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4th Doctor DVD and BLU RAY

A selection of DVDS featuring the Fourth Doctor portrayed by Tom Baker



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Ark In Space (Special Edition DVD)

ark in space special edition.jpg ? In Stock £11.99

Remastered with new special features.

Starring Tom Baker and Elisabeth Sladen


The TARDIS lands on a wheel-like space station orbiting the earth in the distant future. It's seemingly deserted, but the Doctor, Sarah and Harry soon discover that they are not alone. Thousands of humans - the only survivors of the human race - are in cryogenic sleep, and while they've slept their Ark has been invaded. A parasitic insect race - the Wirrn - have taken control..and threaten the very future of mankind!


Special Features:

Audio Commentary

A New Frontier

Roger Murray-Leach Interview

Model Effects Roll

CGI Effects Roll

3D Technical Schematics


Alternative Titles

Alternative CGI Sequences

TARDIS-Cam no.1

The Ark in Space - Movie Version

Doctor Forever! Love & War

Scene Around Six

Robot 8mm Location Film

Easter eggs (3)

Photo Gallery

PDF materials: Radio Times Listings; the Doctor Who Technical Manual; tie-in promotional materials for Crosse & Blackwell, and for Nestlé

Production Note Subtitles



Brain Of Morbius, The (DVD)

brain of morbius dvd.jpg ? In Stock £11.99

Extras include: commentary by Tom Baker, Elisabeth Sladen, Philip Madoc (Solon), Christopher Barry (director), Philip Hinchcliffe (producer); "Getting a Head," a documentary on the making of the story; "Designs on Karn," with interviews with designer Barry Newbery; "Set Tour," a 3D CGI tour of the studio; "Sketch Gallery" with original design sketches and concept art; photo gallery, trailerse, Radio Times PDF, subtitles, production notes.

Region 2&4 Cert PG


City Of Death (DVD)

cityofdeath ? In Stock £11.99

Extras include: 45 minute featurette "Paris In The Springtime" with contributions from Julian Glover, Tom Chadbon, Catherine Schell and archive footage of Douglas Adams, 20 minutes of studio footage, model shots, comedy feature, 1980 Annual PDFs, commentary by Julian Glover, Tom Chadbon and director Michael Hayes, photo gallery, text commentary

Cert PG 2 x DVD Region 2&4



Creature from the Pit (DVD), The

creaturefromthepitweb.jpg ? In Stock £11.99

Extras include commentary with Lalla Ward, Myra Frances, director Christopher Barry and visual effects designer Mat Irvine


Deadly Assassin, The (DVD)

deadly assassin ? In Stock £11.99

Commentary - by Tom Baker [The Doctor], Bernard Horsfall [Goth] and Philip Hinchcliffe [Producer].
- The Matrix Revisited - Cast, crew and critics look back at the making of this story, featuring director David Maloney, designer Roger Murray-Leach and the founder of the National Viewers and Listeners Association, Mary Whitehouse.
- The Gallifreyan Candidate - A look at Richard Condon's novel The Manchurian Candidate, a major influence on the plot of The Deadly Assassin.
- The Frighten Factor - What exactly is Doctor Who's 'Frighten Factor'? A diverse panel of experts try to answer the question.
- Radio Times Billings - Listings for this story presented in a PDF file [DVD-ROM - PC/Mac].
- Photo Gallery.
- Coming Soon Trailer.
- Production Information Subtitles.
- Easter Egg.

Region 2&4 Cert PG



Destiny Of The Daleks (DVD)

destiny ? In Stock £11.99

Extras include commentary by Lalla Ward, David Gooderson and Ken Grieve. Terry Nation - a 30 minute documentary of writer Terry Nation, with contributions from producers Barry Letts and Philip Hinchcliffe, script editor Terrance Dicks, director Richard Martin and Dalek voice Nicholas Briggs. Directing Dr Who - with Ken Grieve. CGI effects. Original continuity trails and photo gallery. Prime Computer adverts. Coming soon trailer. Easter Egg. Radio Times listings as PDFs

Cert PG Region 2&4



Doctor Who Myths And Legends (DVD)

myths and legends dvd.jpg ? In Stock £29.99

DVD box set contains The Time Monster, Underworld and Horns of Nimon. Region 2 only.


The Time Monster starring Jon Pertwee

The Master, in the guise of Professor Thascales, has constructed at the Newton Institute in Wootton a device known as TOMTIT - Transmission Of Matter Through Interstitial Time - with which to gain control over Kronos, a creature from outside time.


Special Features include:

• Commentary – with actors John Levene and Susan Penhaligon, producer Barry Letts, production assistant Marion McDougall, modern British television writers Graham Duff, Phil Ford, Joe Lidster and James Moran, moderated by Toby Hadoke.

• Between Now... and Now! – Professor Jim Al Khalili looks at the science behind ‘The Time Monster’. With producer Barry Letts, actors Katy Manning and Richard Franklin.

• Restoration Comparison – a brief ‘before and after’ comparison of the picture restoration process


Underworld starring Tom Baker

The TARDIS arrives on a Minyan space craft, the R1C, commanded by a man named Jackson. Jackson and his crew are on a long quest to recover the Minyan race banks from a ship called the P7E which left their planet centuries ago. The Doctor helps to free the R1C after it becomes buried in a meteorite storm, but it then crashes into another newly-formed planet.


Special Features include:

• Commentary - with actors Tom Baker and Louise Jameson, co-writer Bob Baker.

• Into the Unknown – a look at the complex production of this story, with particular emphasis on the reasons for, and difficulties in achieving, the bluescreen virtual studio sets. With script editor Anthony Read, writers Bob Baker and Dave Martin, actors Jonathan Newth and Norman Tipton, designer Dick Coles and video effects designer AJ ‘Mitch’ Mitchell, with rare convention footage of producer Graham Williams.

• Underworld - In Studio – using time-coded Shibaden and U-matic video recordings, we are given a rare glimpse inside the studio during the recording of this story, much of which involved the use of bluescreen virtual studio techniques.



The Horns of Nimon starring Tom Baker 

The inhabitants of the planet Skonnos have been promised by an alien Nimon that he will restore their empire to greatness if they in return provide young sacrifices and radioactive Hymetusite crystals, both of which they are obtaining from the nearby planet Aneth. With the TARDIS immobilised for repairs, the Doctor and Romana encounter the Skonnan spaceship transporting the latest sacrificial consignment from Aneth.


Special Features include:

• Commentary - with actors Lalla Ward, Janet Ellis and Graham Crowden and writer Anthony Read.

• Who Peter – Partners in Time – since the birth of Doctor Who in the sixties, it has shared an almost symbiotic relationship with the long-running BBC children’s magazine show ‘Blue Peter’. In this special documentary, some of those involved look back over the history of that relationship.

• Read the Writer – Anthony Read, writer of ‘The Horns of Nimon’, looks back at the production of the story.

• Peter Howell Music Demos – in 1980, incoming producer John Nathan-Turner asked Radiophonic Workshop composers for demos of their music over the beginning of episode two of ‘The Horns of Nimon’. Only Peter Howell’s demo is known to exist and is presented here.


Doctor Who Season 12 blu ray (Sold out on pre-orders)

doctor-who-season-12-blu.jpg ? Out of Stock £49.99

Tom Baker's acclaimed first season as the Fourth Doctor, originally aired in 1975/76. With his best friend Sarah Jane Smith and new companion Harry, the Doctor pits his wits against a giant robot, the insect Wirrn, Cybermen, Sontarans and Daleks.


Twenty episodes, specially restored for Blu-Ray and packed with new and old special features. Build your own archive of classic Doctor Who seasons with this six-disc special 'limited edition packaging' boxset.


Existing Extras


Existing bonus material from the original DVDs


Brand New Bonus Features


Brand new one hour candid interview - 'Tom Baker in conversation'

Behind The Sofa - classic clips from season 12 viewed by Tom Baker, Philip Hinchcliffe, Louise Jameson, Janet Fielding, Sarah Sutton and Sadie Miller

New making-of documentaries for 'The Sontaran Experiment' and 'Revenge of the Cybermen'

Optional brand new updated special effects for Revenge of the Cybermen

Genesis of the Daleks - omnibus movie version

The Tom Baker Years VHS release on disc for the first time

Production archive material and scripts from the BBC Archives


E-Space Trilogy DVD Box Set

espace trilogy dvd.jpg ? In Stock £24.99

Contains the stories Full Circle, State Of Decay and Warriors Gate. Full Circle extras: Commentary with Matthew Waterhouse, writer Andrew Smith and script editor Christopher H. Bidmead. All Aboard the Starliner – cast and crew look back at the making of this story.


K-9 in E-Space – a look at the robot dog's role in the E-Space arc. With actors Lalla Ward, John Leeson, script editor Christopher H Bidmead, writers Andrew Smith and Terrance Dicks.


Swap Shop – Noel Edmonds chats to Matthew Waterhouse and takes calls from viewers of the Saturday morning entertainment show after Waterhouse's first appearance as Adric, E-Space


Fact or Fiction? - Could E-Space really exist? A look at the science behind the concept of Exo-Space featuring script editor Christopher H Bidmead, visual effects designer (and Fellow of the British Interplanetary Society) Mat Irvine, authors Stephen Baxter and Paul Parsons, planetary scientist Dr Andrew Ball and astronomer and television presenter Sir Patrick Moore. State of Decay extras: Commentary with actor Matthew Waterhouse, director Peter Moffatt and writer Terrance Dicks


The Vampire Lovers – cast and crew look back at the making of this story, Film Trims – mute 35mm film trims from the model effects filming for the story, featuring alternative takes of the Tower and the scout ship staking the Great Vampire


Leaves of Blood – a history of Vampires in literary fiction featuring authors Ramsey Campbell, Stephen Gallagher, Kim Newman, Pete Crowther, Simon Clark, Alison L R Davies, Chris Fowler and vampire specialist Dr Tina Rath


The Blood Show – a fascinating insight into the use and meaning of blood in society and culture


The Frayling Reading – cultural historian Sir Christopher Frayling looks at State of Decay with reference to the vampire stories of film and literature


Warriors' Gate extras include commentary with actors Lalla Ward and John Leeson, director Paul Joyce, script editor Christopher H Bidmead and visual effects designer Mat Irvine


The Dreaming – cast and crew look back at the troubled making of this story


The Boy with the Golden Star – actor Matthew Waterhouse looks back on his time on the show, Lalla's Wardrobe – a trip through Romana's time on the show via the medium of the many costumes actress Lalla Ward wore along the way. It's a one-off Frockumentary like you've never seen before


Extended and Deleted Scenes – missing scenes from an earlier edit of episode two.

Also included are BBC1 continuity announcements from the original transmissions, Photo Gallery, Isolated Scores, Easter Egg, PDF Material, Programme Subtitles, Subtitles and Production Notes.


Region 2&4 Cert PG


Face of Evil (DVD)

FaceofevilDVD.jpg ? In Stock £11.99

Starring Tom Baker and Louise Jameson

When the TARDIS arrives on a jungle planet, the Doctor encounters two warring tribes, the Sevateem and the Tesh. The Sevateem worship a god called Xoanon and the Tesh are supposedly keeping Xoanon prisoner…

But why do the Sevateem call the Doctor the Evil One? And what are the invisible creatures in the jungle? The Time Lord, with the help of a girl called Leela, is about to find out.

Special Features
• Commentary
Into the Wild Cast and crew talk about the making of The Face of Evil
From the Cutting Room Floor Film trims provide a behind-the-scenes glimpse at the film shoot.
Tomorrow’s Times – The Fourth Doctor A look at press coverage of Doctor Who during the Tom Baker era.
Doctor Who Stories: Louise Jameson talks about her role on the programme in this interview shot for 2003’s The Story of Doctor Who.
Swap Shop An extract from Louise Jameson’s appearance on The Multi-Coloured Swap Shop, interviewed by Noel Edmonds.
• Denys Fisher Toys Advert
• 1976 Typhoo Tea Doctor Who Promotion
• Radio Times listings
• Programme subtitles
• Production information subtitles
• Photo gallery
• Coming soon trailer
• Digitally remastered picture and sound quality


Five Doctors (25th Anniversary Edition DVD)

five doctors ? In Stock £11.99

Extras include documentaries, commentaries, Isolated Score, Photo Gallery, coming soon trailer, Radio Times billings, subtitles and Production notes.

2 x DVD Region 2&4 Cert PG



Genesis Of The Daleks (DVD)

genesis ? In Stock £11.99

The Time Lords send the Doctor, Harry and Sarah to the planet Skaro to prevent the birth of the Daleks. Hunted on a war-torn world, they become the prisoner of Davros, a crippled scientist who has developed a "travel machine" to house the creature into which the Kaled people will eventually mutate. These travel machines are destined to become Daleks -an anagram of the name of the Kaled race. The Doctor helps to lead a revolt of Kaled scientists, themselves horrified by what Davros is doing.
Extras: Commentary with Tom Baker, Elisabeth Sladen, Peter Miles and director David Maloney, "Genesis Of A Classic" - the cast and crew recall working on the story in a specially shot documentary, The Dalek Tapes- a new documentary narrated by Terry Molloy that tells the story of Davros, Blue Peter March 1975- an item looking at Dr Who models, Annual 1976 PDF, Radio Times billings, Photo gallery, subtitle production notes

2 x DVD Cert PG Region 2&4


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