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Interview and Autobiography CD

A range of interviews and autobiography on audio



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Benjamin and Baxter

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NOTE: Benjamin & Baxter contains some adult material and is not suitable for younger listeners.

The stars of Jago & Litefoot, Christopher Benjamin and Trevor Baxter, prove immensely endearing raconteurs as they chat with Nicholas Briggs about their long and varied careers, covering their first appearance as Jago & Litefoot in Doctor Who: The Talons of Weng-Chiang and a rich tapestry of other tales from their lives...

Directed By: Nicholas Briggs


Christopher Benjamin (Himself), Trevor Baxter (Himself), Nicholas Briggs (Interviewer)


Call Me Jacks - Jacqueline Pearce in Conversation

call me jacks.jpg ? In Stock £9.99

Jacqueline Pearce is well-known to fans of British Sci-Fi television as the iconic Supreme Commander Servalan in Blake's 7, or perhaps as Chessene o' the Franzine Grig in Doctor Who's The Two Doctors. But these appearances are merely two in a long, distinguished career, which in itself is a mere part of a fascinating life.


Over a bottle of champagne, she gives an uncompromising interview to Big Finish's Nicholas Briggs, discussing her past triumphs and times.


Please note that some material may be unsuitable for younger listeners.


Jacqueline Pearce, Nicholas Briggs (Interviewer)


Cult Conversations Volume 1

cultconversationbig ? In Stock £14.99

Signed by Deborah Watling.

Volume one of Cult Conversations will have interviews with Gareth David-Lloyd, who plays Ianto Jones in Torchwood, and Deborah Watling, who played companion Victoria Waterfield in Doctor Who.


Daddy's Girl (CD)

daddysgirlaudio.jpg ? In Stock £13.99

Also included is an exclusive DVD featuring special interview and convention footage.


Daughter of renowned star of stage and screen Jack Watling, Deborah has entertained millions in a career which spans over fifty years.


From her early successes in series such as The Invisible Man, The Power Game and Out of the Unknown, through to her iconic role as the scream queen Victoria Waterfield in Doctor Who, film roles opposite Cliff Richard and David Essex, and as the notorious ‘Naughty’ Norma in Danger UXB, Deborah has endeared herself to a broad spectrum of fans.


For the first time, in her own words, Deborah recalls the highs and lows of working on stage and in front of the camera along with the behind-the-scenes personal struggles, and reminisces about working with a whole variety of famous acting names including the late and much-missed Patrick Troughton.








Daphne Ashbrook: Dead Woman Laughing Audio

dead_woman_laughing.jpg ? In Stock £10.99

Witty, self-effacing and painfully honest; the themes of life, death and laughter come together as Daphne Ashbrook recounts her many on-and off-screen scrapes with mortality. Packed with rich anecdotes from her career in TV, stage and film, this refreshingly candid and conversational memoir spans a childhood in a theatrical family to pulling back the curtain of Hollywood, revealing the glamour and ridiculousness of a business mired in a struggle between art and profit.


Known for both her comic timing and deep emotional portrayals, Daphne has appeared in many TV and film roles including the 1996 Doctor Who movie, in which she played the role of Dr. Grace Holloway and Star Trek: Deep Space Nine as the titular character in Melora. Reflecting on her life and her career, Daphne discovers the surprising patterns and hilarious absurdities that accompany being a modern-day professional actor. The result is an amusing, informative and intimate memoir.


So pull up a barstool, grab a beer and lose yourself in Dead Woman Laughing.


From Byfleet to the Bush - An Autobiography by Jacqueline Pearce (CD)

byfleet cd.jpg ? In Stock £14.99

Best known to television audiences as the villainous Servalan from the fondly remembered Blake’s Seven, Jacqueline also starred in cult classics such as Doctor Who, The Avengers, Danger Man and the Hammer Horror films The Plague of Zombies and The Reptile.


From Byfleet to the Bush explores her life on and off the screen. Candid, vivid, mordant and funny, this is an unusual and enchanting memoir.


4 x CD Read by Jacqueline Pearce. With bonus interview from Valiant 2012


John Leeson: Tweaking the Tail (Audio) (Signed by John Leeson)

tweaking cd.jpg ? In Stock £14.99

This is the amusing story of a wildly unpredictable career journey...


Not every RADA-trained actor with aspirations to the classical stage expects to find himself an international sci-fi icon in DOCTOR WHO at the end of the day. Again, not every actor expects to find fulfilment in a parallel profession as an accredited wine educator alongside his work in the theatre, film and TV….and yet again, not every actor expects to find himself appointed to a completely different ‘theatre’ – the Magistrates’ Courts - sitting in judgement on the right side of the law!


Nobody could be more surprised, perhaps, at the curious turns of fortune that have been dealt to the author revealed in this engaging, often hilarious picture of his life other than the author himself!


This, then, is your invitation to share a kaleidoscope of recollections: the surprise, the triumphs, trials and tribulations of professional work across half a century including repertory and ‘fringe’ theatre work, West End appearances, British TV sitcoms including ‘Dad’s Army’, voiceover work, question setting for ‘Mastermind’, TV commercials at home and abroad….. let alone his insights into the worlds both of wine and of public service as a magistrate. A passionate cook, too, he’s even found the time to write this book! Clearly, he needs to slow down!



Learning My Lines The Autobiography of Ray Brooks (SIGNED)

learning my lines.jpg ? In Stock £13.99



'Ray Brooks’ acting career has spanned more than four decades, from his breakthrough role in iconic 1960s film The Knack, to infamy as the murderer of Pauline Fowler in EastEnders.


The diary Ray wrote while working on EastEnders provides us with a fascinating glimpse behind the scenes at Albert Square, and also prompts Ray to take dips into his past: growing up in Brighton with his bus conductress mother, working with Ken Loach on the ground-breaking BBC drama, Cathy Come Home, fighting off Daleks in Dr Who and starring as gambler Robbie Box in the hit TV show Big Deal.


His theatrical tales cover early days in rep, almost appearing in The Sound of Music, and working on classic comedies by Alan Ayckbourn and Tom Stoppard. To a whole generation, Ray Brooks is the voice of Mr Benn, the popular children’s animated series, and his seductive tones have also been used to persuade us to buy everything from margarine to lemonade – until Terry Wogan got in on the act! But as the accolades build up over the years, so do the insecurities: What job will I get when this one finishes? That fat, bald bloke on the screen surely can’t be me? Can I still learn lines? Revealing the vulnerability of an actor’s life, this candid account is full of down-to-earth humour and captivating honesty.'


Mary Tamm: First Generation Audio Book

mary tamm cd.jpg ? In Stock £14.99

Mary reads the first volume of her autobiography. 3 x CD, running time 200 minutes approx


Mary Tamm: First Generation CD (SIGNED)

mary tamm cd.jpg ? In Stock £25.00

Mary reads the first volume of her autobiography. 3 x CD, running time 200 minutes approx


Cover signed by Mary Tamm


Matthew Waterhouse: Blue Box Boy (Audio) (SIGNED)

blue_box_boy_cd.jpg ? In Stock £15.00

Matthew Waterhouse reads highlights from his autobiography. Includes new material.


As a boy Matthew Waterhouse loved Doctor Who: he watched all the episodes and read all the novels and comic strips. What starts as a heart-warming story, of a boy growing up with Doctor Who as his trusted friend, engaging the reader memories and nostalgia that will be familiar to any Doctor Who fan, takes a sudden twist when he is thrust into an alien and adult world - cast as Doctor Whos youngest ever travelling companion - for two of the series most inventive seasons.



Matthew's sense of wonder with his dream job and his love for the show are palpable; as is his shock at genuine hostilities between cast and crew members and considerable tensions on set, which are counterpointed with poignant reminders that he is just a boy, and still a fan, who finds himself in the absurd, comic world of minor celebrity. What follows is a story-by-story memoir of his time on the show, peppered with glimpses into Matthew's personal life, tales of conventions, DVD commentaries, and some revealing anecdotes about everyone from fellow actors to Doctor Whos more high-profile fans.



This memoir holds nothing back: written with honesty, warmth, a rapier wit and a good dose self-depreciation, the book is essential reading for any Doctor Who fan. Finally, we get to hear Matthew's side of a story which has been told and embellished and imagined by fans and fellow actors for years. This affectionate and darkly humorous memoir is a record of what it was like to make Doctor Who, and to work for the BBC in early 80s, and is proof that you can take the actor out of Doctor Who, but you can never quite take Doctor Who out of the actor...


Moonboots and Dinner Suits (Audio)

moonboots cd.jpg ? In Stock £13.99

Read by Terry Molloy

3 x CD. Abridged


Jon Pertwee’s acting career began with a public performance at the age of four. He seems to have been expelled from most of the schools his actor-writer father Roland Pertwee sent him to and finally joined RADA in 1936. From there too, he was asked to leave. Jon went into Rep and had a checkered career. In Brighton panic set in when he dressed as an old gardener in Love from a Stranger instead of as a young cleric in Candida.


In 1938 came Jon’s first radio role in the BBC’s Lillibulero, in which year he also appeared in his father’s play, To Kill a Cat, directed by Henry Kendall at the Aldwych Theatre. When war came he joined the Navy, ramming Douglas Pier with an Isle of Man Stream Packet boat. He was blown up twice, once being put on a marble slab presumed dead, and spent many months stationed in the Scapa Flow. He was the founder of the Service Players in the Isle of Man. He was commissioned in the RNVR and transferred to Naval Intelligence where he worked and became good friends with the future Prime Minister James Callaghan. Then Jon joined Naval Broadcasting. His radio series, The Navy Lark, ran for eighteen years and produced some truly vintage memories of radio.


Whether telling stories of a misspent youth, of his posterior’s first painful introduction to a fives bat or his exploits with the McKenzie sisters in the north of Scotland, Jon Pertwee's humour and natural wit never fail him. Moon Boots and Dinner Suits is a wry, funny and endearing portrait of the early years of a most innovative and well-loved actor.

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