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3.75 inch Action Figures and Sets

The latest range of figures and playsets from Character Options



3.75" Action Figure: Power of the Daleks with Mutant Scoop

power of the daleks toy.jpg ? In Stock £9.99

3.75" figure.

Dalek with mutant scoop


3.75" Electronic Moving Bronze Dalek

moving dalek bronze.jpg ? In Stock £8.99

3.75" electronic moving bronze Dalek, glides on a wave of sound


3.75" Figure: Skovox Blitzer

skovox blitzer.jpg ? In Stock £6.99

Figure on card


3.75 inch Action Figure: Twelfth Doctor

wave 3 12th.jpg ? In Stock £6.99

3.75" carded figure


3.75 inch Hide Figure Set

hide set.jpg ? In Stock £15.99

The Doctor and Clara arrive at a haunted mansion (Caliburn House) which stands alone on a desolate moor. Here they encounter the legendary ghost hunter Professor Alec Palmer and his gifted psychic assistant, Emma Grayling. Palmer is trying to contact a fabled spirit that haunts the house - the Witch of the Well. Much to Clara's apprehension, The Doctor can't help but offer their assistance!


• Exclusive Eleventh Doctor action figure

• Exclusive Hologram Interface Clara action figure

• Exclusive Dematerialising TARDIS (Non Electronic)

• 5+ Years



Spin and Fly TARDIS

spin and fly.jpg ? Out of Stock £13.99

This highly detailed replica electronic toy TARDIS is in scale with the Doctor Who 3.75-inch action figure collection. Features include spring loaded doors, authentic sound FX; take-off and landing light the new TARDIS interior card.


Time Zone Playset 2: The Cold War

cold war playset.jpg ? In Stock £9.99

Collect and build the universe of Doctor Who with these 3D card diorama playsets that feature different time zones visited by the Doctor in the hit TV series.


You can travel between different time zones or clip the sets together to build bigger ‘zones’. The playsets are in scale with the Doctor Who 3.75-inch action figures so you can create your own adventures or simply display your collection.


In the cold waters of the Southern Arctic Ocean a Russian nuclear submarine is returning from patrol. As the ‘Cold War’ between the Americans and Russians drags on, tensions run high as the crew constantly run missile launch simulation drills. Also on board is a high ranking Russian scientist with a rapidly thawing block of ice - a block of ice which contains a mysterious creature. When the creature revives, breaks loose and rampages through the ship, the Submarine loses all power and starts to sink, plunging deeper with every passing second. The TARDIS materialises on board and, with mere seconds to spare, the Doctor saves the submarine but leaves it stranded and crippled 700 metres down. But that is the least of his worries when the Doctor realises they are up against one of his oldest and coldest enemies.


Cold War Time Zone Playset includes 1 exclusive Ice Warrior ‘Creature’ figurine. One supplied.