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Fourth Doctor Collected Comics: The Iron Legion

ironlegion ? In Stock £14.99

5 original comic adventures originally published in Doctor Who Weekly in 1979 and 1980. Reprinted in one volume for the first time. Includes: The Iron Legion, City Of The Damned, The Star Beast, The Dogs Of Doom and The Time Witch.




Ninth Doctor Collected Comics The Cruel Sea

cruel sea.jpg ? In Stock £13.99

By popular demand! An outstanding volume of comic strips collecting the complete adventures of the Ninth Doctor (played on TV by Christopher Eccleston) and Rose Tyler (Billie Piper) from the pages of Doctor Who Magazine. Featuring five complete stories from the acclaimed writers of the Doctor Who TV series Gareth Roberts and Robert Shearman, and also by Doctor Who Magazine writer Scott Gray.


Seventh Collected Comics: Evening's Empire

evenings empire1 ? In Stock £13.99

Evening's Empire, a Doctor Who comic strip from the 1990s written by Andrew Cartmel, was never completed in the pages of Doctor Who Magazine. Although a version was printed subsequently, this new collection contains the first publication of the full story as originally intended, with brand-new artwork from the original artist, Richard Piers Rayner


Seventh Doctor Collected Comics: A Cold Day In Hell

cold day in hell ? In Stock £15.99

The first collected volume of strips featuring the seventh Doctor from the pages of Doctor Who Magazine.

Featuring 11 classic stories: A Cold Day In Hell, Redemption, The Crossroads of Time, Claws Of The Klathi, Culture Shock, Keepsake, Planet Of The Dead, Echoes Of The Mogori, Time and Tide, Follow The TARDIS and Invaders from Gantac.

The original black and white strips are digitally mastered and collected for the first time ever.


Seventh Doctor Collected Comics: Emperor of the Daleks

emperor of the daleks.jpg ? In Stock £14.99

Emperor of the Daleks collects together stories by leading writers and artists, from the highly acclaimed comic strip in Doctor Who Magazine.Includes a wealth of exclusive, brand-new material revealing how the strips were created, featuring contributions and commentary from the writers and artists.


Seventh Doctor Collected Comics: Nemesis of the Daleks

nemesis of the daleks final ? In Stock £16.99

Second volume of comic strips collecting the Seventh Doctor’s complete adventures from the pages of Doctor Who Magazine.


Nemesis of the Daleks, named after the book’s opening strip, is the second volume of Seventh Doctor comic strips (picking up where A Cold Day in Hell!, published in 2009, left off). The stories in this collection originally appeared in 1989 and 1990. At that time the strips not only ran in Doctor Who Magazine but also in a second Marvel Comics UK title, The Incredible Hulk Presents. Comic strips from both titles are included in this book, with a number of stories reproduced for the first time since their original publication.


The book includes the popular ‘back up’ strips featuring Abslom Daak from 1980 issues of Doctor Who Weekly and Doctor Who Monthly, to tie-in with the character’s appearance in the Nemesis of the Daleks story. There is also a detailed commentary by former Doctor Who Magazine editor John Freeman, featuring input from the writers, artists and editors who worked on these strips, with reproduced script pages and rough pencil drawings.


Here is the full list of strips included in the graphic novel. (Titles marked * are reprinted for the first time in this collection.)


Nemesis of the Daleks (Doctor Who Magazine #152-155)

Stairway to Heaven (Doctor Who Magazine #156) *

Once in a Lifetime (The Incredible Hulk Presents #1)

Hunger from the Ends of Time! (The Incredible Hulk Presents #2-3)

War World! (The Incredible Hulk Presents #4)

Technical Hitch (The Incredible Hulk Presents #5)

A Switch in Time! (The Incredible Hulk Presents #6)

The Sentinel! (The Incredible Hulk Presents #7) *

Who’s that Girl! (The Incredible Hulk Presents #8-9) *

The Enlightenment of Ly-Chee the Wise (The Incredible Hulk Presents #10) *

Slimmer! (The Incredible Hulk Presents #11) *

Nineveh! (The Incredible Hulk Presents #12) *

Train-Flight (Doctor Who Magazine #159-161)

Doctor Conkerer! (Doctor Who Magazine #162)

Abslom Daak: Dalek Killer (Doctor Who Weekly #17-20)

Star Tigers (Doctor Who Weekly #27-30, Doctor Who Monthly #44-46)



Seventh Doctor Collected Comics: The Good Soldier

the good soldier gn.jpg ? In Stock £13.99

By popular demand! A brand new collection of classic comic strips collecting the adventures of the Seventh Doctor (Sylvester McCoy) and Ace, from the pages of Doctor Who Magazine.


Sixth Doctor Collected Comics: The World Shapers

worldshapers ? In Stock £15.99

The second of two volumes charting the Sixth Doctor's complete comic strip run from the pages of Dr Who Magazine. Featured stories are: Exodus/Revelation/Genesis, Nature of the Beast, Time Bomb, Salad Daze, Profits Of Doom, The gift and The World Shapers

188 pages



Sixth Doctor Collected Comics: Voyager

voyager big ? In Stock £15.99

The first two volumes featuring the Sixth Doctor's complete comic strip run from the pages of Doctor Who Magazine. Featuring the epic stories: The Shape-Shifter, Voyager, Polly the Glot, Once Upon a Time Lord, War Game, Funhouse, Kane's Story, Abels' Story and Frobisher's Story.


Tenth Doctor Collected Comics: The Betrothal Of Sontar

betrothal of sontar web ? In Stock £15.99

The first volume of collected comic strips featuring the Tenth Doctor and Rose. Features the stories The Betrothal Of Sontar, The Lodger, FAQ, The Futurists, Interstellar Overdrive, Opera Of Doom, The Green-Eyed Monster, The Warkeeper's Crown


Tenth Doctor Collected Comics: The Crimson Hand

the crimson hand gn.jpg ? In Stock £15.99

Original colour strips digitally mastered and collected in a graphic novel format for the first time.


In this third and final volume of comic strips collecting the Tenth Doctor's complete adventures as seen in the pages of Doctor Who Magazine, the famous Time Lord joins forces with Ms Majenta Pryce and embarks on his most remarkable series of journeys yet - travels that ultimately lead him to a terrifying encounter with The Crimson Hand!



Tenth Doctor Collected Comics: The Tenth Doctor

tenth doctor comics.jpg ? In Stock £7.99

Collected together for the first time, these new adventures in time and space take the TARDIS into unexplored realms of adventure and excitement!

The Doctor and Martha attempt to save the doomed planet of Loam from destruction at the hands of gigantic monsters, then split up for a crazy adventure spanning Mars and an ordinary London bus! Then it's off to meet legendary explorer Ernest Shackleton in the icy wastes of the Antarctic, before visiting an abandoned space base where a deadly plot is afoot.

Packed with 100 pages of thrills, scares and laughs, this Doctor Who Magazine Special Edition collects together four full-colour comic strip stories: THE WOMAN WHO SOLD THE WORLD, BUS STOP, THE FIRST and DEATH TO THE DOCTOR!

Featuring the writing talents of Rob Davis, Dan McDaid and Jonathan Morris, plus stunning artwork from Mike Collins (2000 AD), John Ross (Doctor Who Adventures), Martin Geraghty and Roger Langridge (The Fin Fang Four)!

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