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6th Doctor DVD

A selection of DVDs featuring the Sixth Doctor portrayed by Colin Baker



Attack of the Cybermen (DVD)

attack of the cybs ? In Stock £11.99

Special features include: Commentary - with actors Colin Baker, Nicola Bryant, Terry Molloy and Sarah Berger. The Cold War - cast and crew look back at the making of the story. With actors Colin Baker, Nicola Bryant, Terry Molloy and Sarah Berger, writer Eric Saward, director Matthew Robinson, continuity advisor Ian Levine and film cameraman Godfrey Johnson.
The Cyber Story - a brief history of the Cybermen in the classic series. With director Morris Barry, writer Eric Saward, costume designers Sandra Reid and Dinah Collins, Cyberman actor Mark Hardy, Roy Skelton and Professor Kevin 'Human Cyborg' Warwick.
Human Cyborg - an interview with Professor Kevin Warwick, who has used himself as a human guinea pig for cybernetic implant experimentation.
The Cyber-Generations - a gallery of Cybermen through the history of the series.
Photo Gallery, Trails and Continuity, Isolated Score, Easter Egg, PDF Material, Programme Subtitles, Subtitle Production Notes.

DVD Region 2&4 PAL. Cert PG



Doctor Who Season 23 (Blu ray)

season_23_cover.jpg ? In Stock £49.99

The next chapter in these definitive collection boxsets sees the Doctor (Colin Baker) on trial for his life, with the court examining his adventures with companion Peri (Nicola Bryant) and looking to his future escapades with new companion Melanie (Bonnie Langford). This season saw the return of popular villain Sil, along with The Master, the towering robot Drathro and the plant-based Vervoid monsters. With The Inquisitor (Lynda Bellingham) overseeing the proceedings, it was The Valeyard (Michael Jayston) who proved the greatest threat, hiding his own sinister motives for wanting the Doctor’s downfall.


As with previous releases, this boxset will include hours of bonus features, both existing and newly created for this limited edition release.


Mark Of The Rani (DVD), The

mark of the rani dvd ? In Stock £11.99

Starring Colin Baker, Nicola Bryant, Anthony Ainley and Kate O'Mara. The Mark of the Rani DVD contains two 45-minute episodes, plus a bumper collection of extras:

Commentary by Colin Baker, Nicola Bryant and Kate O'Mara
Lords and Luddites: A 40-minute documentary, featuring comments from Colin Baker, Nicola Bryant, Kate O'Mara, writers Pip and Jane Baker, actor Gary Cady, script editor Eric Saward and composer Jonathan Gibbs
Now and Then: A look at the Blists Hill Victorian Museum used as the main filming location for this adventure
Blue Peter: An 11-minute feature on the history of Ironbridge Gorge
Saturday Superstore: Colin Baker and Nicola Bryant appear on the BBC children's show, and receive a phone call from an old friend...
Deleted and extended scenes
Photo gallery, PDFs of the 1985 Doctor Who Annual and Radio Times listings for this story
Isolated music score for the whole story by Jonathan Gibbs, and an alternate music score for episode one by composer John Lewis

Cert U DVD Region 2&4



Revelation Of The Daleks (DVD)

dvd revelation ? In Stock £11.99

Extras include commentary, new CGI effects, Revelation Exhumed documentary, studio footage, easter egg, photo gallery

Cert PG. DVD Region 2&4



Timelash (DVD)

timelash ? In Stock £11.99

The Doctor meets H G Wells and a ruthless dictator intent on controlling the planet Karfel. Extras include commentary by Colin Baker, Nicola Bryant and Paul Darrow

The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly (dur. 25' 01"), the main documentary, which looks at the making of the story. It features actors Colin Baker, Nicola Bryant, Paul Darrow, David Chandler, Robert Ashby, script editor Eric Saward, writer Glen McCoy and journalist Paul Lang, and is narrated by Terry Molloy

This release will be the first to feature a 'Coming Soon' trail which will act as a taster for the next DVD release

Photo gallery, production subtitle notes and Radio Times listings in pdf format


Cert PG Region 2&4



Trial of a Time Lord (SIGNED Langford/Laird/Warnecke)

trial_of_a_timelord.jpg ? In Stock £39.99

Sleeve signed by Bonnie Langford (Mel), Trevor Laird (Frax), Gordon Warnecke (Tuza)


4 disc set. All 14 episodes of Series 23 which includes the segments: The Mysterious Planet, Mindwarp, Terror Of The Vervoids and The Ultimate Foe, collectively known as 'The Trial Of A Time Lord'

Extras include: commentary by Colin Baker, Nicola Bryant, Tony Selby (Glitz), Adam Blackwood (Balazar), Eric Saward (script editor), Philip Martin (writer), Michael Craig (Commodore), Pip and Jane Baker (writers), Chris Clough (director); "The Making of The Mysterious Planet," "The Making of Mindwarp," "The Making of Terror of the Vervoids" and "The Making of The Ultimate Foe" featurettes; documentaries including "Now and Then: On the Trail of a Time Lord" (locations of "Mindwarp"), "A Fate Worse than Death?" (Peri's fate with Yrcanos), "The Lost Season" (about the aborted season 23), "Now Get Out of That!" (cliffhangers) and "Trials and Tribulations" (Colin Baker's tenure); clips from "Lenny Henry," "Wogan," "Saturday Picture Show," "TV Talkback," "Blue Peter," "Points of View," "Open Air" and "Saturday Superstore"; the 1985 "Doctor in Distress" music video along with media footage on the 1985 hiatus and the 1985 Children in Need special; the full 35mm film sequence of the opening visual effects of episode 1; deleted and extended scenes, DVD/PDF material, trailers and continuity segments, music videos, photo galleries, production notes.


The Doctor is taken out of time to stand trial for interfering with the laws of time. His prosecutor, The Valeyard shows evidence in the form of some of the Doctors past and future adventures. If the Doctor is found guilty all his lives will be forfeit!


Region 2&4 Cert PG


Twin Dilemma (DVD), The

twindilemma ? In Stock £11.99

· Commentary - with actors Colin Baker, Nicola Bryant and Kevin McNally.
· The Star Man - an interview with title sequence designer Sid Sutton.
· Look 100 Years Younger - Colin Baker and comedian Amy Lamé discuss the Doctor's costumes over the years.
· Stripped for Action - The Sixth Doctor - a look at the Sixth Doctor's comic strip adventures from the pages of Doctor Who Magazine. Featuring
interviews with artist John Ridgway, writer Simon Furman, former Doctor Who Magazine editors Alan McKenzie, Gary Russell and Alan Barnes.
· Breakfast Time - Colin Baker and Nicola Bryant interviewed by Frank Bough and Selina Scott on the BBC's breakfast TV show.
· Blue Peter - Colin Baker interviewed by Janet Ellis on the long-running childrens' magazine show.
· Continuity - BBC1 continuity announcements from the story's original transmission.
· Photo Gallery
· Coming Soon
· Programme Subtitles
· Subtitle Production Notes

Region 2&4 Cert PG



Two Doctors (DVD), The

2docs ? In Stock £11.99

Special Features include:
Commentary by stars Colin Baker, Nicola Bryant, Frazer Hines, Jacqueline Pearce and director Peter Moffatt, Isolated music soundtrack, Production Notes, "A Fix with Sontarans" - a short mini-episode from 'Jim'll Fix It'. (approx 10 mins), Easter Egg.

Disc 2 includes:
Behind the Sofa - Robert Holmes & Doctor Who - a featurette about the work of the acclaimed Doctor Who writer and script editor. (approx 45 mins), Beneath the Lights - in studio during recording of part of episode one. (approx 25 mins), Beneath the Sun - VHS-sourced raw takes from the location filming in Spain. (Approx 35 mins.), Adventures in Time and Spain -Production Manager Gary Downie talks about the trials and tribulations of working in a foreign location. (Approx 30 mins),
Wavelength - a radio production from 1984 following the cast and crew as they record the story. (Approx 29 mins),
Photo Gallery (approx 8 mins)

Cert PG. Region 2&4



Vengeance on Varos Special Edition DVD

vengeance on varos se.jpg ? In Stock £11.99

Starring Colin Baker


· 5.1 mix of the soundtrack.

· mono audio track featuring raw studio sound during the recording of the episode

isolated music score, both original and 5.1 mix.

· Nice Or Nasty: a feature on the production of the story, which includes contributions from Nabil Shaban (Sil), Sheila Reid (Etta), Philip Martin (writer), Eric Saward (script editor), and Jonathan Gibbs (composer).

· The Idiot's Lantern: On how Doctor Who has used television.

· Tomorrow's Times: with Sarah Sutton presenting media coverage of the Sixth Doctor.

· excerpt from Saturday Superstore.

· French and Saunders: unused sketch filmed on The Trial Of a Time Lord trial set (originally released with The Curse of Fatal Death on VHS).

· BBC News reporting on the casting of Colin Baker.

· Breakfast Time, with Frank Bough interviewing Colin Baker.

· The "acid bath" scene from episode two with alternative music.


2 x DVD set