyage through five decades of Doctor Who continues with 1982's Season 19 in Countdown to 50.

DWM goes behind the scenes of the making of a brand-new Doctor Who spin-off audio drama series from Big Finish Productions. Counter Measures features characters from 1988's Remembrance of the Daleks, and DWM talks to actors Pamela Salem, Simon Williams and Karen Gledhill, who reprise their roles after more than 20 years.

The Eleventh Doctor, Amy and Rory get involved in some very organised crime on an alien world as they embark on a brand-new adventure, The Cornucopia Caper, written by Scott Gary and drawn by Dan McDaid.

As the hunt for the Key to Time comes to a dramatic climax, the Fourth Doctor, Romana and K9 face the ultimate forces of darkness in The Armageddon Factor. The Fact of Fiction examines this six-part adventure from 1979 and uncovers some fascinating new facts . . .

As well as all broadcast episodes of Doctor Who, there are a multitude of scripts and story ideas that never made it to the screen. Some of these are now being produced as audio dramas, but would it have been better to let the stories rest in peace and make brand-new adventures for the Doctor instead? Toby Hadoke and Johnny Candon debate the pros and cons.

The Time Team slick their hair back and join the Doctor and Rose in post-war London where the alien Wire is riding the airwaves of the nation's TV broadcasts. Join Chris, Emma, Will and Michael as they bathe in the warm glow of 2006's The Idiot's Lantern.

The cunning Watcher challenges readers with The Six Faces of Delusion, outs another Supporting Artist of the Month and examines Doctor Who's use of the definite article in A History of Doctor Who in 100 Objects.

Plus all the latest official news, TV and merchandise reviews, previews, competitions and a prize-winning crossword.



Doctor Who Magazine 449

dwm449.jpg ? In Stock £3.99

The new issue of DWM examines the growing pains of a television legend in a major feature on the development of Doctor Who at seven-year intervals, as it approaches 49 UP.


It examines the moments that defined the show, including the adolescence that brought major format changes, the teenage years with Doctor Who in rude health, its incredibly successful return to television in 2005 – and asks what the next seven years may hold in store…





Scriptwriter CHRIS CHIBNALL drops hints about his two new scripts for the next series of Doctor Who – and how writing for the series is unlike writing anything else – in PRODUCTION NOTES.



Long-serving Doctor Who casting director ANDY PRYOR talks exclusively to DWM about his hand in casting three different Doctors, the joy of working on every single episode of Doctor Who since 2005 – and who he has cast for the next series…



Doctor Who celebrated a landmark birthday, but the monsters were conspicuous by their absence. Was that necessarily a bad thing? Find out as COUNTDOWN TO 50 revisits 1983 and Season Twenty!



Amy’s been hijacked by the best thief in town, while the Doctor and Rory have fallen in with the wrong crowd. But what is the secret of the Ziggurat hanging above Cornucopia? Find out in Part Two of THE CORNUCOPIA CAPER, the latest comic strip adventure written by SCOTT GRAY with art by DAN McDAID!



The Ninth Doctor and Rose Tyler encounter a lone Dalek deep within a Utah bunker – but Skaro’s finest very nearly didn’t make the party. DALEK, 2005’s triumphant return for the Doctor’s deadliest enemies, is given THE FACT OF FICTION treatment, with detailed commentary on all 11 drafts of writer ROBERT SHEARMAN’s script – with exclusive new revelations from the writer himself!



If you don’t read the Production Subtitles on the Doctor Who DVDs, then now is the time to start! Subtitle writer (and TV Dalek) NICHOLAS PEGG reveals the arcane secrets of compiling a treasure trove of Doctor Who facts and figures in INFOMANIA.



Daleks, Cybermen, Sontarans, Silurians and Macra – they’ve all returned to battle the Doctor since Doctor Who’s comeback in 2005. But what classic creatures are we desperate to see next? TOBY HADOKE wants a return for those green giants the Ice Warriors, while JOHNNY CANDON goes Underground to shout out for the Great Intelligence’s Yeti. Who will triumph in this monster BATTLE OF WITS?



THE TIME TEAM – Chris, Emma, Michael and Will – have a devil of a time while watching THE IMPOSSIBLE PLANET/THE SATAN PIT. But what will the Team make of this terrifying adventure for the Tenth Doctor and Rose…?



The votes are in! See which books, audios and DVDs are hits with the readers of DWM in the results of the latest MERCHANDISE POLL, and discover how your favourites fared…



The Watcher takes another flick through the pages of the Stockbridge English Dictionary, stares down The Six Faces of Delusion, highlights another masterclass in the dramatic art from a Supporting Artist of the Month, and reaches number 20 in A History of Doctor Who in 100 Objects – the Doctor’s Impact Suit. It might not be as implausible as it seems… as WOTCHA explains!


PLUS! All the latest official news, TV and merchandise reviews, previews, competitions, a prize-winning crossword and much, much more!



Doctor Who Magazine 450

dwm 450.jpg ? In Stock £3.99

The new issue of Doctor Who Magazine is out now, featuring a whole selection of interesting features from a tribute to the late Caroline John to a “chat” between former Doctor Patrick Troughton and current star Matt Smith…


In an exclusive, brand new interview with Matt Smith, Doctor Who Magazine imagines what would happen if he could talk with the actor who played the Doctor’s Second incarnation, Patrick Troughton.

MATT: “Patrick has a very Doctory face. Everything about Patrick is Doctory! He is peculiar without ever asking you to find him peculiar. All the elements were right. I loved his costume.”

PATRICK: “Well, you go along to the costumiers and they produce various things, and you say, ‘Ahh, that would be good…’”



Head writer and executive producer STEVEN MOFFAT drops his guard and reveals what’s happening with the next 14 episodes of Doctor Who, exclusively in PRODUCTION NOTES!

DWM talks to writer CHRIS CHIBNALL and grills him about his forthcoming scripts in the new season of Doctor Who – DINOSAURS ON A SPACESHIP and the “very different” Episode 4…

DWM pays tribute to the late CAROLINE JOHN, the much-loved actress who played the Third Doctor’s assistant Liz Shaw and died in June – and looks back over her life and times.

Seasoned Dalek operators NICHOLAS PEGG and BARNABY EDWARDS give DWM readers on a unique, Dalek-eye view of the making of 2005’s BAD WOLF/THE PARTING OF THE WAYS – accompanied by photos from their private collections!

Stern Sontarans, ambitious Androgums and fantastic food! Yes, it’s time to uncover the fascinating details of what really happened when the Second and Sixth incarnations met, as THE FACT OF FICTION looks back at the 1985 adventure THE TWO DOCTORS!

DWM investigates STARWATCH, a sci-fi series that, had it been made in the 1990s, would have starred JON PERTWEE. With never-before-published images from the project, DWM talks to the people who tried to make it happen…

COUNTDOWN TO 50 takes a nostalgic look back at the story which celebrated Doctor Who’s 20th anniversary with some old friends – and some ever older enemies! – as it remembers THE FIVE DOCTORS.

The Doctor, Amy and Rory face up to a ruthless collection of alien criminals within a mysterious ziggurat stuffed with priceless treasures in THE CORNUCOPIA CAPER, the latest DWM comic strip, written by SCOTT GRAY with art by DAN McDAID!

The Time Team convenes to watch one of the most innovative and controversial Doctor Who stories of all time – 2006’s LOVE & MONSTERS. But what will Emma, Chris, Will and Michael make of it…?

DWM strands TOBY HADOKE and JOHNNY CANDON on a desert island, with only eight Doctor Who stories each to keep them company. But which episodes will they choose? And whose selection do you agree with? Find out, in A BATTLE OF WITS!

The mysterious Watcher marvels at the TARDIS’ food machine, challenges readers with his Six Faces of Delusion, and champions another Supporting Artist of the Month in WOTCHA!
PLUS! All the latest official news, TV and merchandise reviews, previews, competitions, a prize-winning crossword and much, much more…

AND! A giant-sized, double-sided poster featuring the Ninth, Tenth and Eleventh Doctors, and ‘every Dalek ever’!


Doctor Who Magazine 451

DWM451-1.jpg ? In Stock £3.99

The new issue of Doctor Who Magazine is out on Thursday, and features previews of the first three stories of the new series - and has three different covers to choose from!


Asylum of the Daleks – DWM takes over the Asylum for Doctor Who's most ambitious episode yet. Matt Smith shares his thoughts on the Doctor’s arch enemies, Steven Moffat on the challenges of keeping the Daleks fresh and how Arthur Darvill and Karen Gillan feel about the beginning of the end for Rory and Amy.

Dinosaurs on a Spaceship – it’s an episode of Doctor Who packed to the rafters with dinosaurs. On a spaceship! Writer Chris Chibnall reveals how his script lived up to that title, and what challenges did the FX team face on bringing so many dinosaurs to life?

A Town Called Mercy – guest stars Adrian Scarborough and Ben Browder on how thrilled they were to join Doctor Who for an adventure into the Wild West, how the crew enjoyed their time on location in sunny Spain, and what writer Toby Whithouse thought of being out of his comfort zone.


The show's executive producer, Steven Moffat, also teases the ultimate fate of the Ponds:

As you’ll be able to tell from the end of Episode 5, I’ve had the very last moment of Amy Pond in my head for quite some time...


Also in this issue:

The Usual Suspects – the writers of the new series are given the once over by Doctor Who’s executive producer, Steven Moffat (including himself!) in a curtain-raising Production Notes.

Gulity as Charged? John Nathan-Turner was Doctor Who’s most colourful and controversial producer, guiding the show to dizzying heights, but perhaps a few lows too. Luminaries and experts from Doctor Who past and present assemble for the first in a two-part feature to assess the work of the series’ longest-serving producer in The Trial of John Nathan-Turner.

Cold Front - the Doctor, Amy and Rory arrive in Prague in the dying days of the Cold War. Revolution is on the horizon, but the Doctor senses something unreal in the air. What is the significance of the book The Sorrows of Prague, and why will Yuri Azarov and his terrifying companion stop at nothing to retrieve it? Part One of The Broken Man, the latest comic strip written by Scott Gray with art from Martin Geraghty.

Is This Death? companions come and go, but should they ever die? Johnny Candon and Toby Hadoke weigh up the pros and cons of crash-landing to Earth in an out-of-control freighter, or heading off into the sunset to marry Brian Blessed in A Battle of Wits.

Take Art - DWM’s intrepid Time Team – Chris, Emma, Michael and Will – go for gold as the Doctor and Rose land in an ordinary housing estate where extraordinary things are happening as children are going missing, trapped in the drawings of Chloe Webber. Will the Doctor make it to the opening ceremony of the 2012 Olympics as The Time Team views Fear Her.

Coming of Age ­– Doctor Who’s 21st year saw a season packed with exciting cliff-hangers, companion departures, a tour de force performance from the leading man, and arguably the finest Doctor Who story ever made. Countdown to 50 reaches 1984 and Series 21.

All in the Mind – mind-sucking alien parasites, prison riots, a nerve-gas missile and the Master at his most scheming – find out how the Third Doctor, Jo and UNIT fought The Mind of Evil in this month’s Fact of Fiction.

Light my Fire – the Watcher warns of the pitfalls of predicting the near future as A History of Doctor Who in 100 Objects reaches number 22 – the Olympic Torch. Was the 2012 of Fear Her remotely like the real thing? Also stare into the eyes of The Six Faces of Delusion, flick through The Stockbridge English Dictionary and marvel at the Supporting Artist of the Month in Wotcha!



PLUS! All the usual features, latest official news, TV and merchandise reviews, previews, competitions, and prize-winning crossword.



Doctor Who Magazine 452

DWM 452b.jpg ? In Stock £4.99

Doctor Who Magazine bids farewell to Amy and Rory as it previews their final TV adventures with exclusive new photos from The Power of Three and The Angels Take Manhattan.


It talks candidly on set to the cast and crew - including Matt Smith, Karen Gillan, and Arthur Darvill - about the last days of the Ponds, and despite the impending departure of his colleagues Smith finds plenty about The Angels Take Manhattan to enthuse over:


It's New York! One of my favourite cities in the world. And I love this script, and the Weeping Angels are my favourite monster, so it's all sort of come together for me on this one.


Also in this issue:

"Remember Me" – DWM catches up with new Doctor Who regular Jenna-Louise Coleman and chats to her about playing Oswin Oswald and the adventures she'll be starring in next year.

Surprise Surprise! - Showrunner Steven Moffat reveals all about Jenna-Louise Coleman's surprise appearance in Asylum of the Daleks and just why and how the secret was kept.

The Memory Cheats? - DWM concludes The Trial of John-Nathan Turner, as expert witnesses Steven Moffat, Phil Collinson, Nicola Bryant, Andrew Cartmel, Paul Cornell, brand manager Edward Russell, and Big Finish producer David Richardson give their final verdict on the most controversial producer in Doctor Who's history.

Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Doctor - The Doctor, Amy, and Rory become embroiled in the shady world of international espionage and encounter an extra-dimensional horror in the second part of comic-strip adventure The Broken Man, written by Scott Gray and illustrated by Martin Geraghty.

Daleks, Cybermen, and Sontarans! - It was the series that had it all: the 1985 run, starring Colin Baker as the Sixth Doctor and Nicola Bryant as Peri, which featured the Doctor's greatest adversaries! DWM takes a nostalgic look at Season 22 as Countdown To 50 continues.

Hothouse of Horrors! ­– The Fact of Fiction scrutinises the 1976 Fourth Doctor and Sarah adventure The Seeds of Doom and discovers that there's far more to the terrifying tale of horrible horticulture than meets the eye.

Team Spirit – The past comes back to haunt The Time Team as they watch the Tenth Doctor and Rose meet Torchwood and confront the deadly Cybermen posing as an Army of Ghosts. And what will Chris, Emma, Will, and Michael make of the episode's dramatic cliffhanger?

Science and Scares – Is Doctor Who at its best when it concentrates on telling horror stories? Or are its science-fiction tales better? It's monsters versus spaceships as Toby Hadoke and Johnny Candon go head to head to argue the pros and cons in A Battle of Wits.

That's An Oeuf! – The enigmatic Watcher champions another supporting artist, challenges readers with his Six Faces of Delusion, and celebrates Oswin's eggs. Prepare to have your brains scrambled by Wotcha!


Doctor Who Magazine 453

dwm 453.jpg ? In Stock £3.99

The new issue of Doctor Who Magazine speaks to Karen Gillan about leaving Doctor Who after three years as the Doctor's companion:

I am so, so sad. I'm not going to lie. Leaving that show has to be one of the saddest experiences I've ever had. It was my life for, like, three years. That's going to take a while to go away. But also it's really exciting, because I get to go and do other things...


Also in this issue:


The First Lady of Time: DWM looks at the life and times of Mary Tamm, the actress who played the Fourth Doctor’s companion Romana, with never-before-seen photos and tributes from her friends and colleagues including Louise Jameson, John Leeson, and Anthony Read.

Matt's Missing Scene! Just how old is the Doctor nowadays? The clue’s in his hair, as showrunner Steven Moffat reveals, as he presents a missing scene from The Angels Take Manhattan – exclusively in Production Notes.

The Fear Factor: There have been some truly terrifying moments in Doctor Who's 49-year history... and, just in time for Halloween, DWM 453 celebrates the very best of them! Fear-merchants Philip Hinchcliffe and Terrance Dicks are on hand to give their expert opinion, so prepare to have your blood chilled and your spine tingled, with The A-Z Of Dread...

Rough Justice? DWM look back at the season that gave us the longest story ever, an evil future Doctor and Bonnie Langford, as The Trial of a Time Lord is put under the spotlight in Countdown To 50!

Daleks vs Cybermen! Witness the greatest battle in history as the Daleks and Cybermen come face to face with the Tenth Doctor and Rose in Torchwood HQ. It's Doomsday – and what will The Time Team make of it all...?

A Matter of Life and Death: It's one of the most controversial issues currently challenging fandom – the Doctor’s morality. Are there circumstances where it's acceptable for him to kill his enemies, or should this be avoided at all costs? Toby Hadoke and Johnny Candon argue the pros and cons in A Battle of Wits

Death in Prague: The Doctor, Amy and Rory encounter a legendary monster and terrifying creatures from another dimension in The Broken Man, the brand new comic strip written by Scott Gray and illustrated by Martin Geraghty.

The Secret Companion: Celebrate 20 years of Bernice Summerfield, as DWM talks to Paul Cornell, Lisa Bowerman, Jac Rayner, Gary Russell and Scott Handcock about one of the most enduring Doctor Who characters of all time.

Zap! The mysterious Watcher examines the Doctor’s little-known use of weaponry (including his ray-gun), challenges readers with The Six Faces of Delusion and champions another Supporting Artist of the Month, in Wotcha!


In addition, DWM catches up with former Doctor Who showrunner Russell T Davies and chats exclusively with him about his brand new show – Wizards vs Aliens – and just why Doctor Who fans will want to watch...


PLUS! All the latest official news, the latest episodes, DVDs, books and CDs reviewed, sneak previews of forthcoming merchandise, a prize-winning crossword, FIVE fantastic competitions and much, much more!


Doctor Who Magazine 454

dwm 454.jpg ? In Stock £3.99

Paul McGann is the cover star of the new edition of Doctor Who Magazine, and with the return of the Eighth Doctor next month in the new audio adventure Dark Eyes he talks about how his incarnation has changed:


There's a sombreness and self-doubt and guilt . . . I'm not sure it's guilt, but he's lost hope. He needs a shot in the arm . . . But of course, you don't want him too heavy either. We want the hope. We talk about hope a lot in the story; it's all about hope . . .


Also in this issue:

The Final End: Arthur Darvill speaks exclusively about playing Rory Williams, his work on stage and screen, and recording his last scenes for Doctor Who.


Fantastic Journey: Writer Stephen Thompson reveals his inner fan, endures a grilling from a tough crowd, and drops hints about his next script for the TV series, Journey To The Centre Of The TARDIS, in Production Notes.


Monsters Direct: He's directed Sontarans and Shakri and he's back to oversee one of the episodes in the anniversary year. DWM interviews Douglas Mackinnon and discovers the secrets of successfully directing a Doctor Who monster.


Golden Wonder: DWM takes a close look at one of the most memorable monsters ever to appear in Doctor Who, and interviews the actor who played their spokesman, Bernard Holley, in The Watcher's Guide To Axos.


There's Gonna Be A Lynchin'! The Fact of Fiction looks back to the first time the TARDIS took the Doctor and his companions to the wild, wild West, as DWM unearths new facts and rare photographs from 1966's The Gunfighters.


Seven-Up! The spotlight falls on the season that featured the début of the Seventh Doctor, a cornucopia of crazy characters, and a bold new direction for the TV series, as Countdown To 50 continues.


Turn To Stone: The Doctor uncovers the incredible truth about the Golem of Prague and encounters the Queen of the Mavora, as the comic strip The Broken Man - written by Scott Gray and illustrated by Martin Geraghty - concludes.


That Loo In Tooting Bec . . . Is Doctor Who more exciting when the monsters come to Earth or is it more thrilling when the adventure is in outer space? Toby Hadoke and Johnny Candon discuss the pros and cons in another heated Battle Of Wits.


Everything Changes: For one issue only, The Time Team takes a sideways step to look at Captain Jack's adventures in the Doctor Who spin-off Torchwood. What will Emma, Chris, Michael, and Will make of this very different series?


Nice Weather For It: The mysterious Watcher examines the curious phenomenon of 'Wrong-Time-Of-Year' syndrome, challenges readers with The Six Faces of Delusion, and champions another Supporting Artist of the Month, in Wotcha!



Doctor Who Magazine 457

dwm457.jpg ? In Stock £4.99

This issue of Doctor Who Magazine features an extensive interview with the Third Doctor, Jon Pertwee, conducted by two young reporters in 1994 and for the most part previously unpublished!


On joining the show, Pertwee said:

I had no preconceptions about the programme when I joined it. I only knew I did not want to be like the Doctors who had gone before. However, the old producers wanted me to play it for laughs, you can see that in the first episode. The hat business. The shower. I had already decided I want to play it straight. Luckily those producers left after the first story and were replaced by Barry Letts who let me play it my way...


Also in this issue:


These are a few of my Favourite Things: Doctor Who's showrunner and head writer, Steven Moffat, replies to DWM readers' questions on Vastra's lips, River's name and his favourite story from each and every Doctor. Some of his answers will surprise you...!

It must be Love: Amy and Rory. The Doctor and Rose. Captain Jack and everyone. Yes, just in time for Valentine's Day, Jonathan Morris turns down the lights, gets out the choccies and takes a romantic look at Doctor Who's greatest love stories!

Old School: The Eleventh Doctor has the surprise of his lives, as he's reunited with Ian Chesterton and Barbara Wright in Coal Hill School! And the shocks don't stop there, as the latest comic strip, Hunters of the Burning Stone by Scottt Gray, with art by Martin Geraghty, continues...

Oh, what a Night! DWM uses its beryllium atomic clock to turn back time to 1996, and the momentous evening that Doctor Who returned to TV, starring Paul McGann, as Countdown to 50 continues.

Walking on the Moon: There's a plasma-sucking pensioner and Judoon on the Moon, as The Time Team settle down to watch the Tenth Doctor meet Martha in Smith and Jones. What will Chris, Emma, Will and Michael make of it all...?

Creepy Crawlies: The Third Doctor faces certain death, while giant arachnids plot to invade the Earth! The Fact of Fiction brushes off the cobwebs from 1974's Planet of the Spiders, Jon Pertwee's final adventure as the Time Lord, and uncovers a wealth of new information and rare photos.

Gifts for All! Remember last Christmas? It can be fun time if you're a fan, with Doctor Who goodies galore – but what if you're a parent? Will your kids share your passion? Jacqueline Rayner reveals what happened to her and her family over the festive season in Relative Dimensions.

Know Me! Am I... The Doctor? The all-seeing Watcher discusses the delights of Jon Pertwee's seminal single, Who is the Doctor?, challenges readers with a poptastic Six Faces of Delusion and celebrates another Supporting Artist of the Month, in Wotcha!



PLUS! All the latest official news, reviews and previews, a prize-winning crossword and competitions and much, much more!


Doctor Who Magazine 459

dwm459.jpg ? In Stock £3.99

Writer Mark Gatiss tells DWM how excited he was to bring back one of Doctor Who’s iconic monsters in Cold War:

The Ice Warriors are back where they belong and I’m absolutely thrilled! Whilst absolutely respecting the source, the source has huge gaps in which you can invent. I was talking to a couple of members of the crew, and they had no idea the Ice Warriors were an old monster. It’s very powerful. You don’t need to know they first appeared in the 60s.


I thought, 'Why don't we put the Ice Warriors on a sub?' And suddenly it all clicked! The submarine set is amazing. Fantastic! The moment it's all lit and full of steam, it's incredibly believable.


Also in this issue:


The New Series- full previews of the episodes to hit screens over the next few weeks.

Hide and Seek - Jessica Raine, soon to be seen as Doctor Who’s original producer Verity Lambert in An Adventure in Space and Time and star of Call the Midwife, reveals all about guest-starring in the forthcoming episode Hide – and how she believes in ghosts!

Where There's a Wills - Anneke Wills looks back on her time as glam-girl Polly, companion to the First and Second Doctors – and how thrilling it was to be present at the first-ever regeneration.

The Martian Chronicles - As the Ice Warriors return to menace the Eleventh Doctor, DWM winds back the clock to 1967 and the Doctor’s first encounter with the Lords of the red planet. Discover a wealth of fascinating facts about what happened to the Second Doctor, Jamie and Victoria when they fought Varga on Britannicus Base as The Ice Warriors is thawed out in The Fact of Fiction.

Man At The Top - Doctor Who lead writer and executive producer Steven Moffat answers more of your questions – including what Blink and his his other stories were originally called...

Road Rage - The Tenth Doctor and Martha Jones get stuck in traffic when they travel into the future for a visit to New Earth. The Time Team get caught in the Gridlock, but what will Will, Emma, Chris and Michael make of it all?

Tribal Dance - The Doctor faces his past in more ways than one as the Hunters are revealed to be the unearthly Tribe of Gum! The Doctor, Ian and Barbara attempt to unravel the mystery in Part Four of our epic comic strip, Hunters of the Burning Stone, written by Scott Grey and illustrated by Martin Geraghty.

Second Helpings - it’s 2006 and Doctor Who has become the most talked about show on TV! David Tennant is the new Doctor, Billie Piper plays Rose – and the sky's the limit on the trip of the a lifetime. DWM's trip through five decades of adventure reaches Series 28 in Countdown to 50!

Practical Parenting - What do you do when your children swap Time Lords for another interest? Jacqueline Rayner soothes the fevered brow of Doctor Who-loving parents everywhere in Relative Dimensions

Caught in a Vacuum - The Watcher ponders the triangular nature of one of Doctor Who’s greatest design innovations in A History of Doctor Who in 100 Objects, jumps to the left for a Rocky Horror-themed Six Faces of Delusion and dazzles with more entries from the Stockbridge English Dictionary. Its WOTCHA!



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Doctor Who Magazine 460

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The latest edition of Doctor Who Magazine is out this Thursday, and delves into what to expect as the current run of episodes draws to a close.


Speaking about The Name of the Doctor, Steven Moffat said:

We've only just finished shooting the actual completed ending – it's ridiculously secret – but it's quite a thing, hopefully. There's often an element of throwing in some lovely names, and then figuring it out later, but I've always had a sort of plan for the Doctor and Trenzalore. Things will be resolved. Things I've left hanging in plain sight – and sometimes not in plain sight – will be tied up...


Also in this issue:


New Episode Previews! DWM previews the final three episodes of the latest series – The Crimson Horror, Nightmare in Silver and The Name of the Doctor – and talks exclusively to writers Mark Gatiss and Neil Gaiman, and returning guest stars Neve McIntosh (Vastra), Catrin Stewart (Jenny) and Dan Starkey (Strax).

Old Friends and Enemies: The Doctor reflects on the many battles he has had throughout his lives, and must travel to the past to save the future of the Earth... Don’t miss the penultimate chapter of our comic strip epic, Hunters of the Burning Stone, written by Scott Gray, with art from Martin Geraghty, David A Roach and James Offredi.

Farewell to the Creator: DWM takes a look at the life and career of the late Raymond P Cusick, and pays tribute to the man who designed the Daleks back in 1963.

100, Not Out! Gaffer Mark Hutchings is the only person to have worked on every single episode of Doctor Who since its return to production in 2004. With more than 100 episodes under his belt, Mark shares his memories of working with three Doctors over nine years...

Childish Questions: Doctor Who's commander-in-chief Steven Moffat responds to readers’ queries – and reveals not only how the Statue of Liberty made it to Winter Quay without being seen, but also how what changes he would have made if he’d script-edited the very first episode, An Unearthly Child...

Martha not Arthur: It's 2007 – the Tenth Doctor is joined in the TARDIS by Martha Jones and together they confront the Macra, the Daleks and the Master! DWM’s journey through five decades of Doctor Who continues with Series 29 in Countdown to 50!

And Then There Were None! The Fourth Doctor and Leela find themselves on a remote island defending a lighthouse from attack by an alien Rutan in Horror of Fang Rock. The Fact of Fiction takes a long, hard look at the four-part adventure from 1977, and reveals a wealth of fascinating new facts about the story.

Daleks USA! The Time Team travel across the Pond to 1930s America where Chris, Emma, Michael and Will discover that the Daleks are responsible for the construction of the Empire State Building in the two-part adventure, Daleks in Manhattan/Evolution of the Daleks

Everyone's Favourite: Writer, passionate fan and mother of twins Jacqueline Rayner reveals that when it comes to choosing favourite moments and episodes, everyone in her family has their own personal choices in her latest candid column, Relative Dimensions.

True Blue: The Watcher reveals how Margaret Thatcher had a lasting influence on Doctor Who in A History of Doctor Who in 100 Objects; challenges readers with The Six Faces of Delusion, champions another Supporting Artist of the Month and provides deliciously culinary theme to Ristorante Italiano Top Ten. All this and more in this issue’s Wotcha!



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