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5th Doctor DVD and BLU RAY

A selection of DVDs featuring the Fifth Doctor portrayed by Peter Davison



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Beneath The Surface Box Set (DVD)

beneath the surface ? In Stock £24.99

Stories: The Silurians, The Sea Devils and Warriors Of The Deep. Extras include Commentaries, Isolated Music, Photo Galleries, Subtitles, Production Notes, trailers, “Making Of” Documentaries

Cert PG. PAL Regions 2&4



Black Guardian Trilogy (DVD)

black guardian dvd.jpg ? In Stock £24.99

Contains the stories Mawdryn Undead, Terminus and Enlightenment.


Special features include Commentary with Peter Davison, Mark Strickson, Nicholas Courtney and script editor Eric Saward. Who Wants to Live Forever? - cast and crew look back at the making of the story narrated by Floella Benjamin.

· Liberty Hall - a new drama. Journalist Philip Clarke (Simon Ockenden) travels to Brendan School to interview Brigadier Lethbridge Stewart. Deleted and Extended Scenes, Film Trims - film trims from the location filming, Out-takes - the producer's blooper reel, CGI Effects, Continuity, Photo Gallery, Set Photo Gallery - set design photos from the story, Isolated Score, Coming Soon trailer, Programme Subtitles, Subtitle Production Notes


4 x DVD Region 2&4



Black Orchid (DVD)

black orchid dvd.jpg ? In Stock £11.99


Region 2 & 4 Cert PG



Black Orchid DVD (SIGNED)

black orchid dvd.jpg ? In Stock £22.99

Signed by Matthew Waterhouse (Adric)


Caves of Androzani (Special Edition DVD)

androzani se.jpg ? In Stock £11.99

Commentary by Peter Davison (The Doctor), Nicola Bryant (Peri), Graeme Harper (Director).


Behind the Scenes: The Regeneration: Previously unseen archive footage from the final studio recording session of this story, offering a unique insight on the regeneration from Peter Davison to Colin Baker. Complete with commentary from Peter Davison, Nicola Bryant and Graeme Harper.


Behind the Scenes: Creating Sharaz Jek: Although Christopher Gable sadly died in 1998, some years previously he recorded his memories of making this story.


Extended Scenes: Three scenes from the original story are presented in extended versions using time-coded film sequences. The first scene is accompanied by an optional commentary track by Graeme Harper.


Trailer: The trailer for the 1984 BBC1 transmission of the first episode.


News: Watch assorted press releases and interviews relating to Peter Davison's decision to move on from his role as the Fifth Doctor.

BBC One O'Clock News: Here is how the BBC's national news reported the story on 28th July 1983.

BBC Nine O'Clock News: Michael Buerk introduces a Nine O'Clock News report about Peter Davison's departure. Reporter: Kate Adie. Broadcast on 28/07/1983.

South East at Six: The day following the announcement of Peter Davison's departure, he and producer John Nathan-Turner appeared on 'South East at Six' to discuss the future of the series. This was only ever shown on the BBC South East regional news programme. Broadcast on 29/07/1983. Presenters: Sue Cook and Fran Morrison. (5'24" | 4:3 | 1983)


Isolated Score: The option to watch the story with Roger Limb's complete musical score on an isolated soundtrack.


Production Subtitles: Text commentary by Paul Scoones providing cast details, script development and other information related to the production of this story.


PDF Materials: Listings for The Caves of Androzani from the Radio Times in PDF files.


Coming Soon: A preview of The Seeds of Doom. The trailer for this story is available on Time and the Rani.


Easter Egg: Original Unrestored Opening Scene.


Disc 2

Chain Reaction: The cast and crew of The Caves of Androzani look back on the making of a legendary story. Actors Peter Davison, Nicola Bryant, Maurice Roëves (Stotz), Robert Glenister (Salateen) and Martin Cochrane (Chellak) join director Graeme Harper, script editor Eric Saward, production designer John Hurst and composesr Roger Limb in their analysis of this story's creation. Presenter: Matthew Sweet; Camera: Steve Broster; Colourist: Jonathan Wood; Archive: BBC Photograph Library, John Hurst, BBC Written Archives Centre, David Stead; Executive Producer: Dan Hall; Producer/Director: Paul Vanezis.


Directing Who: Then & Now: Graeme Harper is currently the only director to have worked on the classic series run of Doctor Who and its newer run of stories. Here he adds his unique insight in discussing the different production techniques particular in each era of the programme. Camera: Andy Smith; Sound: Rob Kreeger; Footage Research: James Bowen; Online Editor: Ed Stradling; Colourist: Jonathan Wood; Thanks To: Adam Page, Gillane Seaborne, Hannah Williams, Doctor Who Confidential; Executive Producer: Dan Hall; Editor/Producer: James Goss.


The Russell Harty Show: In March 1984 both Peter Davison and Colin Baker made an appearance on The Russell Harty Show to discuss their transition between The Caves of Androzani and The Twin Dilemma.


Photo Gallery: A selection of rare and previously unpublished photographs from the recording of this story. BBC Radiophonic Workshop Archive.



Earthshock (DVD)

earthshock ? In Stock £11.99

Commentary by Peter Davison, Matthew Waterhouse, Sarah Sutton and Janet Fielding, "Putting the shock into Earthshock" documentary and new CGI effects.

Cert PG. Region 2&4



Earth Story DVD - The Gunfighters and The Awakening

earthstory-cover.jpg ? In Stock £19.99

The Gunfighters: Starring William Hartnell (1966)

The TARDIS arrives in the town of Tombstone in the Wild West and the Doctor, having hurt a tooth on one of Cyril's sweets, decides he must visit a dentist. The local dentist is Doc Holliday, currently engaged in a feud with the Clanton family. Lawmen Wyatt Earp and Bat Masterson are meanwhile doing their best to keep the peace.

Special Features

 * Commentary - with actors Peter Purves, Shane Rimmer, David Graham and Richard Beale, production assistant Tristan de Vere Cole and moderator Toby Hadoke.

* The End of the Line – after two years on the screen, Doctor Who had become a television phenomenon, regularly reaching an audience of ten million viewers. But with a change of producer and script editor and the looming prospect of losing the lead actor, the programme’s third year was the one that would make or break it… With actors Maureen O’Brien, Anneke Wills and Peter Purves, script editor Donald Tosh, new series writer Gareth Roberts and long time Doctor Who viewer Ian Levine.

* Tomorrow’s Times – The First Doctor – looking at the newspaper coverage of Doctor Who during the programme’s opening years. Presented by Mary Tamm.

* Photo Gallery - production, design and publicity photos from the story, set to the entirety of The Ballad of the Last Chance Saloon.

* Coming Soon - a trailer for a forthcoming DVD release.

* Radio Times Listings in Adobe PDF format.

* Programme subtitles.

* Subtitle Production Notes.

Awakening: Peter Davison (1984)
The TARDIS has brought the Doctor Tegan and Turlough to the English country village of Little Hodcombe in 1984 where an alien war machine, the Malus, is affecting its inhabitants. A re-enactment of a civil war battle becomes dangerously real as the Malus gather sufficient psychic energy to re-awake.

Special Features

 * Commentary - with actor Michael Owen Morris and script editor Eric Saward, moderated by Toby Hadoke.

* Return to Little Hodcombe – director Michael Owen, actors Janet Fielding and Keith Jayne and script editor Eric Saward return to the three villages that played host to the locations for The Awakening, and along with locals they reminisce about a memorable shoot…

* Making the Malus – visual effects designer Tony Harding and model maker Richard Gregory are reunited with the Malus prop they built for the story. Current owner Paul Burrows is on hand to describe the reality of living with a giant stone monster on the lounge wall…

* Now & Then – the latest in the ongoing series visits the villages of Martin, Shapwick and Tarrant Monkton to compare the locations used in the story with how they appear today.

* From the Cutting Room Floor – extended and deleted scenes from a time-coded VHS of the original edit and unedited film sequences, plus location action from the film rushes.

* The Golden Egg Awards – the inadvertent destruction of a prop lychgate by a horse was the winner of The Late Late Breakfast Show’s Golden Egg Award. Peter Davison is on hand to collect the trophy from host Noel Edmonds.

* Photo Gallery - production, design and publicity photos from the story.

* Isolated Music – option to view the story with the isolated music score.

* Coming Soon - a trailer for a forthcoming DVD release.

* Radio Times Listings in Adobe PDF format.

* Programme subtitles.

* Subtitle Production Notes.


Five Doctors (25th Anniversary Edition DVD)

five doctors ? In Stock £11.99

Extras include documentaries, commentaries, Isolated Score, Photo Gallery, coming soon trailer, Radio Times billings, subtitles and Production notes.

2 x DVD Region 2&4 Cert PG



Four To Doomsday (DVD)

four to doomsday big ? In Stock £11.99

Extras include commentary by Peter Davison, Janet Fielding, Sarah Sutton, Matthew Waterhouse and director John Black, Studio Recording - 27 minutes of material from Peter Davison's first day in the studios as the Doctor, Peter Davison's Boxing Day 1980 appearance on Saturday Night At The Mill, Theme Music Video featuring a new remix of Peter Howell's arrangement either in Stereo or Dolby Digital 5.1, Radio Times Billings PDF, Photo Gallery, Production Information Subtitles, Digitally remastered picture and sound

PAL. Region 2&4 Cert PG



Frontios (DVD)

frontios final.jpg ? In Stock £11.99

Starring Peter Davison, Janet Fielding and Mark Strickson.

An irresistible force draws the TARDIS to the barren surface of Frontios, where in the far future the last surviving humans cower amongst the ruins of their wrecked spacecraft. Under constant threat from lethal meteorite bombardments, few of the doomed colony members realize that the ground of Frontios itself opens up and devours the unwary. Not permitted to assist, the Doctor attempts to leave, but is thwarted when the unimaginable occurs: the TARDIS is utterly destroyed.

All the while, burrowing undetected below the planet’s crust, sickening alien parasites prepare a gruesome and final fate for all humanity.

Special Features:

• Commentary - With actors Peter Davison, Jeff Rawle and John Gillett, script editor Eric Saward and special sounds designer Dick Mills.

• Driven to Distractation – cast and crew look back at the making of ‘Frontios’. With actors Peter Davison, Mark Strickson, Jeff Rawle and John Gillett, script editors Christopher H. Bidmead and Eric Saward, and designer David Buckingham. Narrated by Paul Jones.

• Deleted and Extended Scenes – a chance to see scenes that were cut during editing, many of which are presented before post-production effects had been added.

• Photo Gallery - production, design and publicity photos from the story.

• Isolated Music – option to watch the episodes with the isolated music score.

• Coming Soon - a trailer for a forthcoming DVD release.

• Radio Times Listings in Adobe PDF format.

• Programme subtitles.

• Subtitle Production Notes.


Kamelion Box Set (The Kings Demons and Planet Of Fire) DVD

kamelion tales dvd.jpg ? In Stock £19.99

Two complete stories of the classic sci-fi series featuring the Fifth Doctor, Peter Davison, and the shape-changing android Kamelion. In 'The King's Demons' (1983), the renegade Time Lord forces Kamelion (Gerald Flood) to pose as King John in 13th century England. 'Planet of Fire' (1983) sees the Doctor (Davison) and Turlough (Mark Strickson) arriving in Lanzarote on Earth to investigate the transmission of an unusual signal that turns out to be emanating from a mysterious alien artefact.


 The King's Demons extras
Audio Commentary with actors Peter Davison and Isla Blair, script editor Eric Saward. Plus a bonus commentary with director Tony Virgo on episode one only.
Kamelion - Metal Man - this documentary looks at the short history of the Doctor's robotic companion.
Magna Carta - In the story, the Master tries to alter history by preventing the signing of the Magna Carta. But what exactly is the Magna Carta and what is its relevance both throughout history and to our lives today?

Planet of Fire extras
Audio Commentary with actors Peter Davison, Nicola Bryant and Mark Strickson, director Fiona Cumming.
The Flames of Sarn - cast and crew recall the production of 'Planet of Fire'. With actors Peter Davison, Nicola Bryant, Mark Strickson, director Fiona Cumming, designer Malcolm Thornton, film cameraman John Walker.
Return to the Planet of Fire - director Fiona Cumming and designer Malcolm Thornton return to Lanzarote to revisit some of the locations used during filming of the story.
Designs on Sarn - designer Malcolm Thornton talks about his inspirations for the production design of 'Planet of Fire'.
• Alternate Edits, Deleted and Extended Scenes
• Continuity - BBC1 continuity announcements from the story's original transmission.
Planet of Fire - Special Edition - option to choose between 5.1 (default) and stereo soundtrack.
Optional Introduction - an introduction to the Special Edition from director Fiona Cumming.
Calling the Shots - behind the scenes during the production of 'Planet of Fire'.
Remembering Anthony Ainley - A retrospective of the life and career of actor Anthony Ainley.

All this and the usual extras including:

• Photo Gallery
• Isolated Score
• Coming Soon
• PDF Material - Radio Times listings in Adobe PDF format for viewing on PC or Mac.
• Programme Subtitles
• Subtitle Production Notes
• Coming Soon - a trail for a forthcoming DVD release.

Mara Tales, The

dvd-maratales.jpg ? In Stock £19.99

KINDA and SNAKEDANCE together in a box set. Starring Peter Davison. Cert PG. 2 x DVD

Special Features:


• 4 x 25 mins approx colour episodes with mono audio.

• Commentary - stereo. With actors Peter Davison, Janet Fielding, Matthew Waterhouse and Nerys Hughes.

• Dream Time (dur. 34’ 05”) – cast and crew look back at the making of the story. With actors Janet Fielding, Nerys Hughes, Simon Rouse and Adrian Mills, director Peter Grimwade, writer Christopher Bailey, script editors Christopher H. Bidmead, Eric Saward and Antony Root, designer Malcolm Thornton, new series writer Robert Shearman.

• Peter Grimwade - Directing with Attitude (dur. 22’ 57”) – a look at the Doctor Who career of writer and director Peter Grimwade. With Peter Grimwade, actors Janet Fielding and Nerys Hughes, writer Christopher Bailey, script editor Eric Saward, production assistant Margot Hayhoe, designer Malcolm Thornton, production secretary Jane Judge, script consultant Ian Levine, and Target Books editor Nigel Robinson. Presented by Mark Strickson.

• Deleted and Extended Scenes (dur. 14’ 36”) – a fascinating collection of deleted sequences taken from timecoded domestic videotape copies of the story’s early edits.

• Optional CGI Effects Sequence – option to view episode four with the original giant puppet snake replaced by a CGI snake.

• CGI Effects Comparison (dur. 1’ 34”) – a side by side comparison of the original puppet and new CGI snake shots.

• Trails & Continuity (dur. 4’ 13”) – BBC trails and continuity announcements from the story’s original transmission.

• Photo Gallery (dur. 4’ 42”) - production, design and publicity photos from the story.

• Isolated Music – option to watch the story with the isolated music score.

• Coming Soon (dur. 1 min approx.) - a trailer for a forthcoming DVD release.


• 4 x 25 mins approx colour episodes with mono audio.

• Commentary - stereo. With actors Peter Davison, Janet Fielding and Sarah Sutton.

• Snake Charmer (dur. 24’ 37”) – cast and crew look back at the making of the story. With actors Peter Davison and Janet Fielding, director Fiona Cumming, writer Christopher Bailey, script editor Eric Saward, designer Jan Spoczynski, and new series writer Robert Shearman.

• Deleted Scenes (dur. 3’ 05”) – scenes from the original ending of episode four, courtesy of a timecoded recording kept by producer J ohn Nathan-Turner.

• In Studio (dur. 6’ 12”) – a rare glimpse inside the studio during recording of effects sequences for the story, including the infamous ‘farting Mara’!

• Saturday Superstore (dur. 14’ 16”) – Peter Davison guests on the Saturday morning children’s show, where he plays cricket with Mike Read and John Craven and takes questions from callers.

• Photo Gallery (dur. 5’ 21”) - production, design and publicity photos from the story.

• Isolated Music – option to watch the story with the isolated music score.

• Coming Soon (dur. 1 min approx.) - a trailer for a forthcoming DVD release.

• Radio Times Listings in Adobe PDF format.

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